Mama Why? Episode 26 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

While the car was accelerating, Ogechi woke up and saw Ndubuisi controlling the steering.

Ndubuisi who was lost on thought, racing his mind on what could be wrong with his wife never knew when Ogechi woke up.

"My husband, where are you driving to?" She asked in a weak faint voice

And startled Ndubuisi marched the break immediately, shouting "Jesus"

And Ogechi got frightened as well, wondering why he reacted that way.

"What is it my husband?" She screamed

And Ndubuisi was then brought to reality. He never had it in his imagination that Ogechi would be waking up without first reaching the hospital.

"Oh my God! Honey, you got me scared..." He said, holding his heart, breathing fast.

"Startled you?"

"Yes, you did.... But how are you feeling now? Are you OK? Are you feeling better now" He asked, seriously inquiring about her health.

"I a.......m fine. But what happened, why looking at me like that?" Ogechi asked and then remembered she was feeling dizzy some minutes ago: "Now I remembered, I was feeling a bit dizzy and weak some moments ago, and.....and.....I"

"You fell unconscious?" Ndubuisi completed the statement

"Yes... Yes..exactly... I felt sick all of a sudden and I don't know why"

"I got scared to my stomach when I saw you lying helplessly on the floor. I was thinking that I have lost you."

"You won't loose me Darling, because we have eternity to live. And now, I'm feeling strong now" Ogechi said

"But we still need to go to the hospital to know exactly what happened, because you can't just slump like that"

"By this time? In this village hospital? Are you sure the doctors will still be around."

"Let's go for a check first. Honey, did you know what happened? You got everyone worried. Even mama almost jumped into the car in that her condition"

"Really? Was it that serious? But I'm feeling strong now. Really, I am OK.." Ogechi said and sighted Ndubuisi's wallet which he placed beside the pigeon hole and got a quick urge to grab it.
But she neglected the feeling at first, and didn't take it as anything.

"OK Honey, since you insisted on us going to the hospital, then there is no problem, I think it's a nice idea, so that the doctor can diagnose what happened"

"Yes, it's the best idea.. But to tell you the truth, I'm most grateful to God that you are alright now, I was thinking so many things"

And Ogechi nodded, replying "thank God".

And while they were still on the way, the urge came again, and this time, it was very serious.

"Ah ah, what's these all about? Why am I been tempted to pick that wallet again? Is it because of what I did yesterday? Lord, please, I am not a thief, I only did that on purpose, to clear myself, please don't punish me because of it." She was still praying, while the urge was getting uncontrollable. And then, she gave in to the feeling. She stylishly took the wallet without Ndubuisi noticing anything.

"I don't know what I'm doing oo, I just saw myself doing this. Anyway, he didn't notice anything the first time I took his money, and he won't notice this one as well. I will be very discrete" She said, noticing her stealing intent growing very stronger.

"I think I better remove the money in this wallet before we reach the hospital, because he will go in with it." She said forgetting that Ndubuisi would also be needing the money inside to pay the bills.

So she quietly opened the wallet, took all the money inside, and kept it close to the place she picked it from. She then hid the money inside her pant.

"Honey, you are so quiet, are you feeling sick again?" Ndubuisi asked

"No, I am OK..."

"Are you sure, because you are silent"

"Don't worry about me my husband, I am perfectly OK"

"OK Baby, we will soon reach the hospital OK and you will be perfectly alright. I won't allow anything to happen to you"

"Thanks my husband" She appreciated..

Okwuchi had been trying to reach Ndubuisi but couldn't get through.

"Why is he not picking his calls?" She wondered, stepping out of her room and heard the phone ringing inside Ndubuisi's room.

"Oh no, his phone is here, it's like he left with his small phone and I don't have that particular number. I wonder how that evil girl is doing. But I think Nkechi is right. Ogechi should not die, because if something of that nature happens, they will suspect that it's food poisoning. But that herbalist, could it be he gave me poison instead of the one he claimed he gave me? Now, I'm beginning to get worried. My only intention is to humiliate Ogechi and get her out of Ndubuisi's life for good and not get her killed. I think I should call Nkechi now and ask her the kind of man the herbalist is."

So on the first dial, Nkechi answered.
"How is she now?" She worried

"I haven't heard from them. My son hasn't called me, I will let you know as soon as I get information regarding her status. Nkechi, I think I'm beginning to see some senses in what you were saying. If anything happens to her, I will also be in trouble. The hospital will dictate that it was food poisoning"

"Thank God you are using your senses now."

"But I want to ask you, that herbalist, how trustworthy is he? Are you sure he didn't give us poison to kill her instead of the charm he claimed?"

"And where is this question coming from now?"
"Because, Ogechi shouldn't have reacted the way she did. Please, do you by any chance have the man's number, he might have a solution, who knows."

"You have a point. I didn't thought of it before. I have his number."

"Perfect, please call him and tell him this new development"

"Okwuchi, I don't have airtime to make such call. Your place is not far from here, you can come over and make the call with your own phone. I would have send you his number, but I don't know how to operate this phone"

"OK, I am coming." Okwuchi said and then closed her door, began running towards Nkechi's house

To be continued

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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