Mama Why? Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After receiving a handful of ideas from Nkechi, Okwuchi then dashed into her son's room and in a serious mode, she said: "don't you have ears again? My son has been calling you from the bathroom, go and answer him quickly and know why he is calling you"

"Really? I did not even hear it" Unsuspecting Ogechi said and quickly rushed out to answer Ndubuisi.

Immediately she left, Okwuchi brought out a mixture of bitter leaf juice she squeezed, together with bitter kola and added in the soup Ogechi dished out for Ndubuisi and then threw the bottle out from the window.

When Ogechi reached the bathroom, she saw her husband coming out, tying his towel on his waist.

"My husband, you called me? Sorry, I was in the room, I did not even hear it" she calmly apologized

"No, I did not call you."

"You did not call me?" She repeated

"No, I did not... But Ogechi, you know we don't have much time again, I don't like late journey, start getting ready, we should be leaving in the next couple of minutes. I am almost through."

While he was still speaking, she remembered the food.

"Oh my God! The food.... Are you sure Mama did not lie that my husband is calling me just to get me out of the room?.." She quickly thought and then rushed back to the room, and like she suspected, she saw Okwuchi stirring the soup.

"What are you doing, Mama?" She shockingly asked, moving closer to taste the soup.

As Ogechi was trying to know if her suspicions were right, Okwuchi began shivering.
"She caught me red handed, what am I going to do now?" She asked herself and then remembered what Nkechi said, in case her Plan "A" failed..
"I think my plan B is the only best solution to get out of this now, otherwise, I will lose my son's trust forever.".

When Ogechi tasted the soup, she shouted out at Okwuchi..
"Mama, what have you done? Why did you hate me this much? So you were the one who has been sabotaging my food, but why Mama? What's your gain?"

And Okwuchi stood, pretending to be shocked.
Immediately her son stepped into the room, she began shedding tears, pretending to be meekly in tears, that her daughter in-law was accusing her of things she knew nothing about.

"What is going on here? Confused Ndubuisi asked

Before Ogechi could open her mouth to explain, Okwuchi rushed the question..

"My son, how can somebody accuse me of being so wicked? Just look at what my daughter in-law is saying to me. Have I done wrong by choosing her for you, my son? Your wife caught me tasting the soup and she began accusing me of adding something into it, in order to spoil it. I was only been curious, just making sure that she does not tarnish our image before the Umu-Ada arrive, that was why I couldn't wait to have a taste, and now, she wants to put the blame on me for her lack of cooking skills ." She said, looking bewildered

"Mama, stop being dramatic please. I saw you stirring the soup. And the taste, I can swear with my life that this is not the taste my soup had after I finished preparing it"

"Ogechi, why are you trying to put the blame on me? You don't know how to cook, just admit it. Why are you putting the blame on me now? Ogechi please fear God, fear God, Ogechi. Just look at the mess you made again after my son warned you severally, but out of your stiff stubbornness, you went ahead to make a total mess of your self again. Just look at the nonsense you prepared, who is going to eat this now? Answer me, who will eat eat this nonsense? You have yet wasted another money.. Ogechi, we don't pluck money from the trees"

At that moment, Ndubuisi was burning in anger... He reminisced how Ogechi was insisting on cooking the food after he had warned her not to... He then bent, dipped his finger and had a taste, and immediately spat it out.
And he began looking angrily at Ogechi who was still insisting that Okwuchi had a hand on why the soup was tasting that horribly, and that gave him more heart ache.. He couldn't stand it.....

And Ogechi boldly continued: "Mama, why can't you admit that you did this? I saw you, there is no point lying, what kind of a mother are you?."

"Enough Ogechi! I said enough!! Why are you accusing her? Listen here.. I won't stand you disrespecting my mother like that.. Are you crazy? Just look at what you prepared? Who is going to eat this? An animal can not even eat it, let alone, human. What kind of a person are you? You don't know how to cook, and upon that, you are too stubborn. What are you even good at? Aaarrrr! I am regretting marrying this low life opportunist.. What have I gotten myself into.."

And Ogechi became sad, Ndubuisi was believing and trusting his mother's words. But that wasn't enough...
As Ndubuisi was still shouting at her in a deep angry mode, Ogechi blurted that her mother was the one who sabotaged the food..
And out of uncontrolled anger, Ndubuisi
descended on her cheeks with a heavy slap, creating a deep print on her face.
The slap was too heavy, making Ogechi to fell on the floor...
And she released a loud wail...
While she was still crying, Okwuchi smiled in her heart and then rushed to the kitchen and carried the pot of soup and poured away, so that Ogechi won't use it to clear her self..

"Good, this is just fantastic.. I am extremely happy today. Ndubuisi's actions has proved to me that I'm still the first Lady in his life. Ogechi can't occupy the space that is meant for me in his life... And yes, Nkechi, I have to call her and tell her what is happening.." She said and then brought out her phone and began dialing her number..

"Yes Okwuchi, I have been waiting for this call, so gist me, how did it go? I hope you did not make any mistake..

"No my friend, things went perfectly as planned. As we speak, Ogechi has a Map of Nigeria on her right cheek"

"Map of Nigeria?"

And Okwuchi laughed out softly and continued: "Not that type of map, my son gave her a resounding slap and the weight of the slap pushed her to the floor... Now she is crying like a baby, massaging her cheek"

"Are you serious? Hope you know what that means? You are still the most important person in his life, so you don't have to worry about anything again, And as for Ogechi, that serves her right..  So what about the pot of soup, hope you have poured it away like I told you?"

"Trust me naa, I have done that already. That stupid girl will know her place in this house and from the look of things, she won't be returning to the city with him. He will be traveling alone." Okwuchi said

"That's good, now remaining the next humiliation. Very soon, we will be storming your house to give her our own form of humiliation... To tell you the truth, today will be a day she will never forget in a hurry. We will disgrace her to the extent she will be wishing for the ground to open and swallow her."
"But that reminds me, you said about giving her a condition if she fails to cook the food properly, so what condition were you talking about then?" Okwuchi asked

"Don't worry my friend, you will find out soon" Nkechi said...

"OK then, I just can't wait to see the drama, this is getting so interesting for me. Thank you so much Nkechi, I really owe you a lot. You have helped me secure back my place in my son's life.".

"Naa, it's nothing. What are friends for...."

To be continued.....

Ogechi is in serious tight corner, who is going to save her from this mess?.....

But Mama, why naa?.....

The author of Mama Why is Ngozi Lovelyn O..

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, used, reproduce or redistribut without prior permission from the author..


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