Mama Why? Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Immediately Ndubuisi dropped the call, Okwuchi and Nkechi burst into cunning laughter.

"He really bought that...." Okwuchi said

"Off course, why won't he?"

"That's to show you how much my son loves me. Everything changed the moment that evil girl came into his life. It's now time to change everything"

"I pray things go according to plan, and you don't make those your foolish mistakes again"

"There won't be any mistake, Nkechi. I am determined to do this and there won't be any mistakes again, trust me"

"OK, let's hope so" Nkechi said

"Getting angry with Ogechi won't allow me achieve my plans, I will make her believe that I love her, and that I am sorry for ever giving her worries"

"Hmm, you have a good idea" Nkechi said

When Ndubuisi reached home, Ogechi was already set.

"Have you packed the few things we will be needing in the village?"

"Yes my husband, I have done all that."

"OK" he said and then locked his flat, lifted the bag and kept it in the trunk.

1hr later, they reached their village..

"I can't believe that I left this same place yesterday and I am here again" Ogechi said

"It's not anybody's fault my dear, Mama is sick and we are the only people she has to take care of her" Ndubuisi replied

"Mama is not happy that I left with you to the city, she is only doing this to have me back in the village, but her plan will never work. I will make sure she never succeed." Ogechi said in her heart.

Immediately their car entered the compound, Nkechi screamed out: "Okwuchi, they are here already, I think you know what you should do now"

"Yes I know, you don't need to remind me"

"OK then, I will have to go and welcome them" Nkechi said and then stepped out.

"Oh Ndubuisi, you are here already, welcome"

"Thank you. Please where is my mother and how is she doing now?"

"She is inside, come and see her. But don't try to wake her because she is in deep sleep. She managed to take the drugs that I bought for her from the chemist. So, I think she will be fine when she wakes up.

"Are you sure? Because I want to take her to the hospital right away"

"No no, there is no need for that. She won't even like it, you know she doesn't like hospitals, she prefers getting treated at home"

"She doesn't like hospitals, since when? Because I know that my mother doesn't hesitate to go to the hospital whenever she is feeling sick"

"She is scared that she will die in the hospital, that was why she doesn't want to go there".

"Let me see her first" Ndubuisi said, walking inside the house

"Hmm, something is fishy here, who doesn't like to be treated properly when sick? I don't think Mama is actually sick. I think it's a cooked up plan to have me back here. But Mama, whatever your plan is, I am ready for you." Ogechi said in her heart, entering inside.

When they reached the room, they saw Okwuchi sleeping.

"Please, allow her to sleep, don't try to wake her." Nkechi repeated

"Yes I know, we won't make any noise. Mama, your son and your daughter in-law are here, we have come to take care of you, just do and get well, OK" Ndubuisi said and then left the room.

Ogechi did not say anything, because she knew that Okwuchi was faking it.
She carefully observed her and discovered that she was lying.
"Why is this woman hell bent on destroying my marriage? What crime has I committed against her? Oh Lord, I am so scared that something terrible is about to happen. Why am I having this strange feeling? I should tell my husband immediately that I want to leave. I can't stay here. Okwuchi is planning something big" she feared in her heart and then headed their room.

Immediately they left, Okwuchi opened her eyes and began praising Nkechi for handling the matter perfectly.

"You did good by telling him that I was in deep sleep, and that I have taken some drugs, if not, he would have rushed me straight to the hospital."

"Yes, the idea came to my mind the moment I saw the zeal in his eyes."

"And what about Ogechi, do you think she believe us?"

"Hmm, I don't think so, because I did not see any pity in her eyes. From the way she reacted, I am suspecting she knew something"

"Don't worry, her perception will change the moment I make her believe how remorseful I felt for ever giving her some difficulties"

"OK then.. Okwuchi, I think I will get going now, haven't I done enough for one day?"

"Yes my friend, you have done more than enough, but please, exercise a little more patience, I am begging you"

While in the room, Ndubuisi recalled that he had not appreciated Nkechi for taking care of his mother.
"And that woman, I forgot to appreciate her. I should go and thank her for taking care of my mother" he said, and began heading towards his mother's room. But Ogechi called him back. She couldn't control her fear that her mother in-law was planning something against her.

"My husband, I want to discuss something with you"

"Hmm, OK, go ahead"

"Do you think Mama is actually sick?"

And Ndubuisi began rolling his eyes in confusion, trying to understand what she meant by that.

"My husband, I don't think she is actually sick. I observed her closely and discovered that she was faking it."

"What are you implying?"

"My husband, I want to go to my father's house, I can't stay here, I don't want what happened before to repeat again. Something in this house is not happy with me. First, it was the food issue, and this time, I don't know what it will be next. Please, allow me to go to my father's house so that we won't have anything to worry about"

"Ogechi, I don't know what to tell you now. Are you even OK? Can you listen to yourself?"

"I know what I'm saying.. This is for the betterment of everybody"

"Betterment of who and who? Why insinuating that my mother is fighting against you? I think I have warned you severally to stop having such useless notion. I won't forgive you next time if you utter such nonsense again"

"But I'm telling you the truth"

"Shut up your mouth, woman! I said, shut it. Are you crazy or something? Wait a minute! Are you trying to instigate me against my own mother?"

" my husband, it's not what I'm saying. And besides, you are the one saying it. What I meant is that, something is fighting against me in this house, I am not say it's your mother. Just allow me go to my father's house, so that there won't be any reason for problems to arise."

"Ogechi, I can't believe that I'm hearing this from you. What is wrong with you? Are you crazy? My mother is seriously sick, and you are supposed to be worrying about her health and you are here, worrying about your selfish self. Shame on you Ogechi, shame on you.... I'm so disappointed at you right now. My mother needs your care, and you are planning on running to your father's house. I'm beginning to suspect that you don't mean well for my family..." Ndubuisi said, looking so disappointed and hurt. He continued:
"Like I was saying before you stopped me, I need to appreciate that wonderful woman for taking care of my mother, she is kind hearted and not your type of people who have a heart of stone." He said, leaving his room to his mother's room, feeling bewildered.

While on his way, Okwuchi and her friend were oblivious of what was about to happen. They were lost discussing about the next step of their plan, not knowing that Ndubuisi was heading their way.
Ogechi was in the room, fearing for her life and as well, regretting the way she went
about telling Ndubuisi that she doesn't want to stay there.

"I was very wrong, and now, he will think that I hate his mother. Oh Lord, I need your help in exposing my mother in-law before she tries something tragic. I'm so scared Lord, I don't know what she is planning this time. Expose her Lord, please expose her before it's too late"

To be continued..

Mama Why? Was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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