Mama Why? Episode 25 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

While Ogechi was taking the fish, Okwuchi carefully looked at her to make sure that she ate and swallowed it down properly.

"That's perfect Ogechi, that's your ticket out of my son's life. Just swallow it.....good.....swallow it down.....perfect..." Okwuchi said, watching Ogechi swallowing the piece of fish..

While Ogechi was chewing the fish, she noticed little difference in the taste.

"Ow, the fish is tasting different from the food, seems the ingredients did not permeate it well." She said and began coughing

"You are coughing? Have drink water....OK" Okwuchi said, handing her a cup of water.

And Ogechi took the water from her and drank.

"Are you OK now?" She asked

And Ogechi nodded..... Saying that she was Ok.

"Thank Goodness that I have succeeded in this task, the drama will begin from tomorrow morning" Okwuchi said, smiliy in her heart

"Mama, let me go and serve my husband now, he must be really hungry" Ogechi said, asking to leave the room.

"OK my daughter, you can go and serve him now and thanks for the meal, it was really tasty, I enjoyed it"

Ogechi nodded and gave her a faint smile, but didn't say a word.
When she left the room, she began feeling dizzy.
"Why is my head spinning like that? I..I..I..I...can't see anything clearly..." She said, walking slowly looking for a way to sit down. She called out for Ndubuisi, but her voice didn't carry her through and she fell on the floor, unconscious.

Ndubuisi who had been waiting for her wondered what had kept her for so long. He then decided to go have a check, but got shocking seeing her lying helplessly on the corridor...

"Ogechi!" He screamed, running to lift her up..
"Honey, wake up! Honey...... What's wrong with you? Say something my dear.. Say something......... Say something Honey." When he noticed that Ogechi wasn't responding, he carried her and also began calling his mother.

"Mother. I don't know what is wrong with my wife, I am taking her straight to the hospital"

"Is that not Ndubuisi's voice? And he is sounding worried. What could be happening to his wife or has the charm began having effect already? Wow! So fast... I am going to enjoy this more and more" She said leaving out from her room.

When she stepped out, she saw Ndubuisi carrying Ogechi to the car...

"Ndubuisi, why are you carrying Ogechi like that?"

"Mother, I don't know what is wrong with my life. I saw her lying on the floor, she is not moving her body anymore, she is not saying anything mother.... I am taking her to the hospital" Ndubuisi said, sounding so scared.

"I will come with you my son"

"No, you are not feeling too strong, just stay in the house, I can take care of Ogechi. Just stay here and pray for her... She needs your prayer Mama" Ndubuisi beckoned, entering the car.

"But what could be wrong with her? This is not the way she is supposed to be reacting... Is she dead? Well, if she is dead, its still OK, since my intention is to get her out of my son's life, so it's still base on the same channel. Let me call Nkechi and tell her what is happening" she hurriedly entered inside to get her phone.
After telling her what happened, Nkechi wasn't so pleased at the outcome.
"No Okwuchi, I told you that I don't want to stain my hand with blood. Don't tell me you will rejoice over her death like that."

"But why won't I rejoice? Since her death will be taking her out of my son's life forever, and I won't have any reason to worry again"

"Oh my God! Okwuchi, I pray she is not death. I don't want to be a part of anybody's death. Tell me, how did you mix the drug. How did you mixed it?"

"I did it exactly the way Baba instructed me, so I wonder why she collapsed"

"Collapsed or dead?" Nkechi asked
"I don't know yet, my son just left with her to the hospital, I haven't heard anything from him"

"This is not good at all. You see why I never wanted to be a part of this in the first place because you will always find a way to make a mistake. If anything happens to that girl, trust me, I won't allow it go easily on you"

"Wait a minute! Are you threatening me? And besides, what is it with you and that Ogechi sef? She is my daughter in-law and not yours. What's your concern if she is dead or not?"

"Okwuchi, I might be bad but not as you because I don't have the heart to kill. I am only helping you do this because of the long time friendship that have existed between us. Just pray that Ogechi comes out from what ever that is wrong with her"

To be continued

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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