Mama Why? Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"This girl is not only smart, she is also a good cook. And if I allow my son to eat her food, that will mean loosing him forever. Yesterday night was a tip example, he walked out not minding how I would react. Okwuchi, you have to soil this stew.. And where is she sef?" She asked, checking through the corridor to know where Ogechi was, but didn't find her. She then went to the bathroom stand and noticed that she was bathing..

"She is bathing... Very good, let me use this opportunity to put something into the stew" she then brought out grinded potash, mixed it with a little water so that it will be smooth, and then poured some quantity and stirred it carefully: "I don't think this will be enough, let me add more salt" She said and then poured salt
After pouring them, she carefully stirred the stew so that it will blend very well.
She then sneaked back to her room waiting for when her son will be served with the food.

"Ogechi, let me see how you will succeed in taking my only source of happiness from me. But come to think of it, this girl is becoming something I never expected. Did I made a mistake by asking my only child to marry her? This is not something I bargained for, seriously, it's not. She can never take my place in my son's life, not when I'm alive"

Ogechi who was busy taking her bath was not even aware of what was happening. Ndubuisi was still lazying on the bed. He was awake but couldn't wake up because he was weak.

"Finally, its over. This wedding, the preparation and all that really stressed me out but I thank God that it was a success. And Ogechi, I think she will make a good wife for me. I had an immense peace sleeping beside her last night. Thank you Lord that I listened to my mother regarding marrying her. It's always good to listen to our parents, they are epitome of wisdom. She sure made a nice choice for me" he said and began reminiscing the lovely moment he spent with Ogechi the previous night
And just then, Ogechi entered the room, and saw him smiling to himself...
"Nkem" (Mine) she called in a sweet tone and Ndubuisi turned and saw a beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.
The charming fragrance from the soap she bathed with scratched his nostrils. He then raised his head and saw her long legs which were graced with her wet hairs sleeping calmly on them.
"Ndubuisi, your wife is beautiful." He said in his heart

Ogechi who noticed how lost he looked went closer and asked him what was happening to him, if he was alright. And he said: "Come closer baby"

And Ogechi heeded, as he drew her down to the bed.
"Do you know you are beautiful? I'm just discovering your beauty for the first time"

And Ogechi smiled shyly, hiding her face. And Ndubuisi romantically drew her face to his side and then planted a kiss on her lips, and the next, the husband and wife ended up making love. Ndubuisi was seeing more reasons to love her the more.

50 minutes after Okwuchi sabotaged Ogechi's food, she got tired of waiting to hear when Ndubuisi will begin shouting at her over the food, because she knew that her son doesn't joke with food

"What are they still doing in that room? Ogechi, you think you are smart, don't worry, you will see a bit of my son's anger this morning, and after that, you will know where you belong. You will know your place in this house. Stupid girl! And by the way, my son should be awake by now and he has not taken his breakfast. And what is Ogechi doing with him inside there? I should call her to give him his breakfast. I can't wait to see how he will react after eating the food...." she chuckled and then headed to her son's room. When she got there, she wanted to badge in like she used to do before, but she forgot that things were no longer the way they used to be.
The door was locked from inside.

"Ogechi now owns my son.... The door is locked, which means I no longer have free access to my son's life" She lamented and then knocked: "My son, are you there?"

"Mama is knocking on the door" Ogechi said in a low tone, trying to get up.
And Ndubuisi held her :"No Baby, I still need you in my arms. You really need to rest, we have stressed ourselves enough preparing for the wedding, you need to rest, OK... So come here, I still need you" he said smiling so lovingly, drawing her back to his arms

"But Mama, she might get angry"

"Don't worry I will take care of that" he said and then called out for his mother: "Mama, Good Morning!" He greeted

"Good morning my son, how was your night?"

"It was splendid Mama,it was all thanks to my beautiful wife.. I slept like a baby"

"Hmm, see how happy he is sounding, just in one night? Ogechi is snatching him already. This is getting more serious on every minute, I never saw this coming." She quickly said in her heart.

"But my son, won't you eat? And why did you allowed Ogechi to remain in that room with you? She is supposed to be doing the house chores by now, you know that, soon guests will start arriving" She said in an angry tone.

"Mama, she needs to rest and I also need to rest, and you too, as well needs to rest. She has already prepared something this morning. You can go to the kitchen and serve yourself if you are hungry..... I'm still enjoying my new wife"

Ndubuisi who was busy showing how appreciative he was over his wife, making his mother to understand that he was pleased she found somebody like Ogechi for him but little did he knew that his mother was no longer seeing things from the same direction.

"There is no point talking to them, I better go back to my room" she said and then returned to her room, sat on her bed, burning out in anger.

105 minutes later, Ogechi suggested to Ndubuisi to go and take his bath, that guests will start arriving their house soon.
"And you know you have not taken breakfast, should I make tea and bread for you?"

"Hmmm, no. You said you prepared Rice and stew right?"


"I think I will do with that one. The weather is hot now, I can't take tea" Ndubuisi said

"OK my husband" she said, leaving the room.

When Okwuchi heard the sound of the door opening, she came out to see who it was.

"Finally, you came out, I thought you will die in that room and never come out again"

"God forbid! Mama, what are you saying to me?"

"Come on shut up your mouth there.... Go and give my son something to eat" she ordered

"OK, Mama" Ogechi said, running to the kitchen.
She then entered her room, listening to hear when her son will shout at Ogechi over the food.

And unsuspecting Ogechi quietly dished out some food and took to her husband.
She knew that her mother in-law was something else but not knowing that she could go to the extreme.

To be continued..

How do you think Ndubuisi will react after eating the food?"

The writer of Mama Why is Authoress Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the writer.


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