Mama Why? Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Come on Ogechi, you can do it, don't be scared. He is in the bathroom now, this is the best opportunity to steal the money" Ogechi said, going closer to where Ndubuisi kept his wallet.

She then dipped out N5,200 and held it in her hand.
"I just hope I don't get myself into trouble, this is the only way to do this. If I cook this food tomorrow, he will think that it was what I learnt from the catering school. So I have no other option than to do it this night. Lord, I know that I'm committing a very big sin, please forgive me, but this is the only way I can prove myself to him"

She then took out 3000 from the money and hid it in her bag.
"Now Ogechi, you have gotten the money, what remains now is how to buy the ingredients. I just hope he leaves the house this evening" Ogechi wished

After Ndubuisi came out from the bathroom, he expected Ogechi to be getting ready for them to go out.

"Are you not ready yet?" He asked

"Um...not feeling like going out honey. I'm too weak right now"

"That's not a problem, you will only sit in the car, while I drive us to where we will eat our dinner"

"But my husband, I don't like eating outside. I pleaded with you to allow me cook but you refused, please allow me stay at home. I don't like eating restaurant foods, only God knows what they use in preparing their foods. I usually have stomach upsets each time I eat out, so I don't want to experience such difficulties again"

"Why are you being so difficult? I said that you will start cooking once you have learnt how to cook, and besides I don't have much money with me here. The only money with me here is 5k, it will be enough to feed us this night " he said trying to grab his wallet

"Oh my God! He shouldn't see his wallet now, he will know that I have stolen his money, I will be done for good if he ever finds out" she feared, as she began sweating profusely.
The moment Ndubuisi tried opening his wallet, she blurted in a question..
"Have you called Mama, Informing her that we have reached?"

"Oh, I even forgot" Ndubuisi said and then dropped his wallet and grabbed his phone.
He began calling Okwuchi on the phone and Ogechi sighed a relief

"The number is switched off" he said

While Ndubuisi was still trying to connect his mother's line, Ogechi then got hold of a better idea.

"Yes, if I tell him that I have some money with me, that I would like to use it to buy the food items, I'm sure he won't object. I should tell him"

"Seems her number is switched off. I can't get through" Ndubuisi said, turning towards her, but Ogechi was busy searching for the right words to convince him to allow her cook the food.

"My husband, you said that you don't have money and that you don't want to waste any more money, so I have been thinking"

"Thinking about what?"

"Thinking about using my own money to buy the food stuffs. See, just allow me do this, I don't want to eat outside, I might get stomach upset after eating their food. Please allow me" she calmly requested

And Ndubuisi breathe deeply.
"Ogechi, I have seen that you clearly want to do this. Let me allow you to satisfy yourself, so that you don't blame me for having a running stomach. But I won't eat the food with you, just cook only the one you will eat and don't add my stomach"

"No problem, all I need is for you to show me where I can buy the items"

After everything, Ndubuisi took her to where she bought the food items and then drove her back to the house. After she alighted from the car, Ndubuisi said: "When you enter the house, you lock the door, don't open it for anybody. I will call you on the phone when I get back. Let me look for where to eat"

"My husband, it's painful that you won't eat my food, it's really painful. I'm cooking this food with lots of love but you are breaking my heart by trying to eat outside. Why not try my food for once. Just stay back, it won't take long. Just one hour, I'm done. Please my husband, listen to my request" Ogechi pleaded, beginning to shed tears

"OK, 1hour you said?" He asked

"Yes, just 1hour"

And he then followed her back to the house. After one hour, Ogechi then did wonder with her magic hands. And again, Ndubuisi was marvelled.
He was short of the words to express his confusion.
"If I knew that this food would be tasty like this, I would have given you more money to cook it in large quantity so that you will store some in the freezer.."

"Hmm.....about that, I think this is the best opportunity to confess my sin to him. And he must be very angry with me. I have to tell him somehow, he shouldn't find out himself"

While she was still thinking on how to confess, Ndubuisi held her and started apologising for having doubted her.
"I am sorry my Love, this has proved that somebody really hate you in that village and you won't be returning there any time soon. The person's intention was to ruin our marriage, but thank God that it never worked out for him or her"

"Seems like he is finally realising that his mother was behind it all. Let me ask him" she thought and then asked: "But are you suspecting anybody? Do you think your mother is the person behind it"
"Hell no! How can you think of a thing like that? It can't be my mother, besides, she was the one who chose you for me, so it can't be her and why are you having such a ridiculous idea? What do you mean if it was my mother? Are you having any problem with her?"

"No my husband, I didn't mean to get you upset, I was just asking, I'm not saying she is the one"

"Good, better not think that way" He said, sounding a bit angry, heading towards the sofa

"And now I have gotten him angry, how do I tell him that I took some money from his pocket in this condition? He shouldn't find out, otherwise I'm in deep trouble" she said going towards him.

To be continued

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