Mama Why? - Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Story Story? Let me hear your response "Story".... This is another interesting story you won't love to miss, and I must warn you, it's suspense filled.

"Grin grin" phone rings

"Who could be calling me by this time?" Mrs Okwuchi asked, checking the time and found out that it was about 11:35pm.
She then sleepily picked her phone without checking who it was.

"Hello" she greeted in a weak voice

"Hello Mama, it's me, Ndubuisi, your son"

"Ndu my son, is that you?" She cheerfully asked, as the voice of her son quickly cleared off sleep from her eyes.
"Yes Mama, I know you must be wondering who could be calling you by this time of the night, because I know you are already in bed."

"Yes my son, I wondered because nobody has ever called me by this time. But hope there is no problem?"

"Hmm, not really mother, but I'm calling to tell you that I will be coming to the village tomorrow evening, there is something I would like to discuss with you. I was thinking about it and just came to the conclusion now, so sorry that I'm giving you the information very late." Ndubuisi said

"And what is that my son, can you give me a hint now?"

"Not on phone mother, it will be better when I come tomorrow"

"No my son, I demand you tell me now, just tell me already, I can't wait till you come tomorrow"

"Mama, you hav not drop this your domineering attitude. I never wanted to tell you that I'm coming, because I know you will become too inquisitive to knowing my reasons for coming"

"Ndu my son, tell me why you are coming, what is it that you want to discuss with me?" Okwuchi insisted on Ndubuisi telling him the reason he wanted to return to the village.

"Fine Mama, I will tell you. I am planning on getting married, so I'm coming home for us to have a proper discussion." Ndubuisi said

"Are you serious my son, for real?" Happy Okwuchi asked

"Yes mother" Ndu replied, but feeling bit a angry that his mother always had things her way. She never agreed to anything anybody said, except her own wills. And this was a great concern to Ndubuisi. And because of his mother's domineering nature, he spent years searching for a woman who will be able to endure his mother. A wife who will be able to tolerate her. A wife who will understand her harsh nature like he, Ndubuisi does. But seemed, it was only a waste of his precious times because his mother never gave her consent to marrying any woman he found for himself.

"Ndu my son, I have a beautiful girl you will marry. A girl that will make you happy and give you beautiful children. A girl that will honour and respect you for the rest of your life" Okwuchi said

"Mama, you don't have to worry about any of that, I already found one. She is humble and from a well responsible home and also, well educated. She will love you as her own mother and understand your temperament. Don't worry mother, you and her will get along well" Ndubuisi said

"Ndu my son, you are not getting me, do you? I'm telling you what will benefit you and you are telling me about a strange girl. I will not accept any woman you bring here, do you get me? Have you forgotten that I'm your mother, I carried you in my womb for 9 months, so I know what's good and what's not good for you. Marriage is a life time relationship, and one needs to enter it with a woman who will be able to love him and his family. My son, I don't want a daughter in-law who will disrespect me. I want the one who will love and honour me, the one that will not snatch you away from me. You are my son, my only child, so I won't allow any woman to take you away from me. And I also want your wife to live in this village with me. Hope, you understand the area I'm coming from, my son?" She asked

Her demands quickly weakened Ndubuisi, he then lost his voice, and began speaking in his heart.
"Lord, why did you gave me this type of a woman as my mother? And on top of that, I can't see her angry or upset, she suffered to make me who I am today, so in return to appreciating her for all her sacrifices, I am bound to respect every of her wishes. Now, my marriage won't be base on love if I'm to decide to marry this girl she said she chose for me. I wish she can be more calming and understanding like other mothers that I know. And if I decide to disrespect her and marry any girl of my choice, she won't
stop until she destabilize my marriage plans, or even create constant problem in my marriage. I better do what she says, because no girl will want to live in the village with her. So I'm believing that this girl she said she know will want to obey every of her words, so in that manner, peace will reign, I just hope the hope is good and educated, atleast"

While he was still in deep thought, his mother who was "helloing" over the phone decided to hang up, since he was no longer responding.

"He suddenly kept mute? I'm sure he is not going to disobey my wish and bring in another girl here. That will never happen. Tomorrow, I will meet Ogechi's mother, and tell her to get ready, that my son will be coming to marry her daughter." She said and then went back to sleep.

The next day, she went to her best friend's place, Nkechi to share the good news with her.

"You mean your son agrees to marry the woman you chose for her?" Nkechi asked

"Technically, he hasn't agreed, but I'm sure he will. I must make sure he obeys my wish. Ogechi is the kind of girl I want for him. She will obey my every order without raising any question, not like all these wild and irresponsible girls who are exposed to life"

"But Okwuchi, do you think your son will agree to marry her? You know, she is not educated like him. She only ended up in elementary 4. The educational gap is too much and your son is a full university graduate. So think about this very carefully"

"Nkechi, what are you even telling me? Have you forgotten that when ever I make any decision, it's always final?" Okwuchi asked

"Yes I know, but it concerns the life of your son, don't you think you are been too domineering over him?"

"Nkechi, it seems we are done discussing this... Let's change topic, please"

"Hmm, OK...but think about it oo" Nkechi said

"Please, hope tomorrow is Afor?" (Afor, one of the four market days in Igbo Land - Orie, Afor, Nkwo, Eke) Okwuchi asked


"Do you have any product to sell?" She asked as they continued talking about their commercial life

Okwuchi later went to Ogechi's family to break the news to them.
When Ogechi's mother asked him if her son had agreed, she happily said "yes".

"Oh my God! This is good news. You mean he agreed after you told him that my daughter is not even educated?"
"Yes, why won't he? He is my son. He listens to everything I tell him, so that's why I chose your daughter for him, somebody who will also listen, honour and obey me like my son does"

"Mama Ndu, you don't have to worry about anything, my daughter Ogechi is a well respectful girl, she will not have any reason to disobey you."

"Good" Okwuchi said, nodding her head in acceptance.
She told Ogechi's family that she and her son, along with their kinsmen will be coming to meet them soon. He reached this decision without first, hearing his son's opinion.

To be continued..

This is another Ngozi Lovelyn's story

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