Mama Why? Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Nkechi wait for me, just stop" Okwuchi pleaded, running to stop her

"What is it again, Okwuchi? Better leave me alone, I don't want to face any insult again. I just want to remove my hand so that you don't have to blame me for any mistake that will arise out of your foolishness"

"No naa, it's not like that, please don't mind my word, just that I was mad that the herbalist gave me only 4 days to carry out the task, that was why I reacted the way I did. Please my friend, don't be angry with me that much, we are in this together, let's fashion out a way to bring Ogechi to this village, but what if I travel to the city?"

"Okwuchi, it's now clear that without me, you can do nothing. What do you mean by traveling to the city? Don't you think that Ndubuisi will suspect you came for a reason. Infact, he will suspect that you had a hand in whatever will be happening to Ogechi after your visit"

"So, in a nutshell, I shouldn't visit them in the city?" Okwuchi asked


"OK, what do you suggest I should do then?"

"Call Ndubuisi and tell him that you are seriously sick. That you are dying"

"That I'm sick? But I'm not sick, I'm very strong" Okwuchi said

"Oh my goodness! Okwuchi, do you have a brain at all?"

"But help me understand why I should tell him that I'm sick when I'm indeed healthy?" Okwuchi requested

"Okwuchi, that is the only way to get him to this village. You will pretend that you are very sick..."

"Oow, now I understand what you mean"

"Ye.....s, just lie and pretend you are dying and you will see him running down to this village"

"Though, it's sounding like a great idea but what about his wife? Getting Ndubuisi is not that difficult,  but his wife"

"Okwuchi, you will follow my lead. When we get home, call him and start crying that you are dying. You will act as if you are going to die in the next minute"

"OK, I will do as you said. I just hope he bring his wife along"

"He will bring her along if you do exactly as I tell you. You know you don't have that much time left, so when we reach your house, you start making the call immediately"

"OK" Okwuchi agreed

When she reached home, she began doing exactly the way Nkechi instructed her. She was faking to be breathing out in pain.

"So now, I will call him and tell him that you are seriously sick, and I will then hand the phone over to you"

"OK, good idea"

And Nkechi then picked Okwuchi's phone and began calling Ndubuisi..

"Hello Mama, I was about to call you now"

"Ndubuisi, this is not your mother. I'm calling to tell you that your mother is seriously sick, she is in a critical condition."

"What? I don't understand, but she was healthy and sound when I left yesterday."

"Ndubuisi, the sickness started yesterday night and now, her condition has worsened.. Let me give the phone over to her to know if she can tell you anything" Nkechi then handed the phone over to Okwuchi

"Hello my son!" She greeted in a weak faint voice

", how come? How is it doing you? Have you taking any drug?"

"My son, I don't know how to explain my condition. All I know is that I'm sick. Please come and see me"

"No no, don't sound as if you are only doing this to have him here....come on!" Nkechi whispered and Okwuchi understood what she meant.

"Hello mother" Ndubuisi called, noticing she was quiet..

"My head oo. It's like it's going to explode.. What is happening to me? I can't stand this anymore. Nkechi, please take the phone" Okwuchi then fake to be in so much pain and handed the phone back to her friend.

"Mama wait, I want to know how it's doing you to know if there are drugs I can buy from here before coming" Ndubuisi requested, but the phone was then in the possession of Nkechi

"Ndubuisi, your mother is very sick and weak now, she can not speak at the moment"

"Please Ma, can you help me and take her to the hospital, I will be in the village before you know it"

"Ndubuisi, I have tried doing that, but she insisted on staying here. She said she prefer to die at home than in the hospital"..

"Oh my God! She said that? Is her sickness that serious?"

"Yes oo, she did. Now I will be hanging up now to tend to her" Nkechi said and then ended the call. And the two ladies laughed out loudly on how they played and tricked Ndubuisi into believing she was sick.

"Lord, I hand my mother over to you, please don't allow anything to happen to her, please Lord, I am sincerely begging." Ndubuisi prayed as he dashed out of his work place.
He hurriedly entered his car..
"Let me call Ogechi to start getting ready, we will be leaving for the village right away" he thought and then grabbed his cell phone and began calling his wife.

"Honey, I want you to get ready, we will be leaving for the village. I'm already on the way"

"Village, but why? We just left village yesterday, why going back there?"

"My mother is dying, so we need to be at the village to take care of her"

"Mother, is sick? How true is that? But she was hale and hearty when we left the village yesterday?"
"Ogechi, stop asking irrelevant questions and do as I tell you. I'm already on the road now, start packing our things. We will leave as soon as I get home"

"Hmm, OK.." Ogechi said and then ended the call. "Is Mama truly sick? What could she be up to this time? I don't believe this story one bit. I think it's time I expose the true nature of Mama to Ndubuisi otherwise, she will end up ruining my marriage. She is only doing this to have me back in the village. Ndubuisi doesn't want to use his ear to hear that his mother is bad and wicked, now, I think the best thing to do is to expose her wicked tendency to him.. That is the only way I can save my marriage. I can't allow her wicked influence to send me back to my father's house."

To be continued..

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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