Mama Why? Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"OK the great one, my intention is for her to leave my son. I want my son to reject her. Please, do that for me."

"OK done. I know what to do. I will give you something that will make your son to hate her and push her out of his life. I will turn her into a kleptomaniac."

"Kleptomaniac?" Confused Okwuchi asked

"Kleptomaniacs are people who lack the strength to resist a stealing urge or addiction. They steal at any given opportunity, even things that are irrelevant to them"

"Ow, wow! This is fantastic, the great one, my son hates people who steal a lot, I am sure he won't stand her... I am counting on you. If you do this for me, I will thank you immensely" she said

"You don't have to worry about anything, you are at the right place" the herbalist assured.

And Okwuchi then turned to her friend to know if she was pleased at the decision she made
And Nkechi gave her a satisfactory look.

Ndubuisi had gotten ready to leave and Ogechi's heart was beating so fast.

"He will soon find out that I took his money, why is it that I'm scared to tell him? Ogechi, what you are doing now is not right, you should better tell him now instead of lying the more. OK, I know what to do, if he ask about the money, I will tell him that I was the one who took it."

After Ndubuisi had gotten set to leave, he grabbed his car key and his wallet.
"So honey, I am set for office, you can take care of yourself, right?"

"Yes my husband"

"OK here, let me give you N1000, in case you need to buy anything" he said opening his wallet.

At that moment, Ogechi was no longer herself. She was scared to the bones.
When Ndubuisi noticed that his money was missing, he gave Ogechi a side look. 
"I don't understand, I am sure that I have up to 5000 naira here, but how come I'm seeing only........ Or did Ogechi took it? No, I don't think so. I don't think she would ever dare to touch my money. Maybe I didn't count it right. I just hope it wasn't her, because this is one attitude I wouldn't condone.. I better save my heart from unnecessary anger because it can't be her." He said in his heart and then turned to Ogechi.

"Darling, I thought I have enough money with me here to give you 1k, but since I don't have enough, just manage this 500 naira."

"He did not find out? Oh Lord, I thank you for saving me. You are indeed a wonderful God, and since he did not find out, no need telling him anything again, because I won't be trying such act ever again. And the money, I better not collect it from him. I won't be needing it anyway. There is enough food in the house."

Ogechi was still in her thoughts, and Ndubuisi misunderstood her silence.
"Honey, please, don't feel bad that I am giving you only 500, it wasn't my intention to, I don't know what happened to the money in my wallet, and I will still need to buy fuel on the way and.."

"No my husband, what's the need of giving me so much when there is food in the house? Don't worry, use the money OK, I don't even need it anyway" Ogechi said, interrupting him

"But you might decide to buy snack or something... You know you will be lonely here"

"Don't worry, I will be fine and besides, tomorrow is another day." 

"Hmm, OK my Darling.. You are an understanding wife" Ndubuisi said hugging her and then left.

The herbalist was still chanting incantations as Okwuchi and her friend waited to be instructed on how to go about their plan.

"Okwuchi, see the content in this bottle, you will feed it to the said daughter in-law. But you have only four days to do so..."

"Fout days? But what will happen if I fail to give it to her under four days?"

"The effect will be reversed."

"You mean I will become a What did you call it again?"

"Kleptomaniac" the herbalist replied.

And Okwuchi turned scared and remembered how her son left the village in a heat anger... "Ndubuisi just left the village, and getting him to visit me again with his wife will be a very herculean task." She thought and then asked the herbalist: "But the great one, four days is it not too short, can't you extend it to, like 15 days?"

"Shut up woman!" The harbelist barked, making Okwuchi to shiver..

"Are you crazy? Why asking him such question? Collect the thing and let's leave from here..." Nkechi whispered to her..

"Nobody question the gods, you are in it already, and remember you have only four days starting from this moment, otherwise what you are wishing for your daughter in-law will poured unto you. Now leave from here! I said leave!!" The herbalist ordered.

And Okwuchi and her friend hurriedly ran out with their hand bags..

When they reached a distance from the man's shrine, Okwuchi stopped and began panting..

"Nkechi, you did not tell me anything about this, how do I get Ogechi to visit me?"

"Oh my goodness! What kind of a foolish woman are you? Are you really asking me that?"

"Yes Nkechi, I am asking you. You should have told me that I will be requesting the presence of Ogechi so that I will extend my time of visiting the herbalist. Ndubuisi and his wife just left the village and getting them back is something I really don't know how to do.. And four days, is that not too short? What problem have I gotten myself into now?" 

"I knew it, I knew it will resort to this. I wanted to be on my own, but you forced me. Now, you are blaming me for the instructions the native doctor gave you. Okwuchi, you are just too much. Seriously, you are" Nkechi said, sounding so angry, walking home, leaving Nkechi who was extremely worried behind.

"Anyway, being angry won't allow me think out a better plan. No matter what, I still need Nkechi to help achieving this plan. No need getting all worked up, besides, she was only trying to help. How would she have known that the herbalist will be giving me such a heavy task." She thought and began running after Nkechi, asking her to pardon her for been angry, unnecessarily

Ndubuisi was in his car driving to work, his mind wasn't at peace.
"What happened to the money in my wallet? I remembered vividly having upto 5k, but how come? This is confusing.... Does it mean Ogechi stole it? Hmmm, I don't think so, but if not her, then who? I counted that money when we returned from the village yesterday. I don't know what to think anymore... This is why courtship is good before marriage, I can't vouch for her attitudes. Now, I don't know if she is the one who stole or not...  Let it not be she is addicted to stealing, because I can't take it. I can't just take it if she belongs to that category. I will just pretend that this never happened.. I will pretend that my money was complete, but if this incidence ever repeat again...hmm, only God knows what will happen.."

To be continued...

Mama Why was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, copied, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without permission from the author..


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