Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Tolu, you deceived me?" Dumfounded Steph managed to ask, placing her hand on her chest.

After Tolu realized that Stephanie had found out whom he really was, he then sought for a way to make her not to get mad that much.
He then left himself on the floor and began pleading for her forgiveness and to also understand his reasons and shower him with mercy.

"Baby, I am so sorry, please understand my reasons, I love you so much. From the first day I set my eyes on you, I fell madly in love with you. I wanted to approach you, but realised that I am nobody compared to you. That you won't listen to me based on my poor social status. That I didn't fit into your class, that was why I lied that I am rich so that I will have you as my wife. I love you much, Baby. Please, don't hate me"

"Tolu, I want to ask you, who owns this house?"

"See Baby, since you have found out everything, there is no need lying to you anymore. The house belongs to Gilbert's brother."

"Gilbert, the one you called your errand boy?"

"Yes Baby"

"Gilbert, the one I insulted the other day?"

And Tolu nodded, looking pitiful.

"Heeeeh! I don die" Steph shockingly exclaimed

"Baby, we can still make it, I am sor...."

"Stop it there you horrible cheater... I can never be any wretched man's baby... So I have been tricked into marrying a man I am even better off.. Heeey! Stephanie.... Is that how I ended up with a lowlife cheater.... I don die... How do I repay Floxy all the money I borrowed from her?"

"You borrowed money? I thought you are rich and has enough money?'

"Tolu, you think you are the only person who knows how to deceive someone. See, I think we are even."

Steph said and also told Tolu how she also deceived him.

And Tolu began laughing at Steph, thinking that she was only saying all those things to get back at him. And Steph got irritated at his nonchalant behavior and then grabbed him by the caller, asking him to pay him for all the money he made her borrowed from Floxy.

"Tolu, I swear, you won't get away with this. You must give me the 500k, plus other money you made me borrow from my friend, Floxy. And calculating all of them, they amounted to 900k."

"Stephanie, are you really serous?"

"Tolu, my money. You must pay me for deceiving me"

And remembering all the money he got from Gilbert, and how he had nothing to his name to repay him, he slumped on the chair, placing his hands on his head..

"Stephanie, you are an evil witch. Oh oh oh... So you too.... Oh my God. That means I am in a very big trouble. Gilbert, how do I pay him now?"

"So you borrowed money from him too. What have I gotten myself into,  and I am already pregnant for this fool. Oh Lord, I am done for good."

"Stephanie, you are already pregnant with my child, and it's not my fault. We tricked each other into falling for each other. Let's leave together for the sake of our baby."

"Listen to yourself, Tolu. We are owing huge amount of money, how are we going to pay our debtors? And besides, do you even have a house?"

"I have one, which I'm managing with my friend, Tino"

"Managing? Who owns the house?"

"My friend owns it"

"How many rooms?" Steph asked

''Just a room"

"Just a room? Tolu, you are crazy.. You hear me, you are crazy. You will surely regret this. You will regret ever putting me in a family way knowing quite well you have nothing"

"There is no need for blames now, Stephanie. And besides, we are both wrong here. Instead of blames, let's learn to move forward with each other for the sake of our child"

"Tolu, you are sick in the head. You hear me? You are sick in the head. How do you expect me to bring my child into hardship? No way. I am going straight to the hospital to have the child terminated. I can't remain married to a lowlife cheat like you. Nonsens.. And besides, I have to work to repay my friend."

"No Baby, don't do this to me. My child is also important to me. Don't think that I won't take care of him. I will never allow him to lack anything, trust me"

"Tolu, I am done talking to you." Steph said, heading inside to pack her things.
While packing them, he remembered Frank, how he wanted her to share in his world, she shook her head, and continued packing her things. And then murmured: "Imagine how I hurled insults at Frank, thinking that Tolu was far better than him. Tolu! I rather die than remain married to you"
So after packing her things, she carried them and began leaving.

All Tolu's effort to plead her down proved abortive.
She strictly made up her mind to leave the marriage.
"As for the bride price, my family will return it soon." She then began leaving.

Immediately Steph left the house, Tolu then thought it a good idea to ran away.
"Gilbert, how do I explain to him that Steph is not whom we thought her to be. And the money, how do I repay him? I rather run away now and save my neck. Gilbert doesn't know my village. I will run straight to my village, but first I will reach house and collect my certificates, because I don't know when I will return to the city again." He then rushed inside and grabbed his things and left.

About 5 minutes he left, Gilbert returned and began calling out for him, but there was no response.
"Where could he have gone to without telling me? And the gate was open when I entered. Let me call his cellphone" he then brought out his phone and began calling Tolu, but he was ignored.
"He is not answering" he wondered and then called again, but received the same response. " Ok, let me check if Stephanie is sleeping in the room" he then climbed the stairs. On opening the room, he was shocked to find it empty. All there things were gone.
"What? No, this can't be. But what happened? Tolu should answer my call naa to tell me what is going one here, why are their things missing from the room." He then redialled the number, but still no response.
"Could it be that he and Steph ran away? Or that maybe Stephanie has left him after she found out the truth about his real identity? No Tolu, you can't run away with my money. No, you can't. You must pay me my money. Let me rush straight to his place. I just hope I will find him there" he said, rushing out from catch Tolu

When Tolu entered his house with his luggage, he was panting heavily, making Tino to be shockingly worried, thinking that some bad people were pursuing him.
He looked out through the window to see if hr could see the people.
"Tolu, what is it? Who is pursuing you?" Tino asked, and continued looking out from the window

"Tino, I should have listened to you, but see the problem I have gotten myself into" he said, opening his drawer to get his school certs.

"What happened, Tolu and who are the people pursuing you?"

"Tino, nobody is pursuing me yet, but there will soon be. Gilbert will be here any minute to look for me. I an owing him a huge amount of money thinking that Stephanie will give me the money once we are married."
"OK, and what happened?" Tino asked, looking interested

"Stephanie is the biggest cheat I have ever known. She was playing me as well. She is just another poor desperate chic forming to be rich to hook a rich guy as well"

"Wait.....a minute.... Just like you did to her? You mean you two were forming to be what you are not just to get each other? She fooled you"... Tino asked and burst into laughter, lying uncontrollably..."Tolu, but I warned you, now see what you have done to yourself." Tino was busy taunting him and Tolu was busy getting his qualifications. After he found them, he then put them inside his bag and turned to head to the door. Just then, Gilbert was already standing at the door with some of his friends whom he called to help him catch Tolu.

To be continued..

"Our New Major Story Loading. The name will be unveiled soon..." Keep loving Ngozi Lovelyn O., God's blessings will never depart from you.  Amen.

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