Mama Why? Episode 13 By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Okwuchi was dumbfounded watching Nkechi her friend, leave the compound.
"This can't be happening. I can't allow Nkechi leave like this. She is the only friend I have that can help me prevent Ogechi from snatching my son completely. I have to stop her" she concluded and ran after Nkechi.

"Nkechi my friend, please wait" She called, but Nkechi maintained her gait.

"Please my friend, just wait. You can't leave like this. Please, listen to me first."

"Stop for what, eeh Okwuchi? Tell me the reason why I should stop?" Nkechi asked, reducing her steps..

"I think I know the reason why Ogechi outsmarted us"

"So what reasons, I am all ears."

"Calm down naaaa. Calm your temper, please."

"Okwuchi, stop wasting my time. Just tell me already"

"Let's go by the corner, so that nobody will hear us"

And Nkechi followed her as she took her to a secure place....

"I think here is OK, nobody will hear us..."

"So Okwuchi, what reason are you talking about"

"Nkechi, just the few days that I have lived with Ogechi, I have come to realise that she is not working alone. I think she is practising black magic"

"Huh!" Nkechi asked

"Yee......s! If not black magic, then what? You need to see the way she is controlling my son like a remote control. Just few days they knew each other, she is already in control of his brain. Nkechi my friend, if care is not taking, I will lose my son completely. I did
everything you asked me to, but it's still a wonder how she was able to scale through. That's why I shouldn't relent in taking her away from my son's life before it's too late"

"Okwuchi, you said you did everything as I instructed but what happened? How was she able to come up with another delicious soup?"

"That's what I can't tell. I don't know what happened. Maybe she is working with somebody and coupled with her black magic... I am sure of it"

"Hmm, speaking of that. When I was going to the village square, I saw Egbuona, the okada rider. When we greeted, he said he was heading to your house and he was carrying something that looks like the shape of a food cooler... Are you aware he was coming to your house?"

"No oo, I did not see him in my house. But wait a minute, are you thinking what I'm thinking right now?" Okwuchi asked

"Okwuchi, I think Ogechi's mother was the one who prepared the soup we ate..... What? Those two had us played...."

"You see what I have been trying to explain to you. I did everything you asked me to do. No wonder there was stockfish in the soup she gave the Umu-Ada, because there was none in the house. Ogechi used only the dried fish that was left to prepare her own soup. She and her mother think they are smart. I will expose them today. You see what I was trying to explain to you now. Her God has exposed her. No Wonder! Look at that small girl, thinking she will outsmart me. Let me go confront her in front of everybody now. Can you imagine?" Okwuchi fumed, trying to head back inside.

But her friend called her back.
"Okwuchi! Always think before you act. You want to expose her now?"

"Yes, there is no time to waste now, before the women leave."

"Hmm, don't you think that the women will think that you are in enmity with your daughter in-law. They will think you hate her"

"What are you saying? That's the only way to bring her sin to light" Okwuchi said, becoming impatient..

"Okwuchi, I don't like the way you behave sometimes. Always think first before you act"

"OK, what's your idea... Speak up because I am running out of patience."

"Okwuchi, before we do anything, we have to be sure that the Okada rider truly headed to your place. You know your son will question him to confirm your claims, what if we are wrong?"

"What other proof do you need again, Nkechi? I told you that there was no stockfish in the soup Ogechi made in the morning, but the one she served the Umu-Ada contained plenty amount of stockfish. "

"Hmm, you are sure of that?" Nkechi asked

"I can swear with my life"

"Then Ogechi is done for good... And involving her mother in her dealings has made our job more easier for us..... Now listen to what am about to tell you now"

"OK, I'm listening" Okwuchi said, paying attention to the idea Nkechi had...

After sharing some of the ideas she thought would expose Ogechi, Okwuchi wasn't keen to accepting it...

"Hmm, Nkechi I don't think I will agree with you on this one..."

"Hmm, OK tell me what you got...." Nkechi requested..

"See, I will expose Ogechi in a way Ndubuisi won't suspect my hatred for her. Just watch and see.."

"Watch and see? Better share that your idea now oo, to avoid mistakes"

"Relax my friend, Ndubuisi is my son, I know how to handle this." She said and began heading inside..

She then went to where her son was sitting, pressing his phone, and began chatting with him..
"Hope you are happy now my son?"

"I am extremely happy Mama, those women won't badmouth my wife again"

"And me too my son, I am so happy for my Ogechi... She and her mother really tried. I owe her mother a lot for not allowing the Umu-Ada to play with her name again" she said, giving her son a side look to know how he would react.

Her statement sounded confusing to Ndubuisi and he then turned to her and asked her to repeat what she just said..

"Ogechi's mother knew that she won't pass the test, she then thought it a wonderful idea to prepare the food for her and to tell you the truth, she really did wonder. She is a wonderful person... I must thank her specially for doing this"

"What?" Ndubuisi asked, as his anger began popping up..

"Mama, are you telling me that the soup wasn't prepared by Ogechi?"

Okwuchi who knew that her son had already believed her story then decided to fake concern.
"My son, what's that angry look on your face? Don't tell me you are not happy on how the event turned out? Please, let it be and be happy for her"

"Mama, Ogechi lied to me, how can I be happy with her?" He paused, breathing heavily "And where is she right now?" He fumed, rising from his seat, calling Ogechi in a deep angry tone......

"Yes my son, be angry..... be angry.... And this time, send her away from this house.. I hate her.... She came with a mischievous plans..... Let her go before she succeeds with her evil plans" Okwuchi wished in her heart.....

To be continued...

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use in any form without permission from the author..

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