Just a Tear: Episode 38 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Please Cecilia, can you take me to the Wise Queen's place, who knows she might have the cure to my strange sickness. You know I forced Nonye to visit the Wise Queen for a cure, but her stubbornness stood in the way. But as for me, I will put on a fight, because, I don't want to die yet." Osonye pleaded
"OK, that means we will request a permission from the hospital's management before taking you away." Cecilia said and went out to make the arrangement.
When she explained her reasons of taking Osonye to try out traditional medicine, the Doctor handling her case accepted after asking Osonye if that was what she wanted.

They also informed Kanayo who brought her to the hospital and he said "no problem". He also called Osonye, reminding her of the needs to sign the divorce papers whenever it was ready. That he will bring it to her wherever she was. He also urged her not to hesitate to call him in case she needed anything.

"What is wrong with that Kanayo? He doesn't have a human heart or what? He saw your condition, instead of showing some sympathy, he is much interested in the divorce. What nonsense!" Cecilia irked

Osonye never saw anything bad in what Kanayo said. Infact, she had already accepted her fate, and was willing to sign the divorce papers whenever Kanayo brought it, but Cecilia triggered off the wicked tendency in her by making such statement.

Cecilia continued: "Osonye, you really need to fight this sickness and get back at Kanayo, he can't just throw you away from his life just like that. After all, he was the one who started the whole thing. He got Ifeoma pregnant and left her to marry you. Had it been he never impregnated Ifeoma, this evil child called Ekene wouldn't have appeared in the picture. He came and took everything away from you, and here you are suffering in pains, all alone. So Osonye, I want you to fight this sickness and have your revenge on them one after the other"

"Oh Cecilia, this is the most reason it pained me so much on why your sister had to die at the time I needed her the most. If she was to be alive, things wouldn't have turned bad they way they did. Imagine Kanayo, Austin and that evil child making a mockery of my sickness. Cecilia, thank God you returned to the country, atleast I now have a friend I can confide in."

"Yes Osonye, I am here for you. We can play this game together, OK. They will surely pay for whatever they did to you. But first of all, let me call the wise Queen and inform her about your condition so that she will get things ready before our arrival." Cecilia said

Osonye then said "OK"

Cecilia went outside and made a call. When she returned, she told Osonye that the Wise Queen understood what she was going through, but she would need Five Hundred thousand naira for her treatment.

"Five Hundred thousand? Isn't that too much?" Osonye asked

"That is what she said, maybe its because of the nature of the sickness. Anyway, if you don't have the money, we can forget about it and look for some other alternative"

"No, the money is not the problem, just that she hasn't collected huge sum of money from me before. But if she said so, no problem, because I trust her, all the things she prophesied came to reality. But there is a little problem?"

"What problem?" Cecilia asked

"She warned me not to show my face at her place again."

"Osonye, you don't have to worry about anything. I told her I am the one bringing you and she said OK"

"OK dear, thank you so much, you are just a God sent, I don't know what I would have done without you. My hope of living again has been restored. And this time around, Kanayo and his family must pay for humiliating me the way they did, I will never left any stone unturned this time."

And later, the money was arranged and was paid into the requested account. The next day, Cecilia took Osonye to the Wise Queen's place and they found the place locked.

"Why is the place locked? Osonye, let me get down from the car and asked why she isn't here" Cecilia said

And when she went down, she approached a woman who told her that the woman was dead. She returned to the car and informed her about it.

"Osonye, there is a huge problem o, the Wise Queen is dead! She died in her sleep last night" Cecilia explained

Osonye became sad and said: "My only hope of survival is gone"

"Who told you that? You know you were the one who suggested to be taken to the Wise Queen's place, the man I wanted you to meet was this powerful native doctor.
That was the place I wanted to take my sister, but before I returned, she was already dead. I had already told the man about you, so he said that 1million naira would be enough for all the items he would use for the cleansing and all that." Cecilia explained

"You mean 1million naira? That's a whole lot of money." Osonye said

"Osonye, can't you see you are dying. Are you worrying about the money or your health? The most important thing is for you to get better first, Kanayo will surely vomit the money with his mouth." Cecilia said convincing Osonye.

"Yes Cecilia, you are absolutely right! So when do we meet the man, then?"  Osonye asked

"Whenever you are ready"

"I think I am ready now, I can't wait to leave from this sickness" Osonye replied

And she took her to the native doctor. After all the incantations and other things, he gave her something she will be rubbing on the affected area every day.
And Osonye became hopeful again.

