Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The date for their wedding had been fixed, Steph feared that seeing how poor her house in the village was, Tolu will discover that she lied to him.
Still on the same notion, Tolu was also fearing the same thing.
So in order to do everything once and avoid getting exposed, Steph brought up the idea of doing both the Traditional and English wedding the same day.
And Tolu immediately liked the idea. He rejoiced that Steph was having the same opinion of things as him.
"I am so happy that I will be getting married to her. She is rich and also does things as if she is reading my mind. I just hope everything goes as planned."

Still on the same hiding of identity, Steph decided to give Tolu reason not to bother about how her house in the village looked, so she said: "Baby, to tell you the truth, if not for the baby, I would have loved to complete my house in the village before having my traditional wedding there. And now, I'm ashamed of how I will invite my friends to my wedding which will be taking place in my father's compound. Anyway, people know me, they know I'm rich. They might think that maybe, I decided to have the wedding in my father's compound."

"It's nothing baby, you shouldn't bother yourself about what people will say. What matters is us and not them. We will have our wedding anywhere we want it and shouldn't be of anybody's concern"

"That is it baby, you have a point" Steph said, smiling in her heart that she had saved herself the stress.

"Yes Baby, I can't just wait to be yours" Tolu said, smiling and Steph lovingly replied.

The wedding day finally came and passed, it was a success, just like they planned it.
Things were also made easier for Tolu because Mathew was not in town. He continued using his house as his own.
Five days after their wedding, Steph asked Tolu when she will be taking her to his family house to see his mother.
"Baby, you know your mother didn't come to our wedding because of her sickness, and you avoided taking me to her before the wedding. So since I'm now your legally married wife, I think the right time has come for me to see her." Steph said but not knowing that Tolu's mother came to the wedding but she didn't know it.
Tolu introduced them casually, and didn't go into details. He said:
"Mummy, meet Stephanie my wife, Steph..... meet Mummy"

"Really?" Steph said, looking confused and Tolu immediately took her away from her mother before they start asking themselves questions.

"Tolu, is she your mother, I thought you said she is seriously sick?"

"Come on, she is my mother's elder sister, I also refer to her as my mummy"

"Ow... Is that... I even misunderstood you when you called her "mummy".

So still insisting on seeing the mother, Tolu then promised her that she would see her the next day.

"Really?" Steph cheered

"Yes Baby" Tolu said and then said in his heart: "I think it's time to unveil my next game"

He then went into the room, thinking over everything again. How to make sure that Steph doesn't suspect anything.

2 hours later, he stormed out of his room, looking worried, like somebody who had lost a great fortune...

"Baby, I am finished.. In fact, I'm dead" he continued panting

"What is it? Tell me what is going on?" Steph requested, looking scared

"You know what, I will be right back... I'm coming" he said, dashing out if the house.

"Baby come back and tell me what is going on" Stephanie shouted, watching him drive away with one of Mathew's cars

"What is going on with him? This is not good at all." Steph was left confused and worried. She began calling his number but there was no response.

7 hours later, a call came in and began asking her if she knew the owner of the phone too well.

"Yes, he is my husband" she replied

"Then you should come and take him... He is not feeling too well. He has drank himself to stupor and couldn't do anything again. Please come and take him, we are about to close" the bar attendant did exactly what Tolu asked him to do...

"Alright, I am on my way now. The address please?" She asked and the address was sent to her.

When she got there, she met Tolu lying on the floor, she quickly rushed him and began asking him what happened.

"My money...... My money oooo... My money the high sea..... My money ooo, everything in the high sea" he continued saying, appearing to be highly intoxicated

"Your money. What happened to your money? Please tell me, what happened to your money?" Steph who was only interested in the money kept asking him what happened to it instead of helping him get up.

"Madam, are you going to keep asking him about his money instead of helping him up?" The bar man asked and then said in his heart: "Look at her, she is much interested in his money instead of helping her husband. Women and money!"

And then, Steph helped him get up, as they staggered to the car.

When they got home. He was made to lay on the sofa.

"What happened to your money, baby?" She began asking again

"Why is she so interested in funding out what happened to my money instead of feeling concern or even angry that I'm drunk?" Tolu wondered in his heart

"Baby, can you hear me?" She asked tapping him

"Yes, my money.... My's all gone. It's in the sea. My goods worth billions have sunk in the sea and not redeemable" he continued

"What? But how did it happened? Anyway, you are still rich, right? You still have properties worth millions and other valuable and physical wealth, right?"

"Noo nothing on my name again. I'm done for good. The only land I have was used as a collateral. I took that loan from bank and soon they will come for this house and the land"
"What?" On hearing this, Steph collapsed

"Baby, please get up... Don't die on me, please....get up" Tolu pleaded, he then rushed out to get water and began splashing on her.

After she got up, the reality of what Tolu said came back to her again.

"Tolu, you have ruined me. Why did you invested all your money in one business?"

"Forgive me baby, I have been doing this business for years, that was why I decided to go for a bigger fish but not knowing that I won't be lucky this time"

Steph who started feeing head ache quietly entered the room to lie down on the bed.

"Baby, where are you going?" He asked

"I am going to lie down, I'm not feeling too well again" she said entering the room.

And Tolu then smiled that his plan had worked. That Steph believed him without suspecting anything. While rejoicing over it, thinking that Steph had gone to the room to lie down like she said, he then brought out his phone and began calling Gilbert, gisting him how he played Steph into believing him without any stress, but he did not know that Steph was standing right behind him, looking shocked and shattered.
She came back to ask him what will be their next move in saving themselves from the unexpected situation but was shocked to hear him narrate to his friend how he had relieved himself from her finding out whom he really was.

To be continued... Steph fainted today, tomorrow will be Tolu's turn....hahaha... The slayers have finally slayed themselves.. Two Ndi aras...

Biko, Slay King meets Slay Queen was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this book should be copied.... I'm warning you now... Don't come to me saying I did not warn you on time...

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