Just a Tear: Episode 32 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The trio gave themselves thumb' up sign after they saw she entered the room to sign the documents.

"Yes, this is perfect. Now let's go back before she decides to read the content" Austin requested as they noisily went back to the room so that she will knew they were coming.

When they reached, Austin pretended to act surprised on who signed it.
"What? Who did this? Ekene, we are finished. I don't know how this signature got here"

"Huhuhuhuhu" Osonye laughed wickedly from the door.

And they all turned to her, looking surprised..
"Austin, what do you think? That you can outsmart me? Tututu....sorry I destroyed your entire plan.."

"But Osonye, why? Why did you do this? The money is meant for Kanayo and not you.." Austin said

"But Kanayo is my husband, and that makes us one.. Kanayo, am I right, we are one, right?" She asked looking at Kanayo
"Yes, we are one. Austin why did you bring me here? I told you to stop coming to my house, but you will not listen. She is my wife and I will do anything to make her happy. Please leave our house now" Kanayo said, giving him sign to leave immediately.

"Kanayo, I am sorry I failed you again." Austin said as he began to leave.

"Hey! hold it there!" Osonye ordered
"How do I get the money? I mean, when will the money reach me? Didn't they request for an account number, where they will deposit the money?"

"That will be after they have finalized everything" Austin replied and started moving fast so that she will not ask her another question because that part did not cross their minds when they were planning.

So Kanayo and Ekene waited for Austin and his lawyer to take up the final stage of transferring everything to Kanayo's name, and till then, Kanayo continued with his childish act.

Later that night, Osonye took the bold step of eliminating Nneoma first before stretching his next step to Ekene.

About 11:1pm, Ekene and Nneoma were sleeping peacefully in their room. And Osonye tiptoed and carried Nneoma to the sitting room. She then woke her up.

"Nneoma wake up, can you hear me? Wake up! She continued tapping her until she became fully awake.

"Aunty" Nneoma called

"Yes, I couldn't sleep so I decided to wake you up so that we can play. Hope you want to play?"

"Yes, I would love to. I like playing a lot" Nneoma said wiping sleep off her eyes

"Yes, that is my girl! So do you have any game in mind?" Osonye asked

"Hmm, no!" Nneoma replied

"OK, do you know how to play " "Whot"?

"Hmm, I think I know how to play it small." Nneoma replied

"OK I will teach you so that you become expert."
Nneoma nodded, smiling.

And she started shuffling the 'whot card'.
After playing twice, she asked her if she would love to drink juice. And she gladly said 'yes'.

Nneoma was happy that Osonye decided to play with her, but she never knew she had an ulterior motive.

Osonye went to the kitchen and poured juice into two glasses and added a poison substance to the one she will be giving to Nneoma.

And she brought it to the sitting room where they were playing the game. She then carried hers and started drinking.

"Nneoma don't!" Ekene shouted at Nneoma who was about to drink the juice.

"Ekene, Aunty was the one who gave me the juice. See we are playing game, come and join us" Unsuspecting Nneoma requested.

"Nneoma, let's go back to the room. I have warned you not to associate with her, but you wouldn't listen. Let's go back to the room now." Ekene demanded

"But Ekene, she is nice. We were just playing 'whot' can't you see? And besides I want to drink juice." Nneoma said

"Nneoma, you want to drink juice? OK, let's go to the fridge and get you one"

"OK then" Nneoma said and started following him

"Hey! Ekene don't cross that fridge side, I am warning you, don't touch my fridge" Osonye warned fuming in anger.

"Osonye, this is my father's house too, I also have a right here..... Nneoma let us go"
And Ekene took Nneoma to the fridge and asked her to pick any juice she want.
He watched her gulped a full glass and they retired to the bed and then he locked the door.

"Nneoma, don't ever eat anything that woman gives you. She is evil and can kill anybody, so you have to be very careful. Remember, I promised mother that I will not allow any harm to come near you. So that is exactly what I am doing. If you want to eat anything, you just let me know, you hear?"

Nneoma then nodded as she laid down and then slept.

Ekene then knelt down and asked God to protect his family from the evil plans of Osonye.

