Nonsense Mistake - Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Later in the night, Chucks called Chidimma to inquire about her stance regarding the wedding gown proposal, he discovered that her number wasn't reachable. He redialled the number several times, it kept saying the same thing.

So he took it that maybe, she had a flat battery.
So the next say, he continued dialing the cellphone number, but all proved abortive.
It was getting late, and still Chidimma had not been contacted through the phone.
He then called Ofoma and told him what was happening.

"Her number is off, maybe she has a dead battery and has no power to charge it" Ofoma said

"Ofoma, I have been calling her since yesterday night, and kept receiving the same thing, are you sure she is alright?" Chucks wondered.

"This is unlike her, I'm thinking the same thing. Why not go to her place and find out what is happening. I just pray she is alright. Chucks, I won't forgive myself if anything happens to her, everything I'm doing is for her. You see why I suggested revealing the plan to her earlier. I'm having a bad feeling about this"

"Calm down, let's not conclude on anything yet until I find out why her number is turned off"

"I think I should come with you, I can't keep her in the dark anymore. I need to tell her the truth about everything"

"Ofoma, I don't know why you are chickening out, I told you to relax. Don't haste a decision yet until I reach her place. Who knows, she decided to keep her phone off to have some rest. So relax, your actions might spoil our plans. I'm on my way now to her place, will call you later" Chucks said disconnecting the call.

After they ended the call, Ofoma remembered how fragile Chidimma was.
"Forgive me my love, I should have told you the truth earlier. I'm coming for you OK, don't try anything stupid. I know that your heart is too soft and can't stand the great amount of pains it's receiving at the moment. To you, I dumped you for your friend who caused me so much heart ache and on a short period of time, I engaged to marry her. I know it's too hard, but it's not really what you think, I'm doing it for you, I'm doing it for your protection. I believed everything you said about Oluchi warning you to step aside, that was why I resorted to this means to humiliate her for taking us for fools. It's a form of revenge to pay her back for hurting me so badly and insulting my personality. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about my plans sooner, just forgive me and wait for me, in few days time, we will be together again" he said, feeling sad.

When Chucks reached the place, he met Chidimma's place lock on key.
He then asked her neighbours, they said that they haven't seen her since morning.

"You mean she did not tell any of you guys where she was headed?"

And they said "no".

"This is strange.. But where could she be then?" He asked and then had an idea that maybe she travelled to her parents house.: "OK, let me call Ofoma and tell him what is happening, so that he will call Chidimma's brother to know if she is at their place"

After informing him, Ofoma quickly called the brother.

"I haven't seen her, she is not home. I have been calling her number since morning to ask her something too, but wasn't going through."

"To tell the truth, I'm worried now. I won't forgive myself if anything happens to her. But do you know where she could be?" Ofoma asked

"There is this my Aunty, she loves going to her place whenever she has chance. Let me call her to know if she is at her place" Chi's brother said

"OK please do"

He was still waiting for Chidimma's brother to call him back when Chucks called, and began telling him that Chidimma left very early in the morning with a travelling bag.

"Who told you that?" Ofoma asked

"One of the neighbours who saw her leave in the morning"

"I just spoke with her brother now and he said that he will call his Aunt to know if she is at her place. I just pray she is there,  because we don't have much time left. The wedding is in two days time... I'm having an incoming call" he checked and saw that it was Chi's brother.

"Chucks, I will call you back later, her brother is calling me"

"OK" he ended the call...
And Chucks began praying for a positive answer.
8 minutes later, Ofoma called him back...
"So what did he say? Is she there?"

"Chucks, where is my woman? Where could she be? Her brother has called the possible places she could be, and she is nowhere to be found. What have I done? I shouldn't have kept the whole thing a secret from her"

"I'm confused too, I never knew that things could turn out like this." Chucks worried

"Chucks, we don't have much time left. The wedding is just two days away, she needs to be around." Ofoma continued nurturing fear that something bad had happened.

Oluchi was feeling excited that her day was fast approaching.
But something kept striking her mind on why Ofoma had not slept with her since their reunion.
"He has been avoiding me, giving me reasons that it will be after our wedding. And the most funny part of it is that, he has refused me entry into his room. Am I getting a feeling that something is not alright? Hmmm, anyway, I shouldn't be worrying myself about anything, he loves me with all his heart, otherwise he won't be getting married to me." She then remembered Chidimma and released a faint smile.
"Chidimma, who knows how you are feeling now, I know you must be hurting very deeply... Some days are like that Darling, you wanted to reap where you did not sow. You think that Ofoma will choose you over me.. What were you even thinking girlfriend? I wish I can see her face right now..... Hmm, who cares.. Let me go and meet my make-up artist, I really don't want any mistake"

To be continued...

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O..

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