I am burning in anger! How can my friends keep disappointing me

I am burning in anger right now! What is all this? Should I shut down this page and move all my works to a print material like every other writers do?
Ever since I began posting my works online, I have never dared stolen other people's works, because it's a very serious crime.
But it's heartbroken when other people are not thinking towards the same direction.
It's hurting how people who claim they are writers keep stealing my works and give the name of another person as the author.
And it's more hurting when people who claim they are my fans and friends see such people and keep quiet. Some even go as far as commending the person for the stories on their page, requesting them to post the next episode. Can you imagine?
What is the essence of been friends when you can not help me and protect what is mine? You know how much I stress myself to post these stories here all to entertain you, the least you can do is to help bash anybody who tries copying them. Though, I won't deny the few who have in some times reported these heartless thieves to me, but it will be more heartwarming when everybody starts doing the same. All the works I have posted here were all written by me, anybody you see posting it outside without using the share channel, then know that the person is simply violating my copyright and feel free to report the person to Facebook or to me, an immediate action will be taking against the person.
Because of this, one particular site has been shut down by Google for infringing my copyright. I know how much I stress to write these stories, so I'm beckoning on you to help me protect them so that the stories will keep flowing here otherwise, I will be forced to stop posting online and save myself the heartbreaks of writing and other people keep taking the credit. Truly, It pinches the heart........
If you are my friend, then help me and protect what is ours from online thieves, my eyes won't be everywhere, so help me take actions where my eyes could not reach... Thank you.

Good morning..

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