Just a Tear: Episode 31 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I can't believe that I actually did all that! Osonye is the real definition of 'the devil'. How could she be this evil? Where have I gone wrong by marrying her? After all the things I did for her, she never lacked anything. I can't remember hurting her in anyway."

"Kanayo, enough of this, its already in the past now. We need to start making plans on how to make everything aright again. So forget it.." Austin pacified

"You are right Austin, but how are we going to achieve that?" Kanayo asked

"I'm sure we will come up with a plan" Austin said as they kept quiet, thinking of a better idea to make Osonye sign off the things she had in her possessions without even knowing it.

"I think I have an idea" Ekene blurted

"Idea" Austin laughed and said: "Ekene my boy, you are too small for matters like this, OK. This is a matter for grown ups"
"Austin, you are underestimating his abilities. Just allow him to speak his mind, believe me, you will be surprised" Kanayo said

"Really?.. OK dear, go ahead" Austin requested Ekene to speak out his mind

And when Ekene finished sharing his idea, Austin was indeed shocked.

"Oh my world! Ekene! How? I mean, who gave you this idea?" Austin asked

"I don't know, it just came to my mind and I said it" Ekene replied

"You are surprised now, right? I told you you will be" Kanayo said

"Kanayo, I am marveled. Even if they give me a year to come up with a better idea, I swear, this would not in anyway cross my mind. Kanayo, I think this is the perfect way to make Osonye relinquish all your properties to you without even knowing it. Time for her downfall has come. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she realized that she has been played by the same people she spent years playing. Useless woman..........
But to tell you the truth, Kanayo, I am so happy to see you two, I have missed you guys a lot......
 Ekene my boy, you are a genius... Tell me, what would you like to eat? Just tell me anything you want to eat I will tell one of my boys to buy it for you."

Ekene smiled and said: "Hmm, I want to eat "fufu with vegetable soup"

"Is that your favorite?" Austin asked

"Yes, vegetable soup is my favorite. I can eat it for days without getting fed up with it" Ekene replied

Austin and Kanayo burst into laughter hearing Ekene because "vegetable soup" was also, Kanayo's favorite soup.

"Kanayo! You just vomited this boy, no doubt... He has your look, your bold stature, and even your choice of food but I think he will be smarter than you.. He got that from his mother, Ifeoma"

Kanayo laughed and said:" That is the joy of every parents, to see their children grow greater than them"

While they were still waiting for Austin's boy to buy food for Kanayo and Ekene from one of the restaurants near his shop, Austin asked Ekene where he grew up: "Ekene my boy! You know we lost you when you were just 2 years old. I know you won't remember anything of such, but can you tell me where you grew up?"

And Ekene started telling them about Etiele, her daughter, and the village he grew up..

Later in the afternoon.. Osonye was lost on how to execute her plans, but she was so scared of the warnings the wise queen gave her, that any little mistake will ruin her forever.
"Should I take these her words, seriously? And why is she scared of this small boy, Ekene? He looks calm and harmless, I can even suffocate him with a pillow while he sleeps... Oh Nonye! When are you going to recover from that your dreaded sickness? Let me call her to know how she is doing?"

"Hello!" Osonye called and Nonye's younger sister, Emerie answered.

"Hello, Nonye how are you?" Osonye asked

"Erm, sorry, this is Nonye's sister speaking."

"Ow, I'm Osonye, your sister's friend."

"I know, your name appeared on the screen" Emerie replied

"Please I need to speak to her, can you help me and give her the phone?" Osonye asked

"Hmm, I don't know if she can be able to speak with you, she is very weak right now" Emerie replied

"Can you just give it to her first, I'm sure she would love to speak to me" Osonye requested

"OK, let me ask her first" Emerie said and approached her sister and said: "Sister, you have a call from Osonye, she wants to speak with you"

"OK, bring the phone here, put it close to me and set it on the loud speaker"
And Emerie did as she requested.

"Hello Osonye?" Nonye asked in a weak faint voice.

"Nonye, how are you feeling now? I am sure you are getting better.." Osonye asked

"Osonye, I am dying. If you me see now, you won't be able to recognise me again, I am still alive but my body is decaying like a corpse.."

"Oh no! This is what I don't want to hear, I expected to hear a good news about your recovery and why this? What about the hospital and the series of test you conducted?"

Nonye coughed and then said:" The hospital were unable to diagnose anything because, all the result came out negative. They couldn't find my sickness. They said they have not seen anything like it before, they don't even know the name to call it. So Osonye, I think this my sickness is spiritual, maybe my horrible sins have come to play their roles on me. Though my family members are planning to send me to India to see if the doctors there can cure me... And Osonye, why is it that you don't want to visit me again?"

