Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Wait oo, I actually spoke with Gilbert instead of Steph, does it mean Steph left her phone at Gilbert's house? There is a problem oo! She left her phone at Gilbert's brother's house" Tolu screamed, standing up, making Tino to start looking at him with sheer confusion, wondering why he was reacting that way.

"Guy, what is it? What happened?"

"Tino, there is a problem. Stephanie forgot her phone at Gilbert's place."

"And? Is that why you are shivering as if something serious happened?" Tino asked, lying back on the bed

"Tino, you are not understanding it. Gilbert's brother, Mathew is at his house now, and Stephanie might return there to get her phone. What if she meets Mathew? Tino, I can't risk her finding out. Stephanie is exactly the kind of girl I want, I can't afford to loose her.".

"But Gilbert answered her phone when you called, right? So there is no big deal. He has found the phone, and will know how to handle it. He will keep his ears open, waiting to hear when she will knock. But instead of panicking, why not call Gilbert on his own phone"

"Yes, you are right. Let me call him" Tolu said and began calling him, but Gilbert wasn't answering. His phone was ringing inside his room.
"He is not answering, and from the way he answered the call shows that something was going on. He was asking me about my mother in the hospital and.... Tino, you know what? You will have to help me."

"Help you, how? Tolu, please, I beg you, don't involve me in this your dirty deal. I don't want to be a part of it"

"Tino, your friend is in serious shit here, please your help is needed"

"Tolu, you are not getting it. I said, I don't want to be involved in that your business, please" Tino said, covering himself , closing his eyes.

Tolu was still panicking about, thinking on what to do when his phone began ringing.
"Gilbert is calling me now" Tolu said, answering the call: "Hello Gilbert, what's up? Tell me what's going on, did Stephanie find out?"

"Tolu, so your business is more important to you? Do you know you almost got me into trouble? My brother nearly met with Stephanie and if he had found out that she was the owner of the phone, do you know what that means? You don't even even care to know what I will stand to loose if he had found out."..

"So sorry Gilbert, it wasn't my intention to. You know he took us unaware. But what about Stephanie, how did she collected the phone? Has she gone?"

The way he was still emphasising on Steph, asking to know if his deal with her had broken got Gilbert angry. He then, angrily disconnected the phone on him

"Look at this idiot. Instead of him to feel sorry, he is busy asking me about Stephanie" Gilbert hissed, irking bitterly.

"Huh! He disconnected the phone or is it network? OK let me call him back" Tolu said, calling him back, but he was ignored.

Stephanie was still irking bitterly at the way Gilbert gave her the phone.

"What is wrong with that fool? I will tell Tolu to sack him, he doesn't deserve to be an errand boy. How insulting of him. So he is angry at the way I threw my bag at him earlier. He has not even seen anything yet, I will make sure that he gets sacked. I must tell my Baby about this, he will sack him. Dirty fool like him. Is it because my baby wasn't around, that was why insulted me like that. No, this insult is too much, he must sack him"

After Mathew stepped out to know who was knocking at his gate, Gilbert rushed him and asked: "Brother, are you expecting someone?"


"Then why are you trying to know who is knocking? What if they are some people who are following you or something? You know you just came into the country. Brother, it's risky trying to find out who is knocking, let's go inside. If it's somebody that knows us, he or she would definitely call before coming. Just think about it"
"Hmm Gilbert, you just made a point. The person would have called before coming. I forgot that here is Nigeria, where one is mindful of security" Mathew said, entering inside, forgetting the series of questions he was asking Gilbert before the "knock" interrupted them.

Immediately Mathew entered his room, Gilbert ran to the gate and pushed Stephanie's phone under the gate.
He then called her in a low Tone: "Stephanie, can you hear me?"

Stephanie who heard a sound then kept quiet to know if it was actually somebody's voice that she heard.
And then, Gilbert called again, asking if she could her him, and Steph then answered him.

Gilbert then said: "Just look under the gate, you will see your phone there, just take it and leave. Just go and don't come back again."

"What? Who are you to tell me not to come back here again?" Stephanie fumed

But Gilbert did not stand there to start exchanging words with her.
"What nonsense!" She continued fuming, picking up her phone and then entered her car, the one she borrowed from Floxy.

She was still angry when her phone began ringing. She checked to know who was calling and then hissed loudly.
Her longtime boyfriend, Frank, whom she normally ran to whenever she was in need of a financial assistance.
And this time, Frank had gotten ready to settle down and Stephanie was the one he had in mind to marry.
He called her to confirm the N500 airtime he sent to her.
" Frank, I don't think I still need you in my life. I have given you enough time to make money like your fellow men do, but it seems that getting rich is not part of your destiny. I have gotten a serious man who is not only handsome, but also rich. He is more handsome than you, and more richer than you. So what am I still doing with you?"
She said, ignored answering the call, but when Frank cslled back again, she then answered.
"It's better I answer his call, because I still need him to be helping me, at least with airtime and other small expenses before My Tolu finally marries me".

"Baby, how are you? Please I am sorry that I am calling you at this time, I just called to hear your voice."

"OK....." Steph coldly said

"OK. So baby, what about the airtime I sent to you, I waited to see your call, to tell me that you have gotten it?"

"So after sending me that small airtime, you expected me to call you with it again so as to run it down?"

"Sorry Baby, OK next time, just flash me (beep) so that I will know you have gotten it. Baby, guess what? I have good news to share with you"

"What's that?"

"I have finally found a new apartment. It's a comfortable 2 bedroom flat, you will like it. So when are you coming to see it" Frank asked

"Look at this poverty stricken man, does he think I enjoy poverty like him? His mates are busy building their second houses, and he is here telling me that he has found a 2 bedroom flat. I can't continue hearing his voice, it's irritating me" Steph said, placing the phone on the car seat, ignoring Frank who was still on the phone.

To be continued..

The author of "Slay King Meets Slay Queen" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.


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