Mama Why? Episode 23 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Ogechi, I now know that you are not as wise as you claim. I thought that getting you will be so difficult, but I was simply mistaken. They say, "when your enemy start getting unnecessary nice, you will have every reason to be worried". But look at you, you are trusting me so blindly. I can't wait to get rid of you from my son's life" Okwuchi said, sneering at Ogechi.

Ogechi who was so pleased at the sudden change of her mother in-law thought it good to apologize to her husband for thinking bad about his mother.
She went straight to the room, knelt in his front and began asking him for forgiveness.
"My husband, I have been a total jerk. I don't know what gave me the idea that your mother hates me. Please my husband, find it in your heart to forgive me. Mama has just proved me wrong. And to tell you the truth, I am so happy. I am so happy that we will be getting along well."

"Hmm, now you know?" Ndubuisi casually asked, giving her a mean look.

"Yes my husband, she is so sweet. Did you know that she asked me to forgive her for been unnecessary harsh towards me. She promised me that she will change from today. I am happy" Ogechi said, rejoicing and then stood up from where she was kneeling and gave Ndubuisi a whole hug.
The way she acted made Ndubuisi to laughed out softly.

And he then held her tight and began asking: "So you now knew that my mother is a sweet woman?"

"I was so scared before, was so so scared, but she has proved me wrong. I am happy now"

"Hmm, happy now to give me a kiss?"

"You are my husband, my lips belong to you. You can kiss them anytime you want"

"Hmm, really?" Ndubuisi said and then began kissing her: "I love you Darling" he said in a low romantic tone.

"I love you too my husband" she replied romantically.

"But my Husband, Mama asked me to cook something for her. I need to get going before she scolds me. You know she is hungry."

But Ndubuisi was so intimate into her, he really needed her at that moment.
"No Honey, don't go, I need you, I am feeling you. Can't you see I am already up, and you want to leave me now? Come on Baby, kiss me tight. I love you. I am your husband, you need to satisfy me too, you know. I love you, Honey" Ndubuisi said, moaning.

When Nkechi who was asked to wait outside saw Ogechi heading towards Ndubuisi's room, she then returned to Okwuchi to ask her how her discussion with Ogechi went.

"It was cool. I thought that that girl is smart, not knowing that her brain is empty. I asked her to forgive me for been harsh towards her and she said "Mama, there is nothing to forgive" she said, mimicking Ogechi

Nkechi then laughed at the way Okwuchi was mimicking Ogechi.
"I just saw her heading towards Ndubuisi's room"

"Heading towards his room? And I think she is still there, because I can't hear any sound from the kitchen. Why is she wasting so much time there? Are you sure they are not making love?"

"Hmm, I don't think so. This is not night yet. They can't be doing that. Couples only do that in the night."

"Nkechi, I think you are the foolish one now. So you think that it's still our own time? Children of these days do that anytime they want and they are not even ashame telling people about it. I think I will have to go and stop them before he gets her pregnant" Okwuchi said, trying to stand up.

"Where do you think you are going? Have you forgotten you are sick?"

"Nkechi, do you know what it means if she gets pregnant? Ndubuisi will find it hard to throw her out of his life. I can't allow that to happen. I am going to interrupt them now. Imagine a girl I asked to cook for me and she is busy doing another thing." Okwuchi said, standing up

"Okwuchi, so you want them to know that you were only forming to be sick? Allow me do this, I will go there and call her myself. Just relax"

"Hmm, you are right. I almost blew up my cover. So you know what to do, when you reach there, call her out with authority and make sure she follows you" Okwuchi instructed.

"Yes, I know what to do" Nkechi assured, heading towards Ndubuisi's room, and began calling out for Ogechi.

"That's Ma Nkechi's voice?" She screamed

"Ignore her my love. She is supposed to know that we are couple and shouldn't disturb us."

And Nkechi called again, telling her that her mother in-law was hungry.

"My husband, let me go and answer her."

But Ndubuisi ignored her and continued with what he was doing. Ogechi was feeling distracted, but Ndubuisi wasn't. He really needed his wife at that moment.

Nkechi who noticed that Ogechi wasn't responding decided to let them be.
"It's better I leave from here before Ndubuisi shout at me for disturbing them. But nawao for them o! So they are really doing this thing by this time. These two have no atom of shame in them. So disgusting. No wonder Okwuchi hates that girl with passion" she muttered, returning to Okwuchi's room and told her what happened.

"You mean they refused to open the door?"

"I knocked hard, but nobody said a word. Looks like they are doing it"

"I must go there myself and stop them. That girl wants to get pregnant by all means. I must stop them. You see what I have been telling you about her. She is controlling my son so much. He is going crazy because of her. I must stop them" Okwuchi said, rising up

"So you want to mess everything now? Just forget them and concentrate on your goals. Don't allow anger to ruin everything. Allow her be, is it not only for this night? Ndubuisi won't have a heart to sleep with her again after today. So be cheerful. Make her feel you are on her side. That is the only way you can feed her the stuff. You get me?"

And Okwuchi who was breathing anger nodded and said OK..

So after Ndubuisi and Ogechi finished having their time, she headed to the kitchen to prepare the food Okwuchi asked her to cook.

After she finished cooking it, she dished out some for her and carried it to her room.

"So sorry Mama for getting the food late" she apologized, setting it for her on the table

"It's OK my dear. I can't just wait to eat it. The aroma is so nice"

Ogechi laughed out softly, began heading out.

"But where are you going?" Okwuchi asked

"I want to go and serve my husband his own food" Ogechi replied

"Can't you join me? Let's eat together my daughter. In fact, I will not eat the food if you refuse to join me. See washing hand water, wash your hand and join me, please"

"Hmm.. Alright" Ogechi accepted, washed her hand and then joined her in the food.

As they were eating together, Okwuchi lifted her cup to drink water and intentionally allowed it to slip from her hand. Ogechi was oblivious of that, she thought that the cup slipped from her hand.

"So sorry Mama, are you alright?"

"I think I'm still sick my daughter, I couldn't hold the cup properly"
"Don't worry Mama, I will get another water for you" Ogechi said, leaving the room to get another drinking water for her. The moment she left the room, Okwuchi dipped her hand under the pillow to get the charm, and just then, Ndubuisi entered the room, asking her how she was feeling.

"What is he doing here now? He is about to ruin this wonderful opportunity" She screamed in her heart, removing her hand from the pillow.

To be continued...

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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