Slay King meets Slay Queen: Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

When Tolu got to his house, Tino was surprised looking at him with the car he came back with.

"Tolu, where are you coming from? And who owns the car? I hope you did not steal it?"

"No naa, how can? Tino, whenever I set my mind on something, I usually get it. Come inside so I will tell you everything that happened."

"OK oo. Let's go" Tino said, heading inside

When they reached, Tolu explained everything to him, how Steph fell madly for him when he mentioned marriage.

"Are you serious? But Tolu, are you not taking a risk?"

"Risk, how?"

"Haven't you thought about how the girl would react if the true nature of your financial status gets exposed?"

"Tino, that will happen after I must have gotten married to her. And I also have a plan"

"What plan?"

"I will get her pregnant so that she won't have a choice. Yes naa, she will be so ashamed that a man tricked into marriage, and she won't have any other choice than to cover up with her own money."

"And you think she won't be angry with you?"

"I never said she won't be angry, but only for the mean time. For the sake of the child, she won't leave me. But Tino, you are even getting me wrong. I have my main plan set out. I will make it look as if I have lost everything"

"How, I don't understand?" Tino asked

"Just relax, I will have everything played. She won't suspect that I tricked her. She won't even suspect that I was even a poor man. So relax, I have everything under control."

"Tolu, which one are you saying sef. You are just contradicting yourself"

"Tino, abeg, I need to rest now. Will continue in the morning"

"Hmm, Tolu! Tolu!! How many time did I call you?"

"Just twice, I heard you loud and clear. Now, go back to sleep" Tolu said, lying down

And Tino looked at him, shaking his head.

"Yes, let me call Steph to make her feel reassured that I wasn't happy leaving her behind." Tolu said, bringing out his phone to call Steph but not knowing that she forgot her phone at Gilbert's brother's house.

And the phone was inside Gilbert's brother's room.
"Is that not a phone ringing? Where is it coming from?" He asked, searching for the direction the ringtone was coming from.

When he found it, he picked it and began wondering what the phone was doing in his room.
He then called Gilbert and began asking him who owned the phone.

"Oh no! Is that not Stephanie's phone? Anyway, no stress, I will tell him that it's mine"

"Brother, it's mine. I forgot it in your room when I was arranging it this night after you called"

"After I called you? But you told me that you slept back immediately, after we talked on phone?"

"Yes, I quickly arranged it and then went back to sleep"

"Gilbert, it did not take me upto 20 minutes to get here, so when did you finished dressing the room and then dozed off, to the extent that you did not hear your phone ringing and also the horn I was blowing at the gate?"

Gilbert who was searching for a way to cover up his lies quietly laughed and then said: "Brother, see how you are asking me this question as if I have committed a crime here"

"No Gilbert, answer me, and besides, looking at the phone pouch, it looks like that of a woman's own"

Gilbert's brother, Mathew was still speaking when the phone began ringing again.

"The phone is ringing, answer it to know who is calling, the number has been calling since"

"OK, bring it here" Gilbert said and then collected it from him.

"And set it on loud speaker, I want to be sure that the phone belongs to you"

"Really, on loud speaker?"

"Yes, set it on loudspeaker, answer it already" he said in a harsh voice

"OK, good thing that Steph saved the number with Tolu's name, which means he is the one calling" Gilbert said and then picked the call.

He then rushed Tolu's name, so that he will immediately understood that Steph had forgotten her phone at their place.
"Hello Tolu, what's up? Have you reach the hospital now? And how is your mother"

"Huh! Is that not Gilbert's voice? It's like I called the wrong number" Tolu said, looking at the number he called.
"But it's Stephanie's number. OK Guy, but you are supposed to know that it was a make up story naa. My mother wasn't sick at all. It was a lie I told Steph to get her to leave, have you forgotten?"

When he noticed that Tolu was not following his drama, he began looking tensed, looking for a way to end the call before he get him into trouble.
But they were still talking on the phone when Steph began knocking at the main gate.
" I just hope that errand boy will open the gate for me. I need that my phone, I really need it." She said, knocking hard.
"Who could that be at this ungodly hour?" Mathew asked, look at Gilbert with all surprise.

Gilbert who knew that it could be Stephanie began swallowing his tongue.
"I am in big trouble tonight. My own don finish. Tolu, you and Stephanie have killed me" Gilbert feared, looking at his brother who was stepping out to shout at the person who was knocking at his gate at that hour.

Hmm... To be continued....

Lolz, I so much love this story joor.... Hahahahaha.

The author of Slay King Meets Queen is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.


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