Just a Tear: Episode 33 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Ekene my son! Your hour has come. Get prepared" And he woke up immediately from his siesta, sweating profusely.
And said to himself: "That voice again! And what does it mean I should get prepared that my hour has come?."

He then left the bedroom to the sitting room and saw Nneoma watching Cartoon channel.
"Nneoma, please come, there is something I would like to tell you"

And Nneoma heeded.

"What is it?" Nneoma asked

"Nneoma, I don't know what will happen to me next, I just had a very strange dream and I am also feeling very strange. I have never felt like this before. Nneoma, promise me you will be a good girl. Promise me you won't get anywhere close to Osonye, also promise me you won't collect anything from her, always stay closer to me and my Dad."
"Ekene, are you going somewhere? You are getting me scared. You know you promised to take care of me. I will be scared without you around" Nneoma frightened.

"No, Nneoma, I am not saying that I am going somewhere, and I have not breached my promise of protecting you.. Infact, that is what I'm doing right now."

As they were still discussing, Osonye arrived, fuming in anger as she approached them.

"You little devil, I don't know the planet you came from, but I promise you, you will regret ever stepping your foot into this house, trust me on that. Evil Ekene.. Nonsense" she hissed loudly and walked towards her room.

"Ekene, what happened? Did you do or say anything to her? I have never seen her this angry before"

"Nneoma, don't mind her, let's go to the kitchen and look for something to eat" Ekene requested.

And they headed to the kitchen

"I think I was just being too harsh on the boy.. Hmmmm... Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I should use this perfect opportunity and rub the charm on his head.. Yes......yes this is good, I will act as if I'm asking him for forgiveness for the way I just shouted at him" Osonye said and went to her cupboard where she hid the charm. She rubbed it on her left palm like the wise queen instructed.

"Ekene! Ekene where are you?" Osonye called warmly, searching for Ekene

"Ekene, I think she is calling you, I heard her voice" Nneoma said

"I heard it too.. Let's go and see why she is calling me" Ekene said as they approached her direction.

"Oh here you are. Ekene dear, you see, I am sorry for the way I shouted at you, just that I was very mad at what I encountered at the office today.. Please can you forgive me? Can you?" Osonye said and approached him, ran his head with her left palms three times.

And suddenly, Ekene burst into laughter.....and started acting weird... She turned him into something nobody could explain.
He started shouting uncontrollably and wouldn't shut up.
As the Ekene's drama was still unfolding, Austin and Kanayo stormed in and saw Ekene acting strangely... "Ekene! What is it? What is happening to you?" Kanayo asked.

Nneoma rushed to Austin and held him tightly..
"Uncle, I don't know what is happening to Ekene, I am scared now"

"Don't worry, nothing is wrong with him, he will be fine, OK" Austin replied her.

Ekene slipped from his Dad who was holding him and rushed to the glass table and hit it once and it broke....
Austin and Kanayo rushed him, to know if the glass injured him.

"Austin, I think my son is critically sick.. Please help me and get him to the car so that we can take him to the hospital"

"Huhuhuhuhu!" Osonye smiled out loudly and said: "Kanayo, you were busy planning on how to throw me out of your life but you forgot you still have a weak point... You see, there is no need taking him to the hospital. What he is suffering is something no scientific medicine can cure. Kanayo, the healing of your son lies only in your hand."

"What do you mean by that?" Kanayo asked.
"Kanayo, just revoke all you did with the property. Revoke the ownership and transfer everything back to me as they were before and see your son well again"

"Osonye! If I later find out you had a hand in what is happening to him, I swear, you will have me to deal with, I swear with my own life...that I can assure you" Kanayo threatened

"Kanayo, you have just one choice to make. 'Your Son or your property'. You just have to choose one. But as a sensible man I expect you to be, I know you will choose your son" Osonye said.

"Kanayo, forget that woman, she is only bluffing, let's take Ekene to the hospital first" Austin suggested.

And they took him to the hospital...

To be continued..

How would you want Osonye to be punished for all her evil deeds?

The Author of JUST a TEAR is
Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be used, reproduce or redistribute either electronically or manually without the permission of the author.
Copyright(c) 2017

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