Meanwhile, Kanayo was so nervous to meet Ifeoma because he had a confession to make to her.

"Austin and Ekene, I too have a confession to make. In few days time, I will be standing face to face with Ifeoma and confess that I was the one who framed her up 13 years ago.
I was the one who paid those guys to insert that charm inside her hand bag in a bid to severe her relationship with Osonye, so that approaching Osonye won't be so difficult for me. But things turned out the way I never expected.
Osonye became angry and was ready to watch her die, so I ordered the guys to rescue her before the angry mob destroy her completely.
I just hope she will forgive me, but one thing I am promising God is this, I will never get married again. I will live to serve him for the remaining days of my life, I know with this, my sins will be forgiven, so that, at the last day, I will find a place in his Kingdom."

"Kanayo, you mean?............ Austin became angry with Kanayo

And Ekene interrupted him and said: Uncle Austin, no need for blames anymore, he has realized his mistakes, likewise Osonye, I just pray Osonye recovers and give her life to Christ like my father has just did. So no more blames Uncle, if there is no sin, there won't be any room for forgiveness" he said holding Austin.

Austin then looked at Ekene and said: "I am far older than you, but I must say, I admire your wisdom a lot. Thank you for opening my eyes to see this."

Ekene smiled and said: "You are welcome Uncle but I also admire your bold nature"

The trio burst out in laughter.

3 days before, Austin called Ifeoma on phone and requested her to guess why he was calling her.

"Austin, you know I am not good in guessing, please tell me already" Ifeoma replied

"I am with Kanayo here?" Austin said

"Kanayo? Ow, OK, how is he?" Ifeoma asked feeling disappointed, she expected to hear something more interesting, since he began by asking her to guess.

"I am also with a beautiful girl called Nneoma" Austin said

"Austin, guess you are looking for someone to play with, right? OK, so who is Nneoma? Don't tell me you are planning on marrying another girl, I will tell your wife not to agree to that idea." Ifeoma replied smiling.

"I am also with another person you would be so interested to know and eager to hear his voice"

And Ifeoma's mind strike to where her son was: "Ekene? Have you found Ekene, Austin, is that Ekene?"

Austin was dumbfounded as goosebumps rained all over him, he said in his heart: "The heart of a mother and her son beat together"

And he gave Ekene the phone to speak to his mother

"Mother, mother where are you? I want to see you, I want you to embrace me, mother" Ekene requested as everybody in the room were left in in sheer tear on how he missed his mother.
Osonye deprived the child the right to grow with his biological mother who never stopped missing and hoping on finding him.

"Ekene, my son. My Ekene, is that your voice? You finally came to me? You finally fulfilled your promise? My son, do you know what, I am returning to Nigeria right away. My Love, I have missed you so much. I promised you, I will never let anybody take you away from me again." Ifeoma was left in tears of Joy, she couldn't believe she heard the voice of her loving son.
Austin later narrated everything that happened, how Osonye caused everything. And Ifeoma set out her travel procedures of returning to meet her long lost son, Ekene.


Cecilia approached Osonye and informed her of the need to hypnotize Kanayo again so that he will fall under her control again. Osonye quickly accepted.

"But how are we going to achieve that again, the Wise Queen is no more" Osonye quarried.

"Osonye, it's like you have forgotten the powerful native doctor we met few days ago. Are you not getting better now?" Cecilia asked

"I am getting better oo. I thought I won't survive this sickness"

"So he is the one to help us out in this particular issue. I have already spoke to him, he said that he can do it perfectly, that it will only cost us 2million naira. Osonye I know the price is much, but think about all the benefit you will be able to get if you find your way back to Kanayo again."

"Cecilia, I am not complaining about the money. Please when is he going to do it?"

"Whenever you get the money ready, I will send it to him immediately" Cecilia replied

"Thank you so much my dear Cecilia, I don't know how to thank you enough. You are really, a God sent"
Cecilia nodded smiling and said in her heart "Osonye, you think you are smart, but I will prove to you that you are such a big fool. Hope you and that your stupid Wise Queen killed my sister, Nonye. I will make sure you loose everything. Your account is still fat, right? Dont worry, you will be left with nothing and finally die a painful death. I will make sure I recover all the money I spent in trying to cure my sister who later died.. You greedy idiot" Cecilia irked bitterly in her heart.

To be continued..

The author of JUST a TEAR is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be used, reproduce, or redistribute either electronically or manually without the clear permission from the author.

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