Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I am happy that he has accepted me and my baby without any stress, but for me to wait for 8 months, isn't that a long time?. This is not good at all. What am I going to tell him now to make him see reasons with me. To make him resume plans for our marriage. I can't stand the shame of bearing a pregnancy without marriage. I think I will discuss this with Floxy" Steph said in her heart and then spoke up: "Erm....can we talk later?" She asked Tolu

"Later?..... Oo.........k......"Tolu reluctantly agreed, feeling that Steph did not bought his lies

"Talk to me later? I expected her to say something positive... But what is she going to do now? Looks like she noticed that I am lying... She said she will only call me back later but didn't say anything. I think I will call Gilbert and tell him what is going on" he then brought out his phone and dialled Gilbert's number..

"Hello Guy, what's up? I was even trying to call you now.. My brother will be finally leaving tomorrow"

"Really? That's so good to hear.. In fact, this is a perfect timing for me. But Gilbert, I have a little issue"

"And what's that?"

"My plan is about to fail. Steph is pregnant with my child."

"Oh boy! You are a good scorer oo....! She is already pregnant.. OK, what's the problem about it? I thought that is what you always wanted"

"Yes Gilb, it has been my desire, but I expected her to tell me she can take care of the bills." Tolu said and narrated his conversation with Steph.

"Oh boy! You don fuck up naa.. You claim you are rich, so money shouldn't be a problem. Even if you invested a huge sums of money in a business, at least you will still have had some reserve"

"Ah ah, but rich people sometimes run out of money, so she should understand that"

"Have you forgotten she is a woman, they don't reason like that. You claim you are extremely rich, so you have to behave like one."

"So what am I going to do now?"

"I don't know, maybe you should borrow and get married to her." Gilbert suggested

"Hmm, that sounds like a good idea, but how much do you think I should borrow?"

"Maybe N800,000"

"What? Who do you think can lend me that kind of money? No.... Gilbert, I will think of something else. I can't borrow such amount of money. It's too much, please"

"See you sef, I am I only trying to help you and you are chickening out. You have to take the risk and get what you want. Think of all the benefit you will get after getting married to her. And besides, that amount of money is not even enough to marry an expensive girl like Stephanie. All you will do is to call her and tell her that you have 800k at the moment, and stylishly ask her if she can accept to have the wedding in a low key since things are not that smooth for you now, I hope she will agree, and also try to support with the one she has"

And Tolu paused, began thinking over what Gilbert said....
"Hmmm, then after the wedding. I will ask her to lend me some money to take care of something, that I will pay her back in no time... Then I will jejely refund the money"

"Yes, now you are talking."

"Good, but the issue now is who will lend me the money"

"Don't worry, I will lend you the money. My brother left some money with me to take care of somethings, but the stuff is still in a later date. So before that time comes, you and Steph were already husband and wife"

"Wow! You mean you will lend me the money?" Tolu asked cheerfully

"Yes I will, but only on one condition"

"On one condition?"

"Yes, you will have to pay with interest. You will pay extra 100k.. That is making it 900k" Gilbert said

"Gilbert, you too like money....haba...." Tolu jokingly taunted

"Look at this one oo, me and you who like money pass?"

"OK, I have heard you. It's a welcome idea" Tolu said

Stephanie who thought that Tolu was not that buoyant at that period of time also thought it a good idea to borrow from her friend.

"You know that I made him believe that I am rich. So I have to make everything possible to make sure that I nab him completely to my life. His mother is trying to get him married to another woman, and if I delay things further, he might do what his mother wants. I can't afford to loose him... Seriously, I can't. He never knew that a baby was coming, otherwise he would have prepared for it"

"I think you have a point. He is trying to fly away from your hands, so don't let him" Floxy said

"Yes Floxy, that's why I will be needing your help. I would like you to lend me some money"

"Lend you money? Buy what for?"

"So that I will support him with the marriage stuff. I believe he will be glad"

"But this is not good at all. Don't you think that he will have the impression that you are desperate for him? And he might use it to taught you tomorrow, that you were the one who forced him into marrying you"

"No, I don't think he will see it that way, and besides, I am already desperate. I am pregnant, I don't want it to get noticed until I'm married. And he will also be grateful that I will be a helpful wife to him. And not like I'm bringing the whole money, I only want to support him, he will complete the other part."

"OK, like how much are we talking about here?"

"Just N500,000"

"Did you say " just 500,000?" Agape Floxy asked

"Babe, not like I'm asking you to dash me the money, I will pay you back as soon as I get married to him. 500k won't be much of a deal to him"

"OK, I will lend you the money" Floxy said, accepting to lend her the money.
And Steph was grateful.

She then called Tolu, telling him that money won't be a problem to them that she will help.

"I don't understand" Tolu pretended not to understand what she meant

"You said you are ready to accept me and our unborn baby but you are not buoyantly enough at this moment to cater for the wedding, right?"


"So what if I support you with some money, like 500k? So that we can have our wedding?"

"Wow! I have no doubt you will be a blessing to me. You are a God sent to me. I like your idea, but won't that be a stress to you. Just keep your money OK, I am giving you my word, in few months time, I will come straight to marry you, ok" Tolu pretended to feel so concerned
"No Tolu, you are looking for every excuse to marry that woman your mother is suggesting for you. I can't allow that to happen. I have to convince you to marry me" she said in her heart and then spoke up: "Hmm, I know you will not accept my help but you can consider it as a help, that I am lending you the money to pay back later... OK.... Please don't say no, please.."

And Tolu paused for some seconds, and then agreed, smiling in his heart that he had won a lottery.

"Oh yes finally, I have succeeded in making this plan a success." Tolu jubilate

One month later, Tolu and Stephanie finally got married.
And now, what happens next......? Odiegwuo....

Wanted to finish the story this night, but Tolu said no...... So I have no other option than to continue it tomorrow...*winks*

Slay King Meets Slay Queen by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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