Mama Why? Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The previous day, when Ogechi's mother got a wind of what was happening, how she requested to cook for the Umu-Ada in order to prove her cooking skill, she was so devastated. She began fearing for her daughter's future.

"Ogechi my daughter is a very good cook, so what is this thing that I'm hearing? And why is she not telling me anything about it? I just hope she is happy in her husband's place. I will have to call her now" she then dialed her number..

"Mother, how are you? This one you are calling me by this time, hope all is well?" Ogechi asked, sounding happy.

"She is sounding cheerful, very good to know that, at least, that shows that she is OK...." She quickly thought and then spoke up..: "Ogechi, when did you start hiding things from me?"

"Hiding things? I don't understand, mother?"

"I heard about how the Umu-Ada labelled you a "bad cook" and in order to clarify yourself, you made a request to cook for them, but why? You shouldn't have allowed them to get to you like that, and what about the stuff with food, I thought you well on how to cook, so what is the problem? "

"To tell you the truth Mother, I don't know. I just don't know how it happened. The food suddenly changed taste and began tasting horribly after I finished cooking it. So my mother in-law then made another one we used to entertain the guests, but how they found out is something I can't describe, and because of that, they began hurling insults at me, so I decided to shame them by requesting to cook another one for them."

"Hmm, but what about Okwuchi, what did she said when the women were insulting you like that?"

"Nothing, she did not say anything. Infact, she has been on my neck ever since I came here. Mother, I think Okwuchi hate me with passion. Why did she chose me for her son when she hate with much passion?"

"Ogechi my daughter, I think it's the handiwork of my enemies, but they won't succeed. So about the food, do you have any back up plan for it?"

"Back up plan, how?" Ogechi asked

"In case, anything goes wrong, you use your back up to cover up"

"Hmm, I don't think there is need for that, Mama. I will guard the food very well, I won't give any chances for any mistake"

"Ogechi my daughter, you are too naive and also stubborn. But not to worry, I know what to do" she thought in her heart and then said: "OK my daughter.... I only wish for the best for you"

"You don't have to worry about anything Mama, everything is going to be alright, just trust me. Those women will be shocked after they finished eating my food tomorrow."..

"OK then, I will have to go now, just take good care of yourself and don't forget to be a good wife to Ndubuisi"

"Alright Mother. Goodnight" Ogechi said as her mother replied, and then they ended the call.

When Ogechi was still crying after Ndubuisi slapped her, she then remembered what her mother said the previous night and the backup plan she talked about.

"Oh Mother, I should have listened to you. I have been sabotaged again. I don't know who is trying to create a rift between me and my husband. I just don't know. And now, my husband, how do I get him to forgive me? I should have listened to him that yesterday.. Oh Lord, what is really happening?" She continued crying and then remembered her pot soup :"Oh I forgot, the pot of soup..." She then asked Ndubuisi to follow her to the kitchen so that he will see that the one in the pot was different from the one he tasted

"Since you don't want to believe me, just follow me to the kitchen and see for yourself" she requested

But Ndubuisi was no longer interested in finding out about anything. He was busy packing his things to leave...

Ogechi then rushed to the kitchen to get the soup but was shocked to met the pot empty.

"What?" She exclaimed. She then tried asking Okwuchi about it..: "but what's the point of asking her? My husband will start shouting at me that I'm accusing his mother." She was still thinking on how to ask Okwuchi about what happened to the soup, when her phone rang.
She checked the caller and found out that it was her mother.

"Mother, I think I am cursed, I don't know what is wrong with me.... I don't know if I can survive in this marriage oo"

"Ogechi my daughter, just calm down and tell me what is going on. What happened?"

And Ogechi then narrated everything that happened....

"So you think Okwuchi had a hand in what happened?"

"Yes mother, if not her then who?"

"Don't talk like that, my daughter. Okwuchi that I know can not do such a thing. Maybe, she was only anxious to know how the food was tasting, but good thing that I had things planned. You don't have to worry my daughter, don't cry anymore, because I have a bitter leaf soup that I prepared for this purpose. I prepared it this morning in case something goes wrong. What we will be discussing now is how to get the food to your house"

"Mother, you went through all that stress just because of me?... I really appreciate Mother, but there is no point, my husband already knew that the food was too horrible, there is no point mother..."

"Ogechi, it's not late yet. I can't allow those wicked women to disgrace you. You will tell your husband that you have the food stored special for that purpose. That you know that your soup will he sabotaged somehow, that was why you brought out some and kept in a special place"

"Mother, that sounds like a good idea.... And I will then prove to Ndubuisi that someone, somehow added something into my food and then destroyed the taste. But Mother, won't somebody find out?"

"Nobody will find out, I know how to get it to your house, just trust your mother, I got your back... "..

"OK mother, which means I will see you today"

"No, I won't show my face over there, otherwise they will know what happened. Somebody will get it to you, just keep your phone close to you, the person will call you, and you discreetly step outside and collect it. Don't follow the front, you get me?"

"OK mother, thank you so much. You have saved me from heart ache and humiliation."

"You don't have to thank me, I'm your mother, so it's my duty to take care of you."

40 minutes later, Ogechi who had been on the alert received a call from the man her mother gave the soup to deliver to her. Before she left to get the food, she carefully looked around to make sure that nobody would see her. When the coast was clear, she then sneaked out to get it.
40 seconds after she left, Okwuchi came out, and began searching around for her.

"Where is she now, is she still crying like a baby? She hasn't seen anything yet. Today will be her worst day. I don't think Ndubuisi will be forgiving her anytime soon, especially with the way she disobeyed him by cooking the food" Okwuchi said in her heart, and continued using her eyes to search for Ogechi..

To be continued...

Mama Why? By Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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