Just a Tear: Episode 37 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Dad, something is smelling here?" Ekene asked wondering where the offensive smell was coming from.

"Yes Kanayo, what is that smell?" Austin asked wondering too

As they were still wondering where the offensive smell was coming from, Osonye who heard their voices called from the room, shouting in pain.
"Kanayo! Kanayo! Is that you? Please I need your help, I am dying?"
On hearing that, they headed to the place the voice was coming from and met Osonye lying on the bed.

"Hmm, what is this horrible odour? Kanayo, I think the smell is coming from this room" Austin said looking disgustingly at Osonye

Immediately Osonye saw Ekene, standing healthy, in full of life, she closed her eyes in shame, crying.

"Kanayo, I don't think I can stand this, please I am going down to the sitting room" Austin said

"Austin wait! Osonye called: " Don't go Austin, I have a confession to make."

"Confession? Osonye, who doesn't know you have a terrible confession to make. You think that after committing all these horrible atrocities, that God who made heaven and earth will allow you to roam the earth free? That the God who created man for a particular purpose will fold his hands and watch you destroy the very purpose he created that person? Osonye, finally, your sins has caught up with you. Hope I told you before that, though it may take long, but it must surely come to pass. Osonye, your day of reckoning has come....."

Osonye, burst into tears: "Kanayo, please forgive me, I don't want to die like my friend, Nonye died. This is exactly how it staeted with her. Please Kanayo, Ekene, Austin, Nneoma find it all in your heart forgive me.." She pleads looking at them as they covered their noses.

And she continued: "It was all my greed that led me into this. I was the lady who on the verge of repenting and turning a new leaf, because I thought all hopes were lost, that no man would be able to say " hi" or ask me "will you marry me again" after the nonchalant life style I lived during my youth days until Kanayo came into my life. Kanayo was a very handsome and successful man who no girl would ever think of rejecting his proposal. In other not to miss the golden opportunity of becoming his wife, I approached my old time friend, Nonye who introduced me to a very deadly woman who ruined my life. She was also the reason Nonye contacted an unknown disease in which no medical lab was able to diagnose. She Instructed me to kill Ekene 13 years ago, when he was still in the womb."

"What?" Kanayo and Austin exclaimed vehemently, looking at each other....
Austin then folded his hands, listening to the interesting story Osonye was recounting, and disregarding the ramshackle odour.

Osonye continued: " She gave us powerful poison to feed Ifeoma, and warned us to carry out the act skillfully that Ifeoma must be killed, so that the baby in her womb will die along with her, that if we fail to succeed, and she gave birth to the baby, that we won't be able to kill him again, she also gave us the expected date of the baby's arrival, but before we knew what was happening, Ifeoma gave birth to Ekene."

"But what was your reason for all that? What crime did the innocent child who was still in his mother's womb committed against you?" Kanayo asked in sheer bewilderment.

"Because, he will be taking everything away from me in the future" Osonye replied

"Oh yes, and that is what just happened. Who God has blessed, no man can curse. The return of Ekene marked the beginning of your downfall. The idea of exposing and snatching everything from you were all from Ekene. Your wise, foolish queen or whatever saw the future, but she couldn't prevent it from happening, do you know why? Because, whatever God has written, always remain permanent, and no power on earth can stop it from coming to reality, though it may take time, but it must surely come to pass. Osonye, you are a failure and you are going down like your friend Nonye.
Austin blurted, hissing angrily.

Osonye pleads: "No Austin, don't say that, I don't want to die yet, I still want to live, I an afraid of dying. Please don't wish me that....Kanayo, please take me to the hospital, I don't want to die now."

