Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After Tolu and Steph made out, he suspected that Steph was up to something.
"Steph, I know that you have a tangible reason for paying for this hotel room. It's not just for us to see, but for us to make love. And I'm sure you are targeting to be pregnant. I just pray it is exactly what you want because it goes in the same line as my desire" He said in his heart.

When he got home, he narrated to Tino how his day with Steph went, how they made love and all that.

"OK, is that all?" Tino asked

"Yes, that is all oo"

"But why jubilating? I thought something special happened" Tino taunted

"Tino, when girls begin acting like that, then know that they are up to something. She chose for us to meet in a hotel, why hotel in all places?"

"Tolu, don't be deceived. Steph is a big girl, she won't fall so cheap. If that is what you have in your mind, then forget it, she won't fall for it"

"Tino, I am the game master. I made her believe that I am so wealthy. Trust me, she will try all means to make sure that she web me forever."

"OK, so what are you going to do if it turns out she is pregnant?" Tino asked

"Relax boyfriend, I know how to handle it... It is actually the moment I am waiting for. I know the game to play. Since Mathew has refused to leave the city, then I will create another plan of staying away from Steph for three weeks. Atleast, after three weeks, it will be already confirmed if she is pregnant or not" Tolu said, began heading inside, laughing at his lying skills.
And Tino shook his head, looking at him.

The next day, he called Steph, lying to her that he will be taking his mother to India for treatment.

"Really? But I thought you said that she is getting better, according to the doctor?"

"Don't mind that doctor. My mother is not even showing any sign of recovery. I don't want to loose her. Of what use will my money be to me if I can not use it to cure my mother? Even if it warrants spending the whole of it on her, I am ready to do it"

"Hmm, you truly love this your your mother. Don't worry, she will be healed. So when are you leaving with her?"

"This night"

"What? You had this plan going and it did not occurred to you to inform me about it?" 

"I am sorry Baby, you know, that yesterday, my head was full, I wasn't myself. This her sickness is really getting on me. Forgive me for that, please"

"Alright. So which means, we won't see till your return"

"That's what it looks like, but we will always keep in touch. See, I have to go now, talk to you later"

"OK dear"

Immediately they ended the call, Steph felt weak. She began feeling that Tolu was been cold with her. 
"No Tolu, I know that guys like you are so difficult to get, but I won't give any chances. I must make sure that I get you by every means possible. I just hope this my plan turn out successful."

Six days later, Steph was no longer comfortable that Tolu had not called her.
She then told her friend, Floxy about it.
"Floxy, I am getting scared that Tolu will later dump me. For six days now, he hasn't called. This is not normal, something is actually going on with him."

"Hmm, guys sef. He should have called by now. Are you sure that guy is still into you?"

"Floxy, I am scared oo. I am just so scared."

"When did he said he will be returning to Nigeria?" Floxy asked

"He said in three weeks time." Steph replied

"You just have to be hopeful and wait for him till he returns. Just relax, you know his mother is very sick, so I think all his attentions will be on his mother"

"Hmm, which means, I did not mean much to him, because this is the time he needs his loved one the most"

"Don't conclude on anything yet, just relax"


Three weeks later, Tolu then switched on the number he used in calling Steph, making it look as if had returned to the country.

"Wow Baby, you are back.... I am so happy to hear your voice. When did you come back?" She asked


"Yesterday, and you are calling me now?"

Tolu then hummed and in a weak low voice said: "Baby, there is something I want to discuss with you, I just hope you will forgive me"

And Steph who noticed the weak tone concluded that whatever he wanted to tell her was not really not a good one.
"What is he trying to tell me? His voice is not good. Is he planning to break up with me? And I'm already pregnant. No, before he says anything, I will have to tell him that I'm pregnant, so that he will know the kind of decision to make" she said in her heart and then spoke up: "Baby, before you say anything, I have something serious to tell you first"

"What is it? Lord please, let it be she is pregnant... Please let it be" Tolu wished in his heart and then asked her to say what she wanted to say.

"I don't think it's something we will discus on phone, let's meet at your house"

"At my house? But my mother is here. Don't worry, you can tell me whatever you wish you want to tell me, I have enough airtime"

"OK, Baby, just that I missed my period"

Tolu then paused for some seconds, screaming joyfully in his heart, and said to himself: "Tolu, don't show her you excited about it. Act as if you are shock"
"I did not hear you clearly, can you repeat yourself?"

"I said that I am pregnant and I did not intend to abort it"

"Oh no! Why now. Just why now? This is not good at all"

"What is not good?" Steph asked

"My mother wants me to marry the daughter of her best friend, and she said that, if I did not marry her, she will kill herself. And not only that, even if im to marry you because of the pregnany, I am not financially good at this period of my life, I invested a huge sum of money in something, which will start yielding profit in the next 8 months and also my mother's health has taken a huge sums from me. To tell you the truth Steph, things are not good at all. But how did you allowed yourself to get pregnant? You should have asked me if we are ready for it yet"

"But I didn't know that it will happen naa, it's an accident. Please don't tell me you will reject me, I don't want to have a child outside wedlock.... Please Baby, don't do this to me " Steph pleaded, crying
And Tolu pretended to be touched by her cries.
"Oow Baby, your tear is melting my heart now. Since a baby is involved already, I have to reject my mother's proposal, I can't abandon you nor my child. Since things are like this now, you will have to wait for me. Just give me like 9 months, then I will have enough money to see your people and by then, my new house must have been completed, because I would want the arrival of my new wife to be in the new house and not here"

And Steph smiled that her plans had worked, Tolu had accepted her.
"But 9 months, isn't that a long time?"

"Steph please, tell me that you can't wait for that long time. Just tell me that you can manage things for now.... Please, say it baby...... Just say it........ Please say it, because I don't have money for any wedding now" Tolu seriously wished, waiting to hear Stephanie's response regarding what he said.
To be be continued....

What do think will do in this situation?

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