Mama Why? Episode 30 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Thank God my son in-law has taken a step for them to leave this village. What I saw here this morning did not give me mouth at all. Hmm, so I will have to start going" Ogechi's mother said, and went to inform her daughter and her son in-law that she was leaving.

"Alright Mama and I'm sorry for what happened this morning. My mother was extremely angry, thinking that Ogechi had taken her money" Ndubuisi apologized
"You don't have to be sorry about anything. I understood her actions and why she did what she did. All I know is that, my daughter is in good hands, so I don't have to worry about anything"

"You are right Mama, I will take care of Ogechi and make sure that she is always happy. You don't have to worry about anything"

"Alright my in-law, may God bless you for me" she prayed and then bid them farewell.

While Ogechi was taking her bath she reminisced how she returned the money at about 3am, both the one she took from her husband's wallet.

"I don't know how it happened but I thank God that I was able to return the money when I did. But what's the point of taking the money when I don't even need it in the first place? This explains that something is behind this ugly behavior. Maybe, a stealing spirit has possessed me. When we reach the city, I will ask my husband to take me to the church. I will only feel comfortable discussing this ugly behaviour with a parish priest'' Ogechi concluded in her heart.

Okwuchi was about to return yo her compound when Nkechi asked her if she had apologized to Ogechi and Ndubuisi for what happened.

"No, but why should I apologize?"

"You should have apologized to them, and made them believe that you did not know what happened. That you thought that Ogechi had betrayed your trust. You should also insist that you knew whom you saw last night or maybe, the sickness is already affecting your brain, do you understand? Okwuchi, I don't know how to explain this things to your understanding now"

"I know the area you are going. That I should make them believe that the sickness got to my brain, and that was why I thought that the human figure I saw was that of Ogechi's"

"Yes, you truly understood me"

"Good, so I have to return now before they start looking for me or could it be they are not even looking for me? Because I have been here for close to an hour but nobody has called me on phone."

"That shows that your son is extremely angry with you"

"I have to return now and apologize to them."

"Very necessary" Nkechi replied

And Okwuchi returned home but met Ndubuisi and his wife, getting prepared to leave.

"Mama, you are here. We are about leaving for the city, we are almost through getting ready" Ndubuisi informed.

"Are you serious? But why so early or is it because of what happened this morning? That's why I want to say sorry. I have wronged Ogechi so much. I don't know who I saw in my room last night. I saw the person opening my cupboard and took out the money. I wanted to stand up, but I couldn't, I was freezed. So I have come to the conclusion that it was a "spirit" that I saw last night and not Ogechi or that the sickness is already affecting my brain. Please my son, forgive me. Please forgive me, I am really feeling bad now. I shouldn't have treated Ogechi the way I did this morning"

"Mama, I understand all you are trying to say, but we are leaving. I know what I'm preventing."

"What are you preventing my son?"

"You won't understand. You won't just understand, Mama. I know what I'm doing"

"Hmm, he is very serious and I don't think I can stop him now. My best option is to send Ogechi to the market and buy something for me." She quickly thought and then spoke up

"Alright my son, since you have made up your mind to leave, please would you allow Ogechi to help me buy some things from the market? When she returns, you two can leave, since I'm not that strong yet to go to the market"

"But Mama, are you really sick?"

The question Ndubuisi asked shocked her: "Why the question?" She asked

"Don't worry, I will inform Ogechi about it"

"Inform her about what?" Okwuchi blurted, thinking that Ndubuisi wanted to tell her about her not been sick

"Were you not the one who just said that you wanted her to buy something for you from the market?"

"Yes .....yes, I  need her to get something for me"

"Let me go and inform her then. But know that once she returns from the market, we are leaving?"

"Yes, I know" Okwuchi replied and said in her heart: "Ndubuisi is speaking in strange languages. Has he figured out that I'm not sick? And the way he was looking at me showed series of uncertainties in his eyes. Oh my God, I just need Ogechi to achieve my purpose of sending her to the market so that Ndubuisi will realise that I'm saying the truth. Hmm, things are not getting better for me at all."

Ogechi who had been eavesdropping to their conversation felt glad that Ndubuisi was determined for them to leave.

"He is already suspecting that Mama is not sick at all. But Mama is so mysterious. I can't explain her true nature, everything about her is weird.
Hmm, well, it's a good thing that my husband has made up his mind for us to leave and nothing will be stopping that. I don't know what is wrong with this house, I don't want to step foot here ever again. I will rush the market without looking back. I won't allow anything to distract me, I can't just wait to leave" Ogechi determined in her heart.
So after getting the list of the items to buy, Ogechi left for the market.
But while on her way, the urge came again.
"Oh Lord, why now? And I'm heading to the market. I think I can control it" she determined to control it, but yet, the feeling was getting stronger.

"No, I better return and tell Mama that I did not see the things she asked me to buy. I can't enter the market like this, otherwise, there will be a problem. I better go back to the house, I better steal from the house than stealing in the market"
She concluded

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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