Mama Why? Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Minutes after Ndubuisi left with his wife, Okwuchi felt instant loneliness. The fear of loosing her son forever gripped her.
"What just happened? All my effort to separate Ogechi from my son backfired. I never saw that coming, and right now, I am left all alone in this village and I have exhausted all my efforts to achieving my aims. Ndubuisi lied to me that Ogechi will be staying with me in this village, but what happened? Is it that he forgot his promise or that Ogechi made him do it? Hmm, I think she was the one who made him leave the way he did, because I can tell, that's not my son's doing. My son has never broken any promise before, and he has never walked out on me knowing quite well that I'm not happy. This still explains one thing, Ogechi is manipulating my son with black magic and it's time I do something about it" she said and began heading towards Nkechi's shop.
When she was getting closer, she prayed for her to be around.
"Good, she is around" she said, as she sighted her.

Nkechi who saw Ogechi coming to her shop frowned, and murmured what she was coming to tell her at that time.
"Ogechi, what brings you here? I hope you are not here to plan another deal which you are not ready to carry out? Please, count me off in any of it, I don't want to get into any kind of trouble because of you"

"Nkechi, I don't know why you are this angry with me, because I haven't done anything that could incite your anger Like this."

Okwuchi, like I said before, I don't want to be involved in your unplanned plans again because I know that you won't hesitate to mention my name if anything goes wrong"

"No my sister, I will not try anything of such, try and understand me. My only source of happiness is been taking away from me, I need to do something about it. Please my friend, help me. You know if you were in my shoes, I will also help you out"

Nkechi then paused for some seconds, looking at Okwuchi and how depressed she looked. And she said: "Hmm, OK what do you want from me this time?"

"Thank you for giving me a listening ear" she appreciated and then found a seat and sat: "Nkechi, as I'm talking to you now, Ndubuisi and Ogechi are on their way to the city."

"Yes I know, I immediately decoded that things were not alright the moment I saw you walking towards my shop. You told me that you had your way of exposing what Ogechi and her mother did, but again you failed, I knew it"

"its OK naa, stop bringing it up again. I know that I have failed and from this moment, I am ready to do anything you instruct me to do regarding my son. Please help me out my friend"

"OK. So tell me how it all happened?" Nkechi requested

And Okwuchi began telling her how Ogechi manipulated the whole situation to her favour.

"Wow! That girl is more smart than we thought"

"Then, what do we do now? And something keeps telling me that she is using charm on my son"

"Hmm, Nkechi from what you just told me, that girl is in full control of your son. Who knows what will happen after she must have given birth for him. She will have him completely and making him to forget everything about you. Okwuchi, I see you dying wretched in this village"

Nkechi's statement gave Okwuchi a heart flip and she feared imagining that from taking place.
"No! no!! Nkechi, I reject it. That can never happen. I won't loose my son to any woman. I don't have any other child who can console me. Nkechi, I am so desperate now, we have to do something. I think I know where we can go."

"And where is that?"

"Do you know of any strong person who can see the future?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I want to see my future to know if anything of such will happen. I want to be sure first to know what next to do"

"OK, I know of a very powerful native doctor who can help you see your future"

"He is very good?" Okwuchi asked

"Yes, he is. Though, I have not met him in person but my cousin sister has. She was the one who told me about him and how powerful he is"

"OK, but where can I find this powerful native doctor?"

"Whenever you are ready, I will take you there but I still need to ask my cousin for the exact direction"

"Nkechi, as you see me here, I am ready."

"OK, let's leave it tomorrow"

"Thank you so much NK, I know you will somehow ease my worries. I owe you a lot" she appreciated

When Ndubuisi and Ogechi reached his house in the city, he ushered her in.
"Come in Dear, this is your home"

After they settled in, Ogechi then asked him to lead her to where she could buy something to cook.

"Cook?" Ndubuisi asked to be sure he heard her right

"Yes, I want to cook something we will eat this night"

He hummed and said: "Ogechi dear, see, I am not trying to be rude, but I want you to forget about cooking for now. There is one cooking school that is very close to this street, I will get you registered tomorrow. You will start cooking when you must have learnt one or two recipes"

Having heard that, Ogechi smiled and said: "My husband, who told you that I don't know how to cook?"

"You are getting me wrong now, Darling. I am no longer angry that you don't know how to cook, I will help you learn how to, Ok, that's why I will be registering you tomorrow." Ndubuisi said, thinking that Ogechi was getting angry that he was labelling her a bad cook

"My husband, we are the only people in this house, I'm no longer scared that somebody might jeopardize my food. This is the best time to prove my cooking skills to you... I mean it, I am really serious about this"

"You are not getting me Ogechi, I don't want you to keep wasting money all in the name cooking food. You know that we just got married and I have spent a huge sum of money, so I don't have that kind of spare money to waste right now. Forget about cooking anything, we will eat outside this night. Please.. Just go and have a shower."
"I just wish that I have money on my own, I would have cooked this food without requesting any money from him. It's still a matter of proving myself to him. Okwuchi has  destroyed my personality in his eyes, it's up to me to build that up again. I need to cook this food somehow.. I can't stand him thinking that I'm a terrible cook. I can't just stand it. I must think of how to get money from him, even if it means stealing from his pocket. But won't that be too much from me? ..........hmmm....... No, he will forgive me for stealing his money after discovering how amazed my cookings are" she thought and began devising for a means to steal from her husband.

To be continued in the afternoon..

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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