Nonsense Mistake - Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After the proposal, the wedding preparations followed.

When Chidimma heard about the marriage proposal, she felt so devastated.
She continued wondering why Ofoma accepted Oluchi again without having a second thought.
"I never knew he hated me this much, I thought his love for me was strong. See Oluchi, after all she did to her, he still forgave her. Hmm, I must be so unlucky in love then." She said to herself, laying on her pillow thinking about her situation.

"I told Chidimma that Ofoma is mine, now she will believe me. I am eager to see the look on her face when she finds out that Ofoma and I will be getting married soon. I think I should go to her house and taunt her to be my maid of honor." Oluchi laughed and continued..
"Oooow, she will feel bad, terribly bad and shocked, that sad look is what I really need to see." She laughed out mockingly and then began dressing up to leave.

When she got to Chidimma's house, she found her outside, washing her clothes.
Immediately Chidimma sighted her entering the compound, she stood up, looking serious, asking her what she was doing at her compound.

"Ooh, is that a lot of anger? Come on girlfriend, I am here for peace" Oluchi said

"You are here for peace?"

"Yes Chidimma, I am here for us to make peace. I am sure you have heard the latest."

But Chidimma did not utter any word, she continued giving her a sneer look.

"Chidimma, you see, Ofoma and I will be getting married in few weeks time.
See my finger, he has proposed. Hope you remember the ring, right?" She said flashing her finger for Oluchi to see the ring clearly.

Chidimma felt weak and wanted to explode, but she comforted herself so that she won't appear weak in front of Oluchi.
And Oluchi continued
"You know I told you that Ofoma is mine and that no woman will ever take him away from me. That I have come to renew my relationship with him, but you didn't believe me. Hope you saw how everything turned out? Without much stress, he realised how much he missed me, how much he needed me and that was why he popped the question without much delay. I'm his only true love, if you had listened to me and stepped aside, you wouldn't have been humiliated. We would have still remained friends." She paused looking at Chidimma to understand her reaction, but she didn't give her that thing she was looking for.

"Why is she not shaking in tears? I came here to heighten her pains, but she is calm. Anyway, I know what will make her feel bad now" she said in her heart and then spoke up.
"Chidimma, you were helping me changing Ofoma, thinking you were doing it for yourself" She laughed out in a mocking manner and continued
"All those selfless efforts have gone in vain for you. So that's why I have come to compensate you by asking you to be my maid of honour, atleast that's the only position you deserve in our lives and not to be Ofoma's first lady.." She stopped, waiting for Chidimma to say something
or even raise tantrum so that she will have the opportunity to shower her with strong words that will hurt her feelings the more.

"Are you now dumb, can't you say something?" She asked
And then Chidimma released a faint smile and said:
"Congratulations Oluchi, I am happy for you, seriously. You and Ofoma are made for each other. But as you can see, I was busy when you came here, so I want to return to my chore" she said, placing her earphone to her ear and continued with the clothes she was washing, singing along the music.

"What nonsense! How could she treat me like that?" Oluchi fumed walking away.
After she found out that Oluchi had left, she went into her room and threw herself in tears.
"Oh Lord, this pain is too unbearable, help me overcome it, please"
And then, her phone rang. She checked and found out that the caller was her elder brother.

"Hello Sis, how are you doing?"

"To tell you the truth, I am not feeling too strong."

"Come on, don't tell me you are still thinking over that fool"

"It's not easy for me to forget about him like that, you know how much I loved him."

"It's alright, you have to learn to forget him. But I want to ask, what if he comes to the house with his people to request list for the traditional marriage rites, will you allow father to give it to him?"
"You know that, when he proposed to me, I found myself flying on top of the world, with so much joy in my heart, now that happiness has been ruined."

"So you loved him that much? Which means, if somebody like Oluchi is not in the picture, you will accept him?"

"Yes, exactly but things has changed"

"It's OK baby sis, you will have to forget him and move on with your life, you will definitely see someone who is better, OK"

"OK dear, I'm only hoping on God."

"Alright, just be strong for me. I will have to go now, bye"

"Bye" they ended the call as she felt relieved hearing her brother's voice.

Three days later, Chidimma received a call from her friend, asking her why she refused to inform her that she was engaged traditionally.

"I heard that your traditional marriage will be taking place soon and you didn't care to inform me, I thought we are friends?"

"It's not like that friend, the marriage will not hold again. The engagement has been called off"

"Oow! But why?"

"It's a very long story my dear, it's very long and I don't want to talk about it now. But will share the story with you whenever I'm ready, OK?"

"Alright dear, don't worry. God will surely wipe away your tears and console you with a man who is truly yours. Just forget whatever the stupid man has done and look at things from the bright side. Only God knows the reason why things happened the way they did, and I'm sure it's for your own good. So chill OK.., everything will be alright"

"Thanks so much dear, I really appreciate."....

Few days to Oluchi and Ofoma's wedding, Chucks met with Chidimma, telling her about an advert that will require a beautiful lady rocking a wedding gown.

To be continued..

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O..

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