Mama Why? Episode 24 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I am getting better now my son" Okwuchi replied

"Yes, I can see. Good to hear that, but you really got me scared today. The way you sounded made me feel like it was something critical, but thank God for everything, you are looking strong now"

While Ndubuisi was expressing his feelings towards her sickness, Okwuchi was looking for a way to get him out of the room.
"But what am I going to tell him now to leave?...... I think I have gotten an idea" she then looked up to his son and asked him to tell Ogechi to warm a little drinking water for her.
"You want to drink warm water?" Ndubuisi asked

"Yes my son, tell her to mix a little hot water so that it will be warm. Go and tell her immediately"

"Alright Mama, I will do just that"

As Ndubuisi was about to leave, Ogechi returned with the cup of water.

"Mama, see your water" Ogechi said, approaching to place it on the table.

"Hmm, she is here now and Ndubuisi won't be leaving this room anytime soon. What is all these now?" She murmured in her heart

"Darling, Mama wanted you boil warm water for her." Ndubuisi said

"Warm water? You don't want to drink this one?" She asked Okwuchi

"Don't worry my dear, since you are here now, I will manage it, let's continue with our food. I don't want to stress you"

"No Mama, if you don't want to drink this cold water, I will get a warm one for you, OK. There is nothing like stressing me here." Ogechi said, grabbing the cup.

Ndubuisi was pleased watching Ogechi taking care of his mother.
He then gave her a smiling look as she was walking towards the side he was sitting which also led to the entrance.
"I love you" he whispered

"I love you too" Ogechi replied

Okwuchi who was watching the love looks on their faces, burned of the desire to separate them.

"This is no longer Ndubuisi my son, he is behaving like someone else. I have to separate them before this girl gets hold of him completely. Before she starts telling him how to live his life. And I'm sure she will even advice him to forget everything about me completely, this is something I can't stand. I can't just stand it. I must look for a way to feed her this charm. I must device another means to get him out of this room before Ogechi returns with the water" she then cleared her throat to say something, but Ndubuisi cut in on her..

"Where is Ma Nkechi?" He asked

"She just left some minutes again."

"Oh, she left....... But that woman is somehow crazy, she was knocking on my door as if she is living in the same room with me. If not that she is an elderly person, I would have given her the scold of her life"

Okwuchi's mind was no longer there, all her mind were fixed on how to get Ndubuisi out of that room.

"Is that not Ogechi's voice that I heard. She is calling you from the kitchen, I hope she hasn't injured herself" she blurted, looking so serious...

"But I didn't hear any voice."

"Just go and check, you have been talking since you get here, how could you have heard?"

And Ndubuisi dashed out to know why Ogechi was calling him.

"Oh finally, he left" she heaved a sigh of relief and immediately brought out the bottle, and mixed it in the food. And also mixed a good amount on the piece of fish in case Ogechi refuses to eat the food again.

"Hmm, finally, everything is set now. Ogechi, let the drama begin. It's time to get you out of my son's life for good. You have stayed more than enough."

When Ndubuisi reached the kitchen, she saw Ogechi pouring the hot water into a cup.

"Honey, you called me?"

"No, I did not."

"You did not? Are you sure?"

"Off course, I am sure.... You heard someone calling you?"..

"No, I did not, but Mama said that you were calling me, that you needed my help"

"Aww, Mama is becoming too caring now. I love that."

"That's her for you, she is a sweet woman. Don't worry, with time, you will be proud to have her as a mother in-law."

"I'm getting proud already" Ogechi replied....

"Good to hear that"

"Hope you are not hungry yet? I will serve you your food soon OK, let me finish with Mama."
"Don't worry My Love, I will wait for you in the room" Ndubuisi said, heading towards the room, as Ogechi headed towards Okwuchi's room.

"Here is your water Water, Mama"...

"Thank you my daughter. You can finish up the food now, I think I'm OK"

"Ow Mama, but I'm done, I have had enough"

"And it's because of the errand I made you go in the middle of your food.. So sorry about that"

"It's nothing Mama...."

"OK since you don't want to eat again, you can have the fish, I will finish up the rest"

"OK" Ogechi said and then cheerfully ate the piece of fish.

To be continued......

The next episode will be coming in the next 3 hours.

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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