Osonye angrily beat the sofa and said: "How did that evil boy came here? I almost succeeded in my plan and he just ruined it. I really hate that boy. I can't wait to destroy him for good. Stupid thing. But wait a minute! Did he see me spite the juice? No, I don't think so.. Maybe he was just exaggerating... Next time, I will be extra careful."

Few days later, the transfer had been conducted, successfully. Kanayo had assumed full possessions of all his properties.
Osonye was beaten using her own style of game.
She was busy in the office ordering workers around when Kanayo, Austin with 3 gentlemen stormed the office.

"Osonye, my soon to be evil demonic ex-wife, your game is over. Vacate my seat with immediate effect" Kanayo ordered.
As Austin laughed, enjoying the shocking look on her face.
She looked at Kanayo from head to toe wondering what gave him the impetus to make such utterances.
"Oh I see, Austin was the one who brought you here and asked you to say this nonsense, right?..

"Ooofs, not me...I'm innocent" Austin said laughing mockingly.

"Osonye, don't allow me repeat myself again. I want you to vacate this office and also from my life. I don't want to set my eyes on you ever again. You see, I have repented, If not, you would have gotten arrested and spend your life in jail where you belong. But I will be lenient because God used you to make me suffer for my own sins and mistakes. Osonye, I know everything now, how you tied me with an
evil charm and buried it under the flower bed. Thanks to the Angel that came to my home in form of my own son to set me from your clutches. Who knows how my life would have ended if not for him."

"Osonye glared in shock, standing agape.
"Are you surprised? Evil woman" Austin asked laughing.

"You don't know what you are saying... You.....a......r.e ju..uuuuust making this....up...infact you don't know what you are saying and besides, the properties are now mine. You signed everything to me. So Kanayo, even if you had regained your sanity, you are now nothing. You have lost everything. I was even planning to get rid of you, anyway."

Kanayo and Austin laughed out together and Kanayo said: "Osonye madam, I am sorry, you are on the loosing side here. You see, out of your greediness, you willingly released all the wealth to me again. They are now in the hands of the rightful owner. Well, I must say, I'm quite impressed. You really did great for the company... I can't believe my company is the number one leading mobile company in the country. And I promise you, I will continue from where you stopped. Now, we are done here, get out from this place, go home, pack your things and leave my house. I don't want to see you ever again. My lawyer will be getting the divorce papers for you to sign."

Osonye then laughed and said:" Kanayo, you must be joking. I have never released anything to you. You know I can never do that and not even when I'm alive"
Kanayo then narrated how it all happened and also showed her the papers.
She became dumbfounded...

"I am happy watching the surprise look on your face. I am enjoying it, seriously. Osonye, its over now, you get it? It's over. Leave and leave Kanayo and his family alone. You have done enough. And don't try anything funny again or else you will regret it like your friend Nonye did... I never stopped keeping a close eye on you two since the disappearance of Ekene. Hope you know she is dead now? she died few days ago"
Osonye looked at him in shock because she was not even aware that Nonye had died.

"Kanayo, I can't leave this place. I can't leave this place. You can't just throw me out of your life like that..." Osonye became stubborn

And she was forced to leave the building. They threw her out while the workers watched.

Kanayo then sat and started appreciating Austin who stood by him all those years like a blood brother.

Osonye entered her car, fuming bitterly in anger. "What? How can Kanayo humiliate me like this? He think I will give in easily? No way, my name is Osonye, things can always go according to my way and no one else's. Kanayo you think you are smart? Don't worry, you will receive the final blow, and when that happens, you will have no other option than to bend down and lick my toes."
She then called her lawyer and asked him to meet her at Home.

"Kanayo, you know how manipulative Osonye can be, and she is ready to do anything to achieve her aims. I am not comfortable the way you allowed her to go home and pick her things, while you know quite well the children are at home" Austin said

"OMG! The children! That part did not even cross my mind. OMG! Austin"

And the duo entered their cars and spade off.

To be continued

The author of JUST a TEAR is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this book should be used, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without the prior permission of the author.
Copyright (c) 2017.

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