Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Steph reached home, she narrated everything to Floxy who was surprised at the sudden turn out of event for her.

"But babe, you are so lucky oo, just like that, he is hinting on marriage, wow! Congratulations in advance"

"Thanks Babes"

"Seriously, your efforts are about to pay off. But thinking of it, you know you are living a fake life, what do you think will be his reaction if he discovers that you are f?

"Hmm, Floxy, I don't think that will be much of a problem, I believe he will deal with the situation when the time reach. He is extremely rich, and won't mind much about it. Do you know that he is building his second house? You need to see how beautiful this his present house is and he is already building a second one, I can't just imagine how mighty the new one will be."

"Wow! Steph, that guy is made, how old do you think he is?"

"He is still a very young man oo, I think he should be in his late 30's.."

"Really? And he has acquired such a tremendous amount of wealth at this his young age?"

"I think his family is rich, because according to his statement, his mother lives at their own-built family house here in the city." Steph said, looking all excited

"Babe, you have to play your cards well. You know successful guys like that are every woman's wish, so you have to act smart to avoid getting jilted"

"God forbid! I can't allow that to happen, I can't"

"Then put it in action"

"And that reminds me, did you know that Frank called me and began telling me about his new apartment"

"Really?" Floxy asked, listening to hear more

"But ask me the type?" Steph asked

"Hmm, I don't know, tell me" Floxy requested

"2 bedroom flat and he wants me to come and see it" Steph replied

"Huh! Please Steph, dump that guy already. How can he be proud that he is living in a 2 bedroom flat at this his age?"

"Floxy, if not for one thing, I would have done away with him a long time ago. At least, I still need him for airtime, you know" Steph said, making Floxy to burst into laughter

"Anyway you are right, you know you don't have to rush airtime when you are speaking with Tolu on the phone. You have to relax and make him feel you are not bothered about burning your airtime"

"That is it Friend" Steph paused for some seconds and said "let me call Tolu to know how his mother is doing"

When she called, Tolu smiled looking at his phone.
"I have to make my voice sound like I am worried about my mother, because I don't know when Gilbert's brother will be returning to Malaysia" he then pressed the green button: "Hello Baby"

The way Tolu sounded touched her so dearly, and she calmly asked him about his mother.
"My mother is not responding. She is in coma. Everything is all my fault, I should have come for her immediately she requested for my presence in the evening, just that we had already scheduled to meet that yesterday, I never knew that her sickness was this serious. I will never forgive myself if anything should happen to her" he said, sounding sad. And continued: "Baby, can we talk later please, the doctor is giving me a paper to sign." He then ended the call.

Tino who was listening to them taunted him coarsively at the way he was lying with his mother's name.
"Tolu, you have to be be careful with the lies you are saying with your mother's name, there is power in spoken words"

"I hear! Nothing of such will happen to her.."

4 weeks later, Mathew was still in Nigeria and Tolu was getting tensed that his plans might blow off.
He kept telling Steph that his mother was still sick and that she was living with him at his own house so that he will be taking appropriate care of her until he recovers.

"But baby, I know she is sick, does it mean we can't see each other again or are you avoiding me?"

"No baby, how can I avoid you? My mother is here with me and there is no way I will start bringing a woman into the house. She won't like it"

"But you are a grown up, she won't mind"

"Don't forget she is very sick. I want to avoid anything that will aggravate her health. My mother is very religious and now she is sick, she has taking her faith to the extreme. Don't worry sweetheart, she will soon recover, she is no longer in danger, the doctor has promised us that she will soon be healed completely. Just wait for me, Baby, we will soon be together, and once she recovers, I'm coming straight to see your people, OK"

"Hmm, OK" Stephanie agreed in a very weak voice.

After they finished answering the call, Steph began feeling that Tolu was actually ignoring her.

She then relayed her worries to Floxy.
"Babe, to tell you the truth, I don't think there is any truth in what he said. It's getting to four weeks now, and you guys have not seen? And he kept giving you excuses that his mother is sick."

"Seriously Floxy, the thing is giving me concern. He is a grown man, his mother is supposed to know that he is mature enough to have a female friend."

"Exactly. Babe, that guy is no longer into you. He has dumped you, I swear. You have been used and dumped by him, that's the Koko now"

"No naa Floxy, I can't be used like a piece of trash by any man. No man dares do that. I am burning in anger now. I will call him and ask him to tell me the truth." Floxy said, looking bitterly angry

"You know what you should do, just call him and ask him to meet you at a cool spot, that you guys need to talk. Then his reaction will show you what he has in mind" Floxy suggested

Tolu was still avoiding Steph because there was no car to flaunt around. The Jeep he used the first day they met at the club was Gilbert's brother's car, and with him in town, there was nothing to show for himself. So the only thing he did was to keep lying that his mother was sick, hoping on the day Mathew will be returning to Malaysia since Gilbert had assured him that his brother won't be staying that long.

So after Floxy advised Steph to call Tolu, she then picked her phone and called him back again.

When Tolu saw the call, he wondered what Floxy wanted to say again.
When he answered the call, Floxy informed him about her desire for them to hang out at a cool spot.

"You know what baby, I will call you back"

"Call me back? Is there much deal in this my simple question that requires "yes" or "no"

As she was still angrily asking him, an idea came to Tolu and he said:"Baby, you should have first ask me where I am"

"Ok. Where are you?" 

"My small car developed a fault, so I took it to a technician and I sm  If you are saying that you want to see me now, that means you want me to fly a bike to meet you, and it will look somehow"

"It doesn't mean, you are doing it for me."

"Alright, send me the address, I will meet you there"

And Tolu rejoiced that Steph had saved him some explanations. He quickly took his bath, wore his best cloth and dashed out. 
When he reached the place, he was glad to discover that Steph had paid for a room.

"Wow! This is why I love rich ladies. Their independent taste is what gets me crazy."

When they met at the ppace, Tolu reassured Steph that he was still madly in love with her. And Floxy who bought all he said melted, as they finally made love.
Few weeks later, Stephanie was confirmed

pregnant. It was something they both wanted.
Now the next thing is their marriage. How will they react if the truth about themselves get blown open in front of them? Lolz...

To be continued.....

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