Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 12 (The End of Slay Queen)

The next day, Stephanie got ready to step out. She then informed her friend, Floxy about it.
And in a cheerful manner, Floxy replied "OK, take care"

And Steph nodded, appreciating her concern without knowing that she was planning something on her.
The moment Steph left, Floxy picked all her expensive accessories, both her designer shoes and bags, her jewelries. But before then, she had already discussed it with some of her friends who deal on designer wears and rocked a business with them. So she already had her plans made.
"Thank God she is a stylish person, all the money she got from her sugar daddies were spent on designer wears, at least she has made it easier for me to get my money back. I will realise enough money if I sell all of them" Floxy concluded and then carried all of them and put inside a big sack, straight to her friends shops.

After some hours, she was able to realise almost the amount Steph was owing her.
"Atleast, I can forfeit the small one remaining, because I know Stephanie, over her dead body will she accept to pay me my money" Floxy said, and then happily entered her car and drove home.

  • When Steph returned to the house, the gate man gave her the message that was dropped for her by Floxy.

"Madam Floxy, the one occupying flat 4 said I should give you this letter, and also your bag" the gate man said

And Stephanie quietly opened the letter.
"What? She must be crazy! She sold all my what?" She quickly grabbed the bag, unzipped it, and found out that only her inner wears and some irrelevant cloths were left inside the. She then fummed bitterly, getting ready to fight Floxy.

"Who gave her the audacity to sell my things? Can you imagine? She sold my things without informing me? I must surely show her the stuff I'm made off." She then turned to the gate man and asked: "hope she is around now?"

"Yes, she is" the gateman said

 "Good. I am going straight to meet her, she must provide all my things for me this very minute" She fumed, climbing the stairs, but suddenly, she developed a cold feet.
"But how did she find out that I am not going to pay her back her money? All my designers? No Floxy, we must sort this out, you can't just do this to me. But will there be any point fighting her? She has friends in high places, just a call and I will be in hot trouble. Oh Lord, how am I going to handle this situation now?" She asked in her heart and then paused for some seconds. "No, I am still very angry. There is no point pretending to beg her. I have to threaten her to release my things. With that, she will think that I have backups. Yes! That's what I'm going to do, because if I show her that I'm weak, she will take advantage of it" she said, and then continued climbing the stairs. She then banged angrily on Floxy's door.

Before then, Floxy was already prepared for her. She was ready to face her in anyway, in case she react in a negative manner. She then asked her very good friend who was also a soldier to help her stand behind her while she opened the
door for Steph, so that she won't create a scene in her flat. She knew that once Steph sights him, she will quickly change her mind and run away if she was preparing for a fight.

So the friend heeded to her request.
The moment Floxy opened the door, on opening her mouth to descend on Floxy, she sighted the soldier man who was looking very bold and mean.
And Floxy said: "Sir, this is the Lady I told you about that is owing me huge amount of money and does not want to pay"

And Steph who wad shaking all through, thinking on what to do next quickly thought it a good idea to run away.
She then zoomed off, without looking back. She feared that the soldier man will use force to make her pay up.
While she was running, she never looked back. She kept straight, running, shouting for the gateman to open the gate.
She even left the building without carrying the remaining items Floxy left for her.
After running to a far distance, she then stopped and began panting.
"Oh Lord! I think I have evaded them. I almost get buried alive. Soldiers and their slaps would have sent me back to my father,'s house in an instant. Thank God they did not see me. They can't see me again. But my bag, how do I get the rest of my Just look at me, I have lost everything. All my things are gone just because of Tolu. He deceived me. He will continue regretting his deeds like I'm doing right now. I thought he was the real deal for me not knowing that, he is just a nobody. A stinkard." While she was still cursing Tolu, she noticed that she was bleeding.
"Oh my! Looks like I'm bleeding. Let it be that I'm loosing the baby. I was still going to remove it anyway. But if miscarriage is what I'm having, that means I still need to go to the hospital so that they will take care of me." She said and then stopped a bike, and told him to take her to any nearby maternity hospital, that she was in pains, that she was loosing her pregnancy. And noticing what was happening, the bike man had sympathy on her and took her to a nearby hospital without demanding for payment. After she was treated, she told the doctors that she had no money to pay.
"Here is not a charitable organization Madam, we can't discharge you or else you settle your bills"

"But I have no money with me now. I am completely broke. I promise you, I will pay as soon I find a job." She told the doctor

"Madam, this hospital is in need of a cleaner at the moment, we can employ you so that the money will be deducted from your salary." The doctor suggested

"You mean me, a Cleaner? Hei! Doctor, I'm a B.Sc holder, how can I become a cleaner?"

And the Doctor laughed softly and said! "Then pay us" he then left.

After much deep thought, Stephanie accepted to become a cleaner for 4 months so as to pay up the money she was owing the hospital.

"I came to the capital city to find a greener pasture, but I ended up loosing everything, I better return to the East and stay with Frank, though he is not that rich now,  but he is hardworking, I believe that one day, he will be rich. Because some of all these rich people in our society today started from somewhere.  They started from scratch and made it to where they are today. I don't know why I did not notice the kind nature of Frank. He loved me so much and never denied me anything that I asked him. I don't know why I belittled him. I have to go back to him, I'm sure he will forgive and accept me back. I will tell him that I left the marriage just for him. That my marriage with Tolu was a mistake, that I have left him to return to him. I'm sure he will forgive me."

So later, she was able to leave the hospital and returned to the Eastern part of the country.
She headed straight to Frank's house. When she got there, she was bewildered to realised that it was already late for her. Frank had already engaged another girl, a girl whom he found more sincere love with, unlike the one Steph gave him.

She cried bitterly and then swore to change for the better. She then turned a new leaf and began living an upright life...

That was how she changed after getting slayed by Tolu, Floxy and the hospital management. But what later happened to her after she became a better person?
To tell you the truth, I don't know again oo, because I relocated to another state, and nothing was heard of her again. That was the end of Slay Queen, tomorrow, the final episode will be the end of Slay King... 

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