Mama Why? Why I chose posting it at this period Ngozi Lovelyn O

Mama Why? Mama Why?? Mama Why??? But I think I should also ask myself "why I started posting the story at this period when I have other short stories to write?". Seriously, it's a bad timing for me. We are already in episode 35 and yet, we have not gone half of it and it's not a story I can rush just like that. Among all the stories that I have written, it is the most sensitive of them all.
And from the way I'm seeing it, it will reach up to 100+ episodes and we have not yet reach the heartbreaking stage. Posting it in this format of skipping days is just not my style and it's affecting me as well. I have a program that I'm running, which will last for 4 months, and off course, it needs all my concentration. I will need your help and understanding this time. If you are my friend, this is the time to prove it to me. I thought I have the super strength to combine the both activities together, but I have finally realised that I'm a mere human. I think I will have to discontinue posting the story for now and share more shorter ones which will be ending in days, but if you still want me to continue with Mama Why, then I'm ready to obey your wish but just know that it will be coming "on and off" like we have experienced recently. I still have two and half months to complete my program..... So what do you think?

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