Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 11 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Tolu? Where are you going with your traveling bag?" Gilbert angrily asked

"..Erm...I... I..." Tolu stammered, thinking on the lie to feed Gilbert.

"Tolu, have you suddenly lost your voice? I ask again, where are you traveling to?"

"Me, travelling? No, I'm not going anywhere. I only came to pick some of my few things and return to the house" he lied

Gilbert then told one of his friends to check his bag.
And after a quick check, they discovered that Tolu had packed all his educational documents.

"Gilbert, it's like this your friend is on the run. It's looks like he is leaving town. All his curriculum vitae are here."

"What? Tolu, you want to leave town without informing me?" Gilbert asked approaching to fight Tolu

"Come on Gilbert, how can I do such a thing? I only came to collect them so that they will be with me. I wasn't comfortable leaving them here"

"Tolu, you are an outrageous liar. You think I don't know what is going on? You think I don't know that Stephanie has left you?" Gilbert angrily asked and then snatched Tolu's bag from him.

"But what are you going to do with my bag?"

"Tolu, I am seizing this bag including everything in it until you pay me my money"

"Hei! I don die. See how the evil Jezebel called Stephanie has landed me into trouble. I swear she will never see any good in her life." He cursed and then looked at Gilbert to forgive him.

"Gilbert, I promise you. I will give you back your money. I don't have Kobo with me at the moment, but I will pay you soon." he pleaded and then turned to Tino to help and beg on his behalf.

But Tino who had been enjoying the scene as if he was watching a favourite program stood and left the room, telling him that he warned him but he never listened.

"Gilbert please, I am ready to look for work now so I can pay you. And I need my CV, please brother"

And Tino who overhead him mentioned "searching for a job" taunted him about it.
"So, you have finally decided to look for job, abi? You are in deep soup now, so deal with it."

"Gilbert, when you are ready to pay me, you come for your certificates. Hope you still remember how much you are owing me?" Gilbert asked and angrily left, carrying Tolu's bag.

When Stephanie reached her friends house, she expected her to shower her with sympathy, that she was a victim of love fraud, but Floxy teared eye for her.
All she cared was for her money. After Steph relayed her problem to her, Floxy began wondering how she would pay her up all the money she lended to her.
"No, I have to do something, if I remain quiet, she might not have the mind to release my money to me, even if she sleep with several men, her taste for expensive things won't give her the mind to release my money. She will keep buying them and keep postponing my refund until I get fed up demanding it from her. She was borrowing me all that money, hoping that Tolu will be her saving grace, but that did not happen. I better do something before she run away without paying me"

"Um....Floxy, about your money, I will still pay you OK." Stephanie said and then said in her heart.. "Nawao, I am owing her a huge amount of money, how am I going to pay her now? I better get rid of this baby first to know what next to do. I might run away from here and go to Frank's house and hide. I rather use that money for something tangible than to pay all of them to Floxy, she is rich, she can easily forfeit it" Stephanie thought

Tolu was left on the cross road, his idea to run away was quashed. And his original school certs were in the possession of Gilbert. There was nothing he could do. And Tolu had warned him not to make any move or else he will have himself to blame. That he will hunt him down anywhere he was.

"I think it's time I return to my old style of making money since the idea of getting married to a rich single has lady failed me. My sugar mummies will be of help this time. I need them now." He then brought out his phone and called one of his rich sugar mummies.

"Tolu, to tell you the truth, I was surprised when I saw your call. You finally remembered me? Are you not supposed to be enjoying your honeymoon now?" Mrs Bisi asked

"Sweet, forget all these small chewing gum girls. If I had known, I wouldn't have left you. You still remain the only sweet woman I have ever known" Tolu began brainwashing her

"Hmm Tolu, what are you telling me?"

"Sweet, could you believe that my wife has left me" he said, beginning to cry

And Bisi was touched.

"Oh my goodness! But why?"

"That she left me was not even the problem, she left me completely dry. I spent so much on the wedding, hoping that I will pick up from the scratch with her and raise a happy home, but she chose to leave me. And now, I don't have enough money to my name."

"Shhh... Speak no more Tolu. You know what, I have really missed you a lot. We can talk it over at my hotel room. You know money won't be your problem if you continue staying by my side, and giving me all I want"

"Oow  Sweet, that's why you are always on my mind"

"OK Bobby, let's not waste any more time. Let's meet at the hotel already before the day go down, you know my husband is seriously putting eyes on me this days. He is suspecting me, but I won't give him any room to catch me."

"Don't worry we will be discreet, he won't find out about us" Tolu said, rejoicing. And quickly dashed into the bathroom to take his bath.

The moment Mrs Bisi left the compound, the gate man quickly called her husband and informed him that his wife had just left the compound.
"Did she tell you where she was going?" He asked

"No Oga, she no say anything, she only say make I open the the gate"

"Good" the husband said and then ended the call.

He then dialed another person's number and informed him about it: "she just left the house now. So you know what to do next"

To be continued..

Slay King Meets Slay Queen: by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: All Rights Reserved.

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