Mama Why? Episode 36 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Okwuchi returned to her house, she felt so lonely and began reminiscing how Ndubuisi spoke to her when he was leaving.

"He spoke with so much resentment in his eyes all because of that girl, Ogechi. But why is it that Ogechi has been jumping and passing all the traps that I have set for her? I just hope that what Baba said is the the truth, that she will finally fall into a trap that will swallow her, I just hope so, otherwise, I will end up loosing my son." Okwuchi said, becoming hopeful
Ogechi was still begging the woman to forgive and let her go, that she will return to pay for the items she had stolen, and then her phone rang.

"Who it is? See, it will be the Reverend Father. You can ask him what I told him earlier." Ogechi said, thinking that the Reverend father was the one who was calling, it never got to her imagination that Ndubuisi could be calling at that hour to inquire how she was feeling.
He also wanted to tell her that he was coming over there in the church since he had already finished what he left to do.

"Just answer it... OK bring it here, I will set it on loud speaker for everyone to hear" she said, hoping to save herself from the situation and made the shop owner and everybody around realise she was saying the truth.

"Just look at this one! Do you think I came here to listen to whatever you think your problem is? All I need is my money and once you pay me, you get out from here. I'm only giving you this phone to call whoever will come and save you from here otherwise, you are not leaving with your phone. And why am I still talking to you? I rather answer the call myself, because people like you don't deserve mercy." She said, and then waited for the phone to ring again. And when it began ringing again, the woman flashed it in front of Ogechi to see that it was ringing and that she will answer the call.

And just then, Ogechi noticed that Ndubuisi was the one calling.

"No Ma, please, don't answer it. My whole life will be ruined if you answer it. Please Ma, I beg you in the name of God, don't answer it, he is my husband, it will mean the automatic break up of my marriage if you answer it. You know what, you can have the phone, just keep it. You can sell it and use the proceeds for the things that I have taken from your shops" Ogechi pleaded, released her self on the floor, crying her eyes out.

"Huh! Look at this one, you think I care about whatever happens to you?"

"Please Ma, try to understand my situation, it wasn't my intention to steal your things, I beg you" she cried and then the woman decided to ask her to leave since she will be selling her phone.

"Hmm, anyway the phone worth something. It's up to N35,000 in the market. I rather have this one than have her pay N3900. It's a good deal for me." The woman said, smiling in her heart.

And then Ogechi thought it a good idea to run away from the supermarket before the woman changes her mind again.

When she left, she ran straight to the church, headed straight to the blessed sacrament and began tearing her heart apart.

"You see God, I came here and asked you to deliver me, but you chose to ignore me, why? Answer me, why? Right from my childhood, I have never serve any other God, I chose you as my Lord and personal saviour, why keeping quiet, Lord? Just look at how I was disgraced today, I also lost my phone in the process. Why are you not saying anything regarding my condition? You said that those who come to you never go home disappointed, then why are you keeping quiet? I want you to do something and save me from this disgraceful situation. I love my husband with all my heart, and I don't want to loose him. Things are already getting complicated for me, what do you think will happen if you continue remaining quiet like this? It will mean the automatic end of my marriage" Ogechi continued praying, asking God why he still doesn't want to hear her prayers. She was still praying and then remembered the Reverend father she wanted to see.

"And now, my phone is not here with me, how do I contact him again? Maybe, I should ask someone to lend me his phone to call him. Oh no! I also have another problem, Ndubuisi. He was calling me earlier, and he must be getting worried that I haven't answered his calls. I think I should stand close to the entrance gate so that I will know when he enters" she concluded and then began looking for who to ask for his or her phone to call the Father.
And then, it was already time for the evening Mass, people were rushing inside the church.

"OK, let me ask that woman over there, her face is approachable" she then went to her but the woman couldn't help.

"I would have loved to help, but I don't have his number and I also don't have enough airtime on my phone" the woman said, and began rushing inside the church before the mass begin

"Who else will I beg now?" She asked and then sighted Ndubuisi's car entering the church premise.

"And my husband is here? And he will ask me what happened to my phone? What will I tell him now? I certainly can't tell him the truth. Lord, look at what I have become recently, a petty thief and a liar. My life is gradually turning into something else." She said, thinking on the lies she will tell Ndubuisi regarding her phone.

"Thank God I found you here without any stress. I have been calling your number, but no response. And now, it's no longer connecting, what happened?" He asked

"I think I better tell him that I lost the phone, it will be better that way. I thank God the woman finally listened to me and collected the phone, now he won't have to find out what happened this evening" she quickly thought and then told Ndubuisi that she lost the phone

"You lost it? How?" I was just standing there, trying to dial your number and some evil looking men who were on Okada (motorcycle) snatched it from me and took off" she said, breathing fast, hoping Ndubuisi bought the lie

"Are you serious? Oh my God! Right inside God's house? Some people don't have any atom of respect for God. So house of God is no longer safe? Hoodlums roaming in the church, looking for what to steal? This is unbelievable! Hope they did not hurt you?" He asked, looking so concerned, hoping to see no scratch on his wife's skin.

"No, they did not harm me, they only took the phone" Ogechi replied

"Don't worry, I will get another phone for you, OK. Just forget about it, they only snatched all your problems away. Come here, let's go inside for the mass, I returned to attend it together with you" Ndubuisi said, holding Ogechi by the hand, as they found their way into the church.

She then reminisced what Ndubuisi said about them snatching her problems away.

"I just wish that it was exactly what happened, that my phone was actually snatched from me. Thank You Lord for saving me here today, but what about tomorrow? Who knows what mess I will find myself again. That is why I need you now to save me from this demon that is tormenting my life" Ogechi prayed.
When the Reverend father arrived the church, he began calling Ogechi's number.

"Switched Off? Does it mean she left or something? Lord please save this your daughter from any confusion that is disturbing her life" he silently prayed.

Later that evening, the people who took pictures and videos of what happened at the supermarket began uploading them online.

To be continued..

Who do you think can save Ogechi from this unwanted situation?

Mama Why? by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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