Mama Why? Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Is that not my husband's voice, and why is he sounding so angry?" Ogechi wondered, running out to answer him..
"My husband, you called me?" She asked, looking at him to know what he would say

"Ogechi, I demand to know the truth. Just the truth, who made that soup?"

"Why is he asking me about who made the soup, has he find out?" Confused Ogechi asked herself... "I don't understand my husband, why asking me who made the soup?" She asked Ndubuisi

"Ogechi, you have not answered my question?" He repeated, looking so mean
"Oh my God! He is looking so serious. Looks like Okwuchi some how figured out the truth. No, I have to do something, I can't allow my husband to know the truth. He shouldn't know the truth. I should use my wifely power to mellow him down." Ogechi said in her heart and then said: "My husband, I don't understand where this question is coming from. Minutes ago, we were happy and now, what happened all of a sudden. Something keeps telling me that you don't want me as your wife" Ogechi then paused, and began releasing some fake tears "I just hope this works. I just hope my tears will weak his strength" she said in her heart and then continued: "Don't worry, I will leave. You don't have to worry about me anymore. I can't stay in a place where I'm not wanted. I can't force myself on the people who do not want want me. I am going to pack my things and leave. First, it was the Umu-Ada, now my very own husband" she said, heading inside pretending to be packing her things.

"What is she doing? I hope she doesn't gain my son's sympathy.. I pray she leaves..." Okwuchi wished

Ndubuisi who was filled with anger quickly melted, watching Ogechi heading inside to get her things.
"Mama, looks like I was wrong. I'm giving her the impression that I don't want her in my life."

"I knew it, I knew she will get to him somehow. This girl is a snake. How do I stop my son from getting infected by her charms without him suspecting my hatred for her?" as she was still thinking on what to do, Ndubuisi was already heading inside to stop Ogechi from leaving.

"I just hope this my plan works, Is he coming? I think he is coming.. Ogechi, now continue crying as you pack your things" she said to herself, and continued crying

Ndubuisi then stood at the door, watching her pack her things..
"I have to stop her from leaving. Maybe, I was wrong. I have been too harsh on her, this morning I slapped her and now I'm giving her another headache. I think, I am been too harsh on her and what's up with this food of a thing sef? She can still learn if she doesn't know how to cook, this shouldn't be an issue" he said, walking towards her.

"Ogechi dear, why are you packing your things?"

"Because you don't want me, I am leaving your house. You are now free to marry another woman"

"But you are still my wife, how can I marry another woman? I have been too harsh and mean, please forgive me. I don't know why I allowed this food of a thing to get to me. Please dear, forgive me. You are still my wife"

"Oh Lord, thank you for seeing me through again. It shows that you are strongly by my side in this marriage. But I don't have to accept his apology so easily, I have to act a little to fake that I'm very serious" she thought and then spoke up: "No, I have to go, your actions have shown that I'm not welcome in your life. No need asking me to stay, I have already made up my mind." She said, continued packing her things...

"Please Darling, don't go. I don't know what got over me... And where is my mother, I think she will help me beg her down" he said, rushing out to call Okwuchi to help him plead down his wife.

"Mama, you are here while your daughter in-law is inside getting ready to leave?"

"You mean she wants to leave? But why? Then allow her to leave, we don't have to force her, after all, she and her mother lied to us"

"Don't talk like that Mama, Ogechi is my wife, I can't allow her to leave. I have come to love her as my wife, please help me and beg her to stay"

"I can't believe this. See how this small girl is manipulating my only son. I cant take this anymore, she needs to leave... I don't have to pretend anymore that I love her, my son needs to know this" she thought and then spoke up: "Ndubuisi my son, I think Ogechi is doing the right thing. She should leave if she wants to, maybe that's the way God wants it. Everything is working good for those who trust in the Lord."

"Mama, are you the one saying this?"

"Yes, I have come to realise how wrong I was. Ogechi is a liar, an illiterate, and she doesn't even know know how to do anything. My son, since she wants to go, allow her, it's for your own good"

"Mama, I'm shocked to hear you say all these. I never expected these kind of words from you, but I must tell you now, I refused to be a divorcé. Ogechi is my wife, and she is not going anywhere. And I'm returning to the city with her today."

"Ndubuisi, don't be disrespectful. Remember you promise me that she will be staying in this village with me?"

"That was in the past Mama, I am sorry to break that promise. My wife will stay wherever her husband is" Ndubuisi said, heading back inside and saw Ogechi crying her eyes out..
"Darling, please don't go, stay with me.."

"Do you know why I'm crying like this?" She asked

"Because you want to leave?"

"No, it's because your mother hates me so much. I heard all she said now. Allow me to go, you don't love me, your mother hates me. Just allow me to go, I am not wanted hete."

"No my Darling, it's just a little misunderstanding, I'm sure she loves you... OK... Don't go please, I beg you, don't leave me. Don't you love me, anymore? Just look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me?" Ndubuisi asked, looking pitiful
While they were inside making up, Okwuchi was sitting outside, looking weak.

"I have lost the battle. My worst fear has come to reality. There is nothing I can do anymore. Look at my son turning me down because of that small girl. Who will I run to for help now?" Okwuchi was still nurturing her pains when Ndubuisi and Ogechi stepped out with their luggage.
"Mama, we are leaving..." He said, but Okwuchi did not say anything..

"Mama, we are leaving?" Still she remained mute, looking at another direction.

"Alright, since you don't want to say anything, I will give you a call when we reach the city" Ndubuisi said and then asked Ogechi to enter the car.. And she did.... He then drove off..

To be continued

"Mama Why?" By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use in any form without permission from the author..

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