Just a Tear: Episode 39 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Kanayo, this time around, I will show you pepper. Useless man like you" Osonye was busy beefing Kanayo as Cecilia stood watching her in disgust, shaking her head.

"I have never seen someone so selfish like her. A man who forgave all you you did to him and his family, a man who is willing to render any help possible, and you still have the heart to hurt him again? Worthless human being like you. Anyway I don't care, your selfishness made my revenge so easier. I will make sure you die in penury" Cecilia said in her heart.

Days later, Ifeoma stormed Nigeria and the reunion with her son was filled will beams which sparkled the whole city.
"You promised me that you will return, and here you are, I can't believe this is you. You have grown so big." Ifeoma said, hugging her son so tightly. They were allowed to have their moment. After having some chat, Ekene said:"Mummy, Dad has a confession to make, but I would love you to forgive him, OK?"

"Confession, what confession?" Ifeoma asked.

"You will hear it from him" Ekene replied

Few minutes later, Kanayo came and knelt in front of her, in a moody mood.

"Kanayo, please stand up, I am not God, you shouldn't kneel down for me" Ifeoma demanded

"No Ifeoma, just allow me, I will feel better this way, and I deserve anything that will come my way after this confession"

"But I insist" Ifeoma said

"Ify, please allow me" Kanayo said and then began with his confession.

After pouring out the things he needed to say, Ifeoma was dumbfounded and shocked, she forcefully left her self on the sofa.
After regaining herself from the shock, she said:
"Kanayo, I was busy hating on Osonye that she was the one who brought about my misfortune, but I never knew you were the one. Impregnating me wasn't enough for you, you went ahead to destroy my reputation? Kanayo, did you know I lost everything I laboured to build then? I also lost my job, I was labelled a witch and was almost killed by angry mob, Kanayo why? I almost committed suicide, Kanayo. Must you go that far? You should have went ahead with your Osonye, I wouldn't have stopped you. There was never a time I was a trouble maker. Why? Why? Why?" Ifeoma asked crying as her painful memories were triggered off.

"Ify, I never knew you were such a peaceful person, that is why I will never stop regretting my past actions. I was entangled by Osonye's personality and disregarded the diamond you are. Ify, you have a beautiful life and family now. The Almighty God never allowed you to remain in shame. He came and restored your happiness. Reason was because, you deserved it. Good people always meet good things in their lives, but look at me, I am left with nothing. Thank God for the wonderful blessing you gave me in the form of Ekene, and that is why I will never stop being grateful. Ify, please find it in your heart to forgive me, I wronged you in the most despicable way ever." Kanayo pleaded crying.

"Mother, he has suffered enough and God has already forgiven him. So forgive him mother, please forgive him." Ekene pleaded on behalf of his father.

And later Ifeoma forgave him.
In other to make up for his mistakes, Kanayo stormed his social media and shared the story, tagging so many people as he could, and also used the platform to ask Ifeoma to forgive him. People were stunned and it later went viral and got to the knowledge of Ifeoma's former employers. They felt bad on how they dismissed her from work without giving her a fair hearing. They invited her and requested her to forgive them. She was also compensated dearly.

Kanayo later took Ekene and Nneoma to meet Etiele, Nneoma's mother. On reaching there, he felt bad on how his son was made to live in such tattered and unsecured house.
He also appreciated Etiele for training up Ekene with the fear of God. He later blessed Etiele, erected a mansion for her, bought her a Jeep and also gave her 7 million to start up a business. He made Etiele a rich business woman in her community.
The villagers were astonished, but they were not so surprised because they knew that Ekene would one day wipe away her pains and sufferings. She couldn't stop appreciating Kanayo for turning her life around for the good.

Ekene said he wanted to work in the house of God, and his father registered him in a missionary school. Kanayo took it upon himself to train Nneoma, and he later sent her abroad for her Masters.

Cecilia came and and told Osonye that the native Doctor ran away with the money, that she couldn't find him.

"Are you serious? And the whole money is gone, just like that? This is very bad" Osonye said

"This is really bad. And I heard Ifeoma is in the country, if you see the mighty party Kanayo is planning for his family's reunion eeh, you will just kill yourself" Cecilia said eyeing Osonye to see her reaction.

And this irked Osonye bitterly, and she fumed: "Kanayo, I can't stand to see you happy. You all need to die, Kanayo, you and your son need to die. Cecilia, I need to do it physically this time around"

"How?" Cecilia asked

"We need to assassinate them. Higher a killer to eliminate them, do you know anybody who can professionally carry out this task?" Osonye asked

"Off course I do, but the money, you know you don't have much in your account right now" Cecilia said

"I don't mind using my last card" Osonye said.

And Cecilia was laughing in her heart watching Osonye's stupidity.

As soon as the money entered Cecilia's hand, she waited for when her sickness would return because the native doctor told her that the sickness will only disappear and reappear in the next 4 days.
On the fourth day, Osonye's sickness resurfaced again, and this time it was more serious than it was before.

"Cecilia, what is happening to me? Its like the sickness has returned again" Osonye worried, scratching her body, as her leg started getting bigger: Cecilia! Cecilia!! Call the native doctor, call him or take me to his place. Look at my body."

"Which doctor again? Is it the one who ran away with the money? He is no where to be found Osonye. And its like this is where I will be saying goodbye. Osonye, you see, when Nonye told me about you, Kanayo, and Ekene and the things the wise queen said about him, I warned her to remove her hand from anything that concerns you, because I knew that trying to hurt people like Ekene means fighting God himself, but she didn't listen. And now where is she, she is below 6fit, after spending huge sums of money for her treatment. Hope she told you that I already made arrangement to transfer her to India for a cure, but all that money was a waste. But thanks to you Osonye, I have recovered some of the money. Osonye, in few days time, you will be a dead person, with nobody to stand and watch you die. You have a daughter, right? But you did not go for her, because you were filled with greed, squandering Kanayo's money. You killed my sister where she was trying to help you after turning down my series of warning. And now, you are a dead meat too. When you get there, tell her that I missed her, but her death would have been averted if she had listened to me" Cecilia said, hissed loudly and left.

Osonye stood shocked, dumbfounded and disappointed watching her leave. The whole world came crumbling to her face. She was left all alone at the lonely place Cecilia kept her for recovery. She blurted out a loud wailed. And stormed on the ground. Within some minutes, she lost her sight.
She couldn't move nor speak. She was in severe pains. 4 days later, she died. Nobody could give account of what happened to her. Osonye died and nobody buried her. What a painful death. In the world of the living, she was not loved.

Kanayo searched Osonye for years for the divorce, but he couldn't find her, so he concluded she had died.

Years later. Ekene became an Anglican Reverend and later got married to Nneoma.
And his powers were known, heard and felt from different parts of the world. He was a special person created by God to deliver his people from bondages.

Kanayo honoured his promise of not marrying again. He derived his joy from his son's successes.

Ifeoma's marriage was blessed with 4 children and they took Ekene as their elder brother.
Ifeoma's family and Kanayo's became one happy family friends.

Ekene and Nneoma's marriage was blessed with five kids, 3 girls and 2 boys.
This is life for us. We shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Kanayo only knew Ifeoma for 2 months and concluded she was bad. They were only communicating through phone while he was in China, he never had any quality time with her to know the kind of person she was, and he concluded hastily that Osonye was better and that was what brought about his mayhem.
Marriage is a sacred Union instituted by God. Before we delve in, seeking for his guidance and direction can go a long way in saving us from the problems associated with it.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is where we call it "THE END"

The Author of JUST a TEAR is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be used, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without the clear permission from the author

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