Slay King meets Slay Queen: Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Gilbert began banging loudly on the door, Stephanie then woke up and started wondering why the errand boy was knocking like that.
She then tapped Tolu to wake up.
When she found out that he was not coming around, she tapped him hard, making Tolu to open his eyes, but still feeling sleepy.
And then Steph hit him hard in a way that made him raised his head.
"Yes Baby, you are still awake?"

He was still asking her the question when Gilbert knocked hard again, saying: "Sir, please wake up, there is a very big problem"

"What, is that not Gilbert's voice?" He screamed, rising up from the bed.
He then asked Steph to remain in the room while he find out what could be the problem.

"But what could be the problem? The look on your face tells me that, you are scared, please tell me what is going on, I am getting scared myself"

"I am not scared my dear, and you don't have to be scared either, I am here for you. Let me know why he is calling me. So I want you to remain here, I will be right back, OK" Tolu calmly requested and then stepped out, closing the door behind him.

Immediately he stepped out, Gilbert drew him by the corner, looking all stressed out: "Tolu, you don't have much time left. You have to take Stephanie out from here. As I am speaking to you now, my brother is few minutes away from here"

"What? But you told me that your brother won't be returning anytime soon, how come?"

"I don't even know myself. Tolu, there is no time for any explanations, just take Steph away from here, I don't want any problem with my brother."

"But what am I going to tell Steph now, what am I going to tell her?" Tolu asked, looking tensed

"I don't know, just tell her anything. Tell her anything, but take her away from here. Just do it already so that I will tidy up the room, you know it's my brother's room. Please go already" Gilbert said, pushing Tolu towards the room.

"OK, I think I know what to tell her now" Tolu quickly came up with an idea and then dashed into the room, pretending to look worried, panting along.: "Baby, there is a huge problem, infact an issue just came came up. My lovely mother is in a critical condition. She is dying as we speak. I got a call from my younger sister. She is requesting me to take her to the hospital. Please, we need to go to her right away"

"You mean I should follow you?"

"Yes Baby, I need you to follow me, I intend introducing you to my mother. It will be nice to introduce you to her now so that she won't give up on life yet. So that she will know that her grandchildren are already on the way. At least, that will give her more hope to hang on. I love my mother so much, I don't want her to die yet."

"Really? You want me to meet your mum?" Steph asked, screaming joyfully in her heart

"Yes Baby, so get your things, we are going to meet her. In fact get all your things, you might be spending some days with her, will that be a problem?"

"Not at all, Baby, I am even glad you are giving me the opportunity to meet and spend sometime with your mother"

"Yes Baby... So be fast, before it's too late"

"What is still keeping them now? Tolu be fast naa" Gilbert said in his heart, looking tensed, looking at the entrance, listening to know if his brother had reached.

When Steph and Tolu stepped out, Gilbert secretly handed him his own car key: "Tolu, you know you can't use my brother's car now? So you will have to use mine. You can park it at your house, I will come and get it later"

"I know, and thanks man. Sorry for the inconveniences" Tolu said

"No problem, just go already"

And Tolu left, he then went to where Steph was standing, waiting for him.

"Why is she not entering her own car? I think I will have to make her to" Tolu said to himself and then said: "Baby, I think it will be wise for you to drive your own car, because we don't know how things will turn out. Who knows, I might request you to bring my sister here to stay with you, so that she won't feel lonely sleeping all by herself at home. And I won't be using my Jeep, because of some reasons, I will be using my small car"

"Alright baby, I think it's a nice idea" Steph agreed, entering the car, her friend, Floxy lent to her.

Immediately they left, Gilbert heaved a sigh of relief and rushed to his brother's room and began tidying it up.
He was still in the process when his brother arrived.
"Oh no! He is here!! And I am not yet through. I think I will allow them to continue blowing the horn at the gate while I continue dressing the room. I can't allow him to meet this place like this. If he ask me what kept me so long, I will tell him that I fell back to sleep after he we finished speaking on the phone"

Tolu who was driving through an unknown place quietly pulled over, making Steph to stop as well. He then alighted from the car and went to Steph.
She then wound down and asked him what happened, why he stopped.

"Baby, I am not happy at all. I am not just happy." He said, faking to be extremely sad

"What happened? Please don't tell me that your mother is dead?"

"No she is not dead, but someone else has taken her to the hospital. She waited for me but I was no where to be found"

"That's sad, but why stopping? Let's rush to the hospital then."

"You don't understand, Baby. My mother is a very domineering woman. I don't want her to see you as a bad person, as somebody who will snatch her son from her"

"I don't understand" Steph said, looking confused

"You see, if we go to the hospital together, she will think that you were the one who prevented me from arriving home the moment I was called. She will think that you stopped me from taking her to the hospital, and base on that, she will start nurturing the notion that once I get married to you, she won't be seeing me again, that I will place all my concentration on you and forgetting her entirely. And because of that, she will start creating an obstacle to our marriage, I want our marriage to be as successful as ever without any heat issues"

"Hmm, some mothers are just like that. You have a point, Baby. Which means, I should go back to the house then?"

"This girl, you are not even getting it. How do I make her return to her own house without squeezing a brow? OK, I know what to say" he said to himself and then spoke up: "Baby, I think it will be best you go to your own house, because I don't know when I will be returning home providing the nature of my mother's sickness. Please, I am sorry that things are going this way, forgive me love. Don't worry, I will make it up to you, OK." Tolu said, petting her so lovingly.
And Steph believed him completely.
After much talks, Tolu drove off to his own house.
While on steering, he remembered how Stephanie's face glittered the moment he mentioned "marriage".
He then laughed out and said: "Tolu, you just won yourself a jackpot. This babe is so desperate as ever. Oh my world! She fell for me completely. Tolu, you are too much joor."

Steph was rejoicing in her heart that Tolu had declared his intentions of marrying her.
"Oh Lord, I am so happy for finally blessing me with a rich guy. He is not only handsome, he is also rich. And on top of that, he is hitting on marriage with me. Oh, I am so happy. So so so happy. I can't wait to gist Floxy. I think I will have to call her now to inform her that I am returning to the house." She said, and then parked. And began searching for her phone.
"My phone, where is it?.... Does it mean it's not here?...... It's like I forgot it at my baby's place. Let me search for it well." She said and continued searching for it.
After a thorough search, she then decided to return to Gilbert's house to get it.
She was going there thinking that, it was Tolu's house, but not knowing that the house belonged to someone else.

What do you think will happen next?

To be continued.....

"Slay King Meet Slay Queen" by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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