Mama Why? Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Ogechi stood quiet, expressing her face in a meekly manner.
Okwuchi continued raking, that she lied and got herself into the life of her son

"Oh Lord, you promised me that I will enjoy my marriage, so this issue that I'm facing now won't be enough reason to start getting shivers because I know that you are with me. I don't know why Mama is doing this, but I won't allow her actions to ruin my marriage, I have to ameliorate my husband's anger and receive his forgiveness." She thought in her heart and then left herself on the floor and began crying.
"My husband, I am sorry for haven fed with lies that I attended higher institution. I never hate education, just that I was so unfortunate not to attend one. My father was on the negative belief that training female children in the university is a waste of time, and because of that, I was denied the benefit of furthering my education. My husband, you are learned and I believe you are endowed with wisdom that no time is too late for acquiring education, therefore, I am telling you now that returning to school will be the most happiest thing to happen to me on earth. I will never ask for anything in life but only for you to send me back to school. I am willing to learn." She said and continued pleading.
Ogechi was a calm girl who was full of wisdom. Okwuchi accused her of lying to her son, but she did not raise tantrums. And in her statement, she neither denied nor accepted the fact, she reacted in that calm manner only for peace to reign.

Ndubuisi was touched, watching his wife on the floor, crying, pleading to return to school.
"Well, it wasn't her entire fault. And since she requesting to return to school, no problem. I am willing to train her" he said in his heart and then asked her to stand up

"You can stand up now... It's a good thing you have interest in education. So I'm assuring you now that you will return to school. I am willing to train you to any level you want in education. OK" he said, looking cheerful

And Ogechi jumped up in joy, thanking him. She hugged him for promising to give her a good future.

Her happiness made Ndubuisi laughed out.
And he said: "Its OK my dear, you are my wife now, I have to give you the best"

Okwuchi was shocked watching the whole thing.
Her son who was extremely angry became happy all of a sudden.
"Okwuchi, I think you are going to be in deep trouble. I know my son and how furious he used to be when angry, but Ogechi controlled him just like a remote. Huh! And on top of that, he promised to send her back to school... No, I can't allow this girl to snatch my son from me. Can you imagine? Just like that, he is happy again? And sending her back to school will make her become wiser and she won't be that naive Ogechi again. The main reason I chose her for my son was because she is not educated. She doesn't know her left from her right, and her actions now has proven otherwise. No, Okwuchi you have to do something, Ogechi only came here to give me grand children and not to snatch my only son from me. Ndubuisi is the only thing I have in this world and no woman and not even his wife will take him away from me" Okwuchi said in her heart, going inside.
While entering the room, she turned watching her son and how happy he looked chatting with his new wife.

Few minutes later, Ndubuisi turned and noticed that his mother was no longer there.
"Oh oh! Where is Mama, I thought she was here here" he said

"Maybe she has gone inside" Ogechi replied

"OK, let me tell her the new decision we just reached. I will be back. You can enter the room now, I will meet you later"

"OK my husband" Ogechi said, smiling shyly, infecting Ndubuisi with the smiles and he released a faint smile and went to his mother's room.

While he left, Ogechi said to herself: "Mama, I think you will be a problem for me in this marriage, but all I know is that, my God, the one who I pray to every morning and night will never allow me to be put to shame. Let me just go inside and think on how to make my handsome husband happy this night" she said, going into the room

Ndubuisi had gone into his mother's room and began telling her about his plans of sending Ogechi back to school, while he was still speaking, he noticed that his mother was not looking happy.

"Mama, you are not even listening to me? And why the sad look on your face?"

"Ndubuisi my son, why did you arrive at that decision without first discussing it with me, your mother?" She asked

"But I'm telling you now"

"After you have concluded on sending her back to school?"

"Mama, your son just got married today, you shouldn't be angry for any reason. Today is a happy day in our family. OK, I'm sorry for not telling you before agreeing to send her to school..... Mama, I have something to say...."

"And what is that?" She asked

"You are so right. I think Ogechi is the perfect girl for me. She is so calm and lovely and also willing to go back to school. I think I am loving her already"

His words were beginning to irk Okwuchi and she then cut in: "Ndubuisi, you won't send her back to school. Did you hear me? I said you won't send her back to school"

On noticing that his mother was not in good mood, he then decided to let her be.
"Mama, you know what? We will continue this discussion tomorrow, I have seen you are in a very bad mood, my wife needs me now. So Mama, goodnight. Tomorrow we will continue from where we stopped" he said and then left the room
Shocked Okwuchi couldn't even believe what happened.
"What? My son walked out when we are not yet done with our discussion? I think I'm finished. I am in deep trouble. What just happened? He said that his wife needs him?" Okwuchi continued burning in anger

The next morning, when she woke up, she noticed that Ogechi had already woken up and was preparing food which they will use to entertain the guests that will be arriving their house that very day.

"Hmm, this girl is claiming to be a good girl. She has already swept the compound and cooking without the help of anybody. And what is she cooking? I pray she doesn't know how to cook, because I should remain the only best cook in my son's life" she said and then went closer to taste the food.
"Huh! What did she add in this stew? Never! I will never allow my son to eat this food like this, never!"

To be continued

Mama Why" was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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