Osonye said in her heart: "Visit you? The staunch of the stinks that oozed from your body the last time I visited you destroyed my expensive designer cloth. I can't wear that cloth again because of that smell that starched on it"

"Hello are you there?" Nonye asked

"I am still here my dear friend. I am sorry that I have not visited you for a long time now. It's just that I have a serious problem at hand. Did you know that Ekene is here?"

"Who is Ekene?" Nonye asked

"Ekene naa, Ifeoma's son. And based on that our plan 12 years ago, the wise queen has instructed me on how to destroy him, but she was damn serious when she was emphasising on the severity of the dangers that might occur if I make a simple mistake. And she has warned me to stop contacting her. I dont know why she had to make such statement. Hope I shouldn't take her seriously? "

"Are you still into this wise Queen stuff? Osonye, I am advising you now to quit that kind of life and give your life to Christ. Can't you learn from my present predicament and amend your way or do you want to suffer the same fate I am suffering now? You still have a good opportunity to amend your ways. You have to repent. Wise Queen is the one responsible for this my condition. She gave me a portion to destroy my husband and it backfired on me. Few days later, I started having rashes, which you are aware off and now see the state I am in.... I am realising my mistakes now. I wish God can forgive me."

"Nonye, I know that whenever people see themselves in this same condition you are now, they attribute their sufferings to things that come to their mind. How are you sure it was the failed plan that caused your present status?"

"Osonye, if not, then what could be the cause? Why is it that all my lab results keep coming negative?"

"Erm, Nonye, please do and get better please, so that we will start discussing like we used to."

"But...Osonye, I am telling you the truth and is only the truth that can set you free" Nonye said waiting for Osonye's response, but she did not say anything. :"She hung up? Osonye my friend, I am the one who introduced you to the Wise Queen, everything is all my mistake. Lord please make her repent." Nonye said to her self.

Later that day, Nonye died. She suffered an unknown disease for 10 months. No medical laboratory was able to dictate her sickness after series of test were conducted.
She pleaded for death to come and carry her. Osonye visited her only once because she couldn't bear the offensive odour that oozed from her body.

Kanayo, Austin and Ekene with the help of Austin's lawyer had drafted a legal document that will make Osonye to sign off the wealth without even knowing it.

Kanayo was still maintaining his childish behaviour, he was playing with Ekene in the living room when the door bell rang.

"Ekene check who is at the door?" Osonye requested.

And when he opened, Austin acted as if he does not know who Ekene was.

"You? What are you doing in my house?" Osonye asked looking at the file Austin was carrying in his hand.

"Erm...ermm(he cleared his throat)... Madam, I never knew you will be at home.erm..erm....you see...erm..."

"Erm erm erm what? Have you suddenly lost your voice" Osonye asked

Ekene then blurted: "Sir, my name is Ekene, I am Kanayo's son"

And Austin pretended to act shock and later said:"I am so happy to see you again."

"OK since you are Kanayo's son, can we go to your room, there is something I would like to discuss with you"

"OK, let us go" Ekene said as they left

They acted everything in a way that will appear suspicious in the eyes of Osonye, so that she would strive to see what they were up to.

When they reached the room, they closed the door and stood closer where Osonye could hear their discussions.

Kanayo's part was to shout "goal" if Osonye decided to creep in to eavesdrop to what they were discussing.

So they entered the room and waited for the signal.
About 3 minutes later, Kanayo shouted "goal" and they began.
"Ekene , thank goodness you are here. There is a deal your father made in China years back but the good people he made it with reserved his own share. And its a huge sum of money. I know you won't understand how huge a money can be but I am talking about 50 billion naira here."
Osonye's eyes widened! "50 billion naira?" Like seriously, how come I don't know about this? I swear, I must get hold of that money! 5o billion? Oh my!" She whispered to herself and continued eavesdropping.

"But the problem now is how to get him to sign this. We need to be very careful, because anybody that signs on the two spaces provided, with his or her name written on this original document, the money will automatically, be his or her.
So with his wife around, he can't sign it because he obeys anything she says. The reason I risked coming here is because the people need his signature on this document as soon as possible so that, they will release his money to him"

"OK, do you know what? I know how we can get him. Just keep the document here."

When Osonye heared them coming out, she ran and hid by the corner. As soon as they went downstairs, she crept in, looked for the spaces for signature and signed and also wrote her name without even going through the contents.

To be continued...

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved.

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