Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 13 (The End of Slay King)

After Bisi promised Tolu that she will help him, he then came to the conclusion that he won't leave any of his Sugar Mummys again.
"They are more reliable and easy going unlike all these single ladies. I should have had a second thought after Stephanie accepted me willingly and easily into her life. Before I met her, none of the single ladies I approached accepted to heed to my love request and the way Steph accepted me should have been a matter of concern to me. Anyway, it's all in the past now. My next plan will be how to recover my school certs from Gilbert. I'm nothing without them. And good thing I still have Bisi, I will make enough money to show Gilbert that he shouldn't have insulted me because of the mere money I collected from him. He should just give me only 6 months, I will be mega rich. Bisi has promised to help me, tomorrow I will also meet with Madam Tessy, and the next will be Queendera, plus other new women I will meet in the future. Gilbert, just wait and see how big I will become and then, you will regret ever insulting me the way you did. Nonsense.." He said, getting ready to meet Bisi.

Finally, Tolu and Bisi successfully met at their secret place.
Bisi really missed him like she said. She couldn't wait for them to have a chat, she began kissing and undressing him. Tolu who was also ready for her delved into her honey pot. Just 17 seconds after they began making love, he noticed that his joystick was no longer moving.
"What's happening? Why did you stopped?" Bisi asked

"I don't know, let me check." He said, trying to withdraw his joystick but noticed that it wasn't coming out either.

"I don't know what is happening, I can't even bring out my thing either." He feared, looking confused

"What do you mean you can't bring it out again?" Bisi asked

"I'm telling you the truth, I can't withdraw it. It looks like I'm stuck. This is confusing"

"Stop being ridiculous, Tolu. Just stand up from me, you are getting heavy, I can't breath properly anymore" Bisi asked

"But I can't stand up, I'm telling you the truth, I can't. What is going on here?/OK, let me force it" he said, and then began forcing himself out from her but got a massive pain. Their skin was stuck together, pulling out by force was just like pulling out their own skins

After trying in pains for few minutes to get separated from each other, they then decided to call for help.
And one of the hotel workers heard their outcries and a rush was made into their room.

When the door was forced open, they couldn't curtail their shame. But it was better to receive help in that condition than to endure the pains.
The workers who already knew what was happening immediately told the woman that her husband had used jars on her. Similar situation had occurred in their hotel before.

"What?" She asked, as her eyes were filled with pains

"Yes, I think you should call him, he is the only person who can save you from this."

"Call him? That will mean my dead. I rather die than to call him here" Bisi said

"Then you should have thought about it before engaging into this kind of life style" one of the workers taunted

Tolu and Bisi who were still in pains were already sweating profusely. He then shouted at Bisi in anger to call her husband, that he can't endure the pain anymore.

"Tolu, do you know what that means? That will mean my end. Don't worry, I know who can help us in this situation. I have a strong native doctor who I can call to help us."

"Bisi, call your husband, please. I have heard this type of thing before, but I never knew that it actually exist. The only person who has the solution is the one person who initiated it. Please call him before it gets worse" he instructed, but Bisi was hell bent on calling her own native doctor instead.
She then asked one of the hotel workers to help hand her phone over to her.
"Please, hand me my phone. It's on the table"
But before her phone could reach her, her husband entered the room.

"Well, well, well! Here you are enjoying yourself. I told you that I will get you one day, but you think you can outsmart me." He said, stepping closer towards them

"Oh my God! He is here! Who told him that I'm here?" She screamed, trying to hide her face

"No need hiding your face, I already knew you are the one. See where you landed yourself" he was still speaking when Tolu spoke up in deep pitifull voice, asking for mercy.

"Sir, please, it's a good thing that you are here. I know that I have wronged you. Please forgive me and undo whatever you did to us, I promise you, I won't come near your wife, ever again." He begged

"Do you think I will still accept her as my wife? I have loved this woman for years. And I can proudly swear that I have never cheated on her ever since I got married to her. I never denied her anything. I always made sure I keep her happy, but see how she decided to pay me back for all the good things I have done for her. See, I didn't come here to set you guys free, I only came to tell her that my marriage with her is over. So Bisi, enjoy the rest of your days with your lover. It's over between us and don't ever step your foot into my house" he warned and then turned to leave

"My husband, I'm sorry, please don't leave me like this, I will repent from today. Please save me" she begged, as Tolu followed suit.

"Sir, are you going to leave her here?" One of the workers asked

"Atleast, even if you will divorce her, undo the things you did to them and let them go" the worker continued...

"No, I wasn't going to leave them here, I only wanted to scare them the more. The man who helped me caught them is downstairs. He said that I should bring them to him." The husband said and then asked them to help him bring them down together.
A blanket was then used to cover them as the workers lift them downstairs.
On reaching downstairs, crowd gathered to watch what was happening, with many taking pictures of them, while some filmed them.
They were shamed to the core, Bisi wished for the earth to open and swallow her up, Tolu then swore that he will never mingle with Married women again.
"Honesty pays. There is nothing like living an upright life. See the situations I dipped myself into. My encounter with Steph was a bizarre, and now this.... Just look at the heavy crowd watching me stuck on a married woman naked. I know this will sure go viral and it will just be a daint on my image. Will I ever find a job after this? My face will be all over the internet. Oh God, I'm dead for good." Tolu was still in deep thought when the native doctor undone the charm he placed on Bisi and finally they were separated.
After they were freed, they rushed back to the hotel to hide their faces from more shame because they were completely naked. They returned to the hotel room and grabbed their cloths. They did not talk to each other again.
The event later went viral and out of the shame, he ran out of the city, straight to his timid village.
He left the city without his bag and certificate. He initially went to Abuja to get married to a rich Abuja lady but ended up with nothing. He ran out of the city empty handed and also in deep shame and a taint to his reputation. So that was how Tolu lost everything. Life indeed, thought him a great lesson. There is no shortcut to achieving anything in life. Honesty, truthfulness, uprightness, patience, and handwork are the key ingredients to achieving any good thing in life. If you want to get it through any shortcut, then life will cut you short and you will end up getting slayed like it did to Stephanie and Tolu. They learnt their lessons the hard way.

The End...

Slay King Meets Slay Queen was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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