Just a Tear: Episode 36 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Father" Ekene called as Austin and Kanayo turned in sheer surprised looking at Ekene who suddenly became healed.

And Kanayo rushed and held him: Ekene! Ekene my son! How are you feeling now?" Kanayo asked anxiously

"I am OK father, was I sick before? Oow, my head aches.." Ekene said
"Ekene, you mean you are feeling Ok, now, I mean you are not feeling strange anymore?" Kanayo quarried

"I am OK father, just my head, it aches a lot" Ekene replied

"Oh my Lord, I can't believe this. Austin, I can't believe this. Ekene is well again. This is a miracle! This is a miracle!! Oh my Lord, I can't thank you enough and may this healing be permanent o Lord'' Kanayo prayed, appreciating God

As Austin said "Amen". Nneoma stood rejoicing.

"My son, don't worry, just lie down and relax, I will go and get the Nurse so that she will give you a medicine that will make the pains to go away, OK?" Kanayo said and rushed out to call a nurse.

Austin held him by the hand and said:" I know you will come out of this, because you are such a strong boy. The enemy wanted to hurt you so badly but God has taken control of everything"

"But Uncle, I don't even understand anything, what really, are you saying and what are we doing in the hospital? Why am I .."
"Shhh" Austin interrupted him:"You said your head aches? right?"

"Mmm" Ekene nodded.

"Don't worry, I will tell you all that happened but that will be later, OK. Just get strong first, OK"

"OK,..Uncle." Ekene said and paused for some minutes and then continued: "Hmm Uncle, I think I am ready to see my mother now"

"Ekene, I said you should relax and recover first OK" Austin requested
Ekene said OK and laid down.

52 hours later, Ekene was discharged from the hospital. And when they got home, they were shocked to meet Osonye in a terrible state.

She was crying profusely on how she ruined her life.

The next episode will be coming in the evening.

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