"Osonye, Where you the one who kidnapped Ekene?" Kanayo asked

"Yes, I got him kidnapped and handed him over to a poor wretched woman, Etiele who lived in far away Kutango village. I deceived her by telling her that Ekene was my son, that all my family members were all dead, and that I was schooling and working at same time. I pleaded with her to be helping me in taking care of Ekene, until I graduate from school. I also lied to her that I will be coming every week to give her money for the baby's upkeep. So, she gladly accepted.
The reason was to allow Ekene to attain 10 years of age, when we can be able to do anything we want to do with him, since we can't hurt him as a child. But oneday, I decided to stop visiting them for their financial support. Etiele was very poor, their means of survival was very slim.
I expected them to die of starvation, so that my job will be made easier, but that was far from happening. The child found his way into Etiele's heart, and she took him as her own son. They survived so many hardship together and came out strong. I have an informant who kept a close eye on them. When it was finally time to eliminate him, the wise Queen instructed me to also kill Nneoma, that she is the only antidote for Ekene's survival. That the drop of Nneoma's tear will make Ekene whole again, but before I could reach the village, Ekene and Nneoma had already left the poor village to the city. And finally, I succeeded in achieving what I have been striving to fulfil a very long time ago. Until day before yesterday, when a strange illness visited me.. Osonye, I don't want to die, please forgive me and take me to the hospital "

They were all shocked listening to her, gushing out all the atrocities she inflicted on them and at same time, pleading to be taken to the hospital.

"Osonye, upon all the things you committed, you expected me to take you to the hospital? You must be kidding, right? You know what, I am taking you to River Benue to throw you inside. You recounted the ones you did to Ekene and forgot the ones you did to me. Osonye, in my next life, may I not come across your type of person. You are the first daughter of the devil.
Osonye, I am sorry to tell you this. We can't continue having you here, your sickness is getting worse, the odour oozing from your body has confiscated the whole house."

"Yes, please take this evil thing away from here, I can't stand the stench and you better not touch her yourself, just call some people and pay them to carry her away from this house because, the smell will fetid your hands" Austin supported

And Osonye continued begging, crying: "Kanayo, please take me to the hospital? That is all I'm asking for, please take me to the hospital"

"Take you to where? You must be crazy. So after all the atrocities you committed, you are still expecting a favour from me? Osonye, I refused to be played again. The only last favor I will shower on you now is to take you to your village, so that you will die there. I won't allow you to die in this house." Kanayo said, bringing out his house to make arrangement for that and Ekene approached and held him.

"No father, you don't pay evil with evil. Just take her to the hospital." He suggested

And they all looked at Ekene in sheer uncertainties.

"Yes Father, the battle is of the Lord and not us. That we survived her wickedness is not because of our effort, but because God designed it to be that way"

"But my son, how can I help the one person who has been wishing for our destruction right from when you were still in the womb? Hope you heard all the horrible things she vomited with her mouth"

"Yes Father, but just do as I say. With this, we will be on the right side with our Lord. When Jesus Christ was dying, he prayed for the very people who killed him.. Just take her to the hospital, even if she gets healed, she won't harm us anymore, I promise you."

"Kanayo, though we are filled in red rage, forgetting whatever it means to be human because of all the immense wickedness she inflicted on us, but I think your son is right. We can't be like her. We certainly can't be like her because judgement is of the Lord.." Austin advised

Kanayo later understood them and heeded to their advises. An ambulance was called and Osonye was carried to the hospital. The doctors promised to try their best to cure her. But later in the night, Osonye heard a nurse speaking to a fellow nurse over her window, that she was suffering from a strange disease, and curing her will be so difficult except by grace of God. The nurse didn't make the statement for her hearing, she thought she was far away from where her room was.
And that made Osonye to loose complete faith in the medical doctors. She picked her phone and called Nneoma's elder sister, who also knew about their evil dealings though she wasn't in the country when they were committing all those evil acts.
When she reached the hospital, she was shocked to meet Osonye in such state. After explaining everything to her, she said: "Osonye, I promise you, you will get cure. I will take you to the place they will cure you"

To be continued

The author of JUST a TEAR is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be used, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually, without the permission of the author.

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