Mama Why? Episode 37 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I didn't get to see the Father. I couldn't achieve my main aim of coming to the church, and seeing him right after the mass won't be possible again because of my husband. Which means, I will have to come back here tomorrow to see him" Ogechi said in her heart and began reminiscing how the terrible evening went. How the woman caught her with the item she was hiding in her private part.
"But when I was picking those things, I was so sure that nobody saw me, how come those men stopped me and demanding that I follow them? They were sounding so sure that I had taken some things from their supermarket. This is so strange, seems like they are using juju in that shop. The owner of that shop is diabolic, she is using juju to catch people who steal from her shop, otherwise, there was no way they could have caught me because I have heard something like that back in the village. Nawao for this city people, so they are also bad just like some evil people in the village" She thought and began staring at Ndubuisi from the side, nurturing the fear of loosing him if he ever find out that all the accusations that were levelled against her were all true.

"No, my husband should not find out. I should have told him the truth earlier but things keep getting complicated and if I should open my mouth now, he will become more angrier that he had been made to look like a fool before all those people. Before the market women and his mother. He was so confident that their accusations were all false. I'm  scared of how he will react if he finally realises that they were all true, and I might end up not getting forgiveness from him. Like mother said, he hate lies. No, I won't allow him to find out, I must resolve this before it spoils my marriage." Ogechi said, determining to sort things out herself without informing Ndubuisi.

When they got home, Ndubuisi requested her to make him a very nice dinner.

"Off course my husband, I will do just that for you." She replied smiling, trying to enter the kitchen

And Ndubuisi romantically drew her back.

"Where are you rushing to?" He asked, wrapping his arms round her

"To get your food, my husband" Ogechi replied

"Hmm, going to get my food? But you are also my food, my doctor's prescription. Don't you know that you are a medicine I should be taking every day?.......mmm." He asked, sounding so romantic, holding her tight on the waist

And then Ogechi, screamed out in pain.

"Aww.... I'm so sorry my love, I forgot that you were badly injured by those foolish women. Sorry Darling.. Don't mind them, I really thought them a lesson they will never forget in a hurry."

"My husband, what if I tell you now that those women were actually right? See how you are speaking with pride, on how you taught them a lesson. Oh Lord, I need your help, can you help me and seal this secret forever and also deliver me from this mess?" She silently prayed

Ndubuisi who noticed the moody look on her face asked her what the problem was.

"Darling, I just noticed something on your face, something is found missing on your face. That cheerful looks, they are all gone, and they can't just disappear without any reason. Is there something bothering you?" Ndubuisi asked, expecting to hear something because he knew that something was really bothering Ogechi, she wasn't as cheerful as she used to be.

And Ogechi replied him, smiling, that nothing was bothering her, that she was OK.

"Are you sure?"

"Off course I am, I'm good." She said, releasing herself from him.

"OK, I just hope she is saying the truth, I don't like seeing her like that" Ndubuisi said, hoping that things were alright with her.

About 10:40 pm, Ndubuisi's best friend, Mato was browsing the net and saw the images of a girl who was caught stealing from a supermarket.
He then clicked to see the full details but was shocked at who he saw.

"No way! This can't be!! Is this not Ndubuisi's wife? This is totally unbelievable. Oh my God! What a disgrace. I wonder what Ndubuisi must be feeling now. But what's her problem? Imagine the things she stole! Biscuits and sweets? Oh my Goodness? I don't know why Ndubuisi accepred to marry a village girl.. See how she chose to disgrace my friend." He said, dialing Ndubuisi's number.

"Hello Mato, what's up? Why are you calling me by this time, don't you know that I'm a married man now? Right now, I'm lying naked on the bed, waiting for my sweet wife to come out from the bedroom, she is still taking her bath. This is why I have been telling you to get married so that you will become responsible just like I have become" Ndubuisi happily teased

"It's obvious he hasn't seen the news" Mato said in his heart and then spoke up: "Oh man! You are sounding so happy when you are about to see the most shocking news of your life. If getting married to somebody like your wife is what you call "being responsible", then I rather remain a bachelor all my life"

"What? What does that supposed to mean?" Ndubuisi felt irritated at the sudden outburst of his friend. Wondering why he would speak about his wife in such a rude manner.

"Have you read the news this night?" Mato asked

"No, what's happening in the news?"

"Ndubuisi, you need to see this news. Check your WhatsApp, I just sent you a link" Mato said, and then disconnected the call.

And Ndubuisi quickly did as he requested. He couldn't even believe his eyes.

He carefully went through the details, the outfit the person was wearing, the type of the phone they wrote they collected from the alleged thief. He then reminisced what Ogechi told him when he asked her what happened to her phone.

"And this is the supermarket that is very close to the church, does it mean that Ogechi has been lying to me?" He bewildering asked, and stared at the pictures again to know if Ogechi was the girl in the pictures.

"This is her, the same everything, the same scarf, the same outfit, the same wrist watch, the same everything. Oh my God! This can't be happening to me, it can't be happening" he then began reminiscing how his mother was sounding so sure that Ogechi had stolen her money and also the market women's drama.

And just then, Ogechi came out from the bathroom, tying her towel round her chest, humming her favorite song.

Ndubuisi who found himself dumbfounded sat looking at her, he was shattered finding out the truth.

Mama Why? Episode by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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