Mama Why? Episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The next morning, Okwuchi woke up and began thinking of the way to make Ndubuisi know that her money was missing.

"Ogechi, you won't succeed this time, you are leaving my son. So, I have come to the end of my game." Okwuchi said. And then waited for 20 minutes before heading out.

At this time, Ogechi was lost in thought. Thinking deep on what could be wrong with her. She wondered revealing it to her husband, but was held back by fear.
"If I tell him now, he won't believe me, he will misunderstand me. The only person who can help is my mother, but will she really be of any help? Since she scolded me about the way I was accusing my mother in-law. Hmm, but I still need to share my worries with her before I find my self in more terrible situation"
So after Okwuchi waiting for 20 minutes, she stormed out and began shouting,
"Who took my money? All my savings, somebody came to my room and took it all. What have I done to deserve this wickedness? This type of thing has never happened before in this house. I want to know who is it that took my money" she pretended to be bitter in pain.

"Is that not Mama's voice that I'm hearing?" Ndubuisi wondered, heading outside

Immediately Okwuchi sighted him coming out, she ran towards him and began lamenting.

"Ndu my son, all my money is gone. The money I began saving since January. This can't be happening to me, it can't be happening. I deprived myself so many things to save that money. Please my son, help me find my money"

"How much are you talking about?" Ndubuisi asked

"It's N20,525 my son"

"Hmm, it's quite a lot of money. But are you sure you did not misplace it? Let's go to your room and search for it well." Ndubuisi urged

"My son, I am sure of the place I kept it, I'm sure I know who took it" she said

"Who took it?" Ndubuisi asked, eager to hear who it was.

But as Okwuchi was about to open her mouth, Ogechi's mother stormed their place.

"Uh, mother in-law, you are here... Good morning?" Ndubuisi greeted

"Good morning my son, how are you?"

"I am good, and you?"

"I am great." Ogechi's mother said and then turned to Okwuchi.
"Okwuchi, I was informed by my daughter that you were sick"

"Yes, she told you right" she meanly replied

"And why is her face like that or is it because of the sickness? But she is not looking sick to me, she is strong" Ogechi's mother wondered in her heart. And then asked: "But how are you feeling now? Hope you are getting better"

"Mama Ogechi, I won't be alright until your daughter returns my money she has stolen"

"I beg your pardon?" Ogechi's mother got shocked

"Mama, are you insinuating that Ogechi was the one who stole the money?"

"Ndubuisi, she was the one, I saw her enter my room last night. She entered without saying anything to me. I initially thought that she came to check up on me, but it was now that I realised that, she only came to steal my money. But why my money? Why me?"

"Stop accusing my daughter wrongfully.
How can you accuse her of stealing your money? I know my daughter well, she doesn't belong to that class. Please you are not sure of who you saw, because my Ogechi can't even think of stooping so low. She can't touch what does not belong to her. My son, you have to believe me, Ogechi is not a thief." Ogechi's mother tried to clarify her daughter's innocence.

"Look at her, like mother like daughter. You were the one who thought her all these things she is doing. You people lied your ways into into my son's life. Your daughter's bad characters keep surfacing day by day. Today, she has shown us she is a thief and who knows other character she has she will reveal tomorrow. Ndubuisi my son, there is no point talking to this woman. Let's call Ogechi here and ask her where she hid the money" Okwuchi said

"I now understand what my daughter was scared off. Some people are not happy she is here. I am now feeling bad for shoving her off" Ogechi's mother thought

"Mama, I think you are taking this accusation too far. Ogechi wouldn't have been the one who stole it. It will be an insult asking her something like that when we are not sure. Let's go to your room and search the entire corner, it might fall off somewhere" Ndubuisi suggested

"Yes, you are right. I will also lend a help" Ogechi's mother supported

And Okwuchi got angry, that her son was not trusting her words.

"How will I explain myself for you to understand that I'm saying the truth? I have checked the entire room, but the money is not there. I saw Ogechi standing there last night, when everybody had gone to bed. I was half sleep then. Just trust me this once, let's go to your room and ask her, she surely knows what happened to the money" Okwuchi said, heading to Ndubuisi's room

Ndubuisi who was confused on the whole thing remembered a similar scenario playing out in his house in the city.
"Could it be that Ogechi was the one who stole the money as well?" He rhetoric

Ogechi who had been hearing all was playing outside began crying.

"Mama, I heard all you said, how can you accuse me of stealing your money?" She calmly asked, with tears running profusely, down her cheeks

"Ogechi, stop this your crocodile tears and tell me where you kept my money" Okwuchi asked

On sighting her daughter crying, Ogechi's mother ran to her and began cuddling her.
"I now understand your fears my daughter, how can someone accuse you of stealing her money just like that?"

"Mother, I don't know what happened. They can search me if they desire, I swear I don't know what happened." She then turned to Okwuchi and began asking her why she was so sure that she was the one who stole her money.

" And besides Mama, how can you be so sure that I have stolen your money? You had your friend in your room throughout yesterday, don't you think she has stolen it?"

"Shut up your mouth there and stop accusing my friend falsely. She did not take any money, you were the one who stole my money" Okwuchi said

"Honey, you know how Mama is, she won't get satisfied if she didn't do things her way. Since she has been accusing you of stealing her money, just allow her search your bag, so we can forget about the whole thing"

"Hmm, technically, you trust in Mama's words that I have stollen the money."

"It's not what I meant honey. She won't get satisfied if she did not search your things. Just allow her have her way so we can figure out what really happened to the money" Ndubuisi said and then said in hid heart
"To tell you the truth, Ogechi, I'm also eager to know what happened to the money. I pray you are not who I'm thinking you are. My money got missing from my wallet, and up till now, I can't give account of how the money got disappeared from my wallet."

"Alright Mama, you want to search my things, then go ahead. I won't stop you. You can go ahead"

"I won't be the one to search, my son will." Okwuchi said and then asked her son to search his wife's thing.

And Ndubuisi began the search, after a thorough search, no money was found in the room.

"Mama, I don't think the money is here." Ndubuisi said

"What do you mean the money is not here? Have you searched over there?"

"But Mama, you saw him ransacked the entire room, what more do you need again?" Ogechi asked

"Shut up your dirty mouth there, it's obvious you hid that money somewhere else"

"Hmm, Mama, this money you are busy talking about, are you sure it's not in your room and you are looking for a way to taint me a thief in my husband's eyes"
"So you are now accusing me of making this up? You are calling it a drama?" Okwuchi seriously asked

"OK sorry for putting it that way. All I'm saying is that, the money might be in your room somewhere. Maybe, you misplaced it" Ogechi suggested

"Yes Okwuchi, my daughter is right. Let's check your room first" Ogechi's mother said

"Very right Mama, this is what I said earlier, but you did not want to listen" Ndubuisi said and then, headed her room, and lo and behold, the money was there. The exact amount she said that was missing.

"Mama you see, I told you. Is this not the money you are looking for?" Ndubuisi asked, showing it to her

And shocked Okwuchi was left dumbfounded. "The money is there, but I thought she took it?" She rhetoric in her heart

To be continued..

Mama Why? Episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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