Just a Tear: Episode 30 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Ekene my son, you came for me? See how handsome you are."
Kanayo reminisced how he had asked Ifeoma to terminate the baby she was carrying 12 years ago...

He said in his heart: "if I had known the future, I wouldn't have committed the tragic mistakes that I made in the past, I would have been living happily with Ifeoma and my son. I had a diamond in my hand and I threw it away and picked a stone"
Kanayo who couldn't contain himself anymore entered his room, burst in tears and cried himself out.

Nneoma who was touched, watching the emotional state of the father and son reunion was having tears running down her cheeks.

"Hey Nneoma, why are you crying, are you hungry?" Ekene asked

"I am not crying Ekene, the way your father was crying made me shed tears too"

"OK my dear, let us go and ask father where we can keep our bags"

"OK" Nneoma said
And they headed to the direction Kanayo ran to.
"Father! Father!! Where are you?" Ekene called

When Kanayo heard him calling, he rose up, and wiped his face with a cloth and then answered. "My son! I am here"

"Father, have you been crying?" Ekene asked

"No my son, I am not crying, do I look like I am crying?" Kanayo replied and said in his heart "My son, if tears could remove the guilt I am having in my heart right now, then I am ready to cry a river."

"Father!" Ekene called in a low warm voice

"Yes my son?" Kanayo answered

"Your hour of salvation has come, God has finally forgiven all your sins, so be happy and no tears again"

Kanayo's heart melted the more watching the child he rejected in the past consoling, trying to set things right for him.

Kanayo then knelt again and hugged him: "Ekene, you will not understand. I wronged you and your mother, Ifeoma, a woman of gold, her heart is filled with diamond....Hey! How come you did not ask me about your mother?" Kanayo asked

"Father, like I told you earlier, I have been having a close contact with you and mom. You might not know, but your spirit does. I play with mummy any time I want to. My reason for coming here is because, Osonye's time is up. God have decided to put a stop to all her atrocities. Don't worry, I will see mummy soon. If you tell her now that I am with you, she will leave whatever she is doing and come for me and thereby mixing up in our plans of putting Osonye in her place"

"You are so wise Ekene, you are absolutely right. Now come, let me show you your room" Kanayo said as he led him to one of the rooms in the house.
When he wanted to take Nneoma to another room, Ekene said; "No need for that father, we will be sleeping in the same room."

"Why? There is enough room in the house, she can have one'' Kanayo suggested

"I have a reason for that, and a very strong one for that matter"

Kanayo then stared at him and said "OK, if you say so"

When he left them to settle in, he started wondering on the kind of person Ekene was. "What kind of human is he?
Quite a strange boy. Lord, please bless Ifeoma for me, for not terminating this Angel while he was still in her womb."

Kanayo opened his drawer and saw series of condoms inside: "Wow, does it mean I have been having some cool times with Osonye without even knowing it? Wow!...."

Kanayo then sat and started recalling about his life, his past experience and then he remembered Austin :"Austin! Oh my world! Austin and it has been a very long time....I think I should call him"
Kanayo searched for phone in the entire house, but could not find any:"Does it mean I have not been using phone since then?"

While he was still in the process of seeking to find a phone, Osonye returned with a younger man, and the funny part was that they were kissing so passionately, they started kissing right from the car.
Kanayo was shocked to the bones watching the kind of thing the woman he married was doing.
"And this is what she has been doing since I lost my sanity?"

"Kanayo, prepare food for us now!" Osonye commanded

Kanayo wanted to react but his son had warned him earlier to maintain as if he was still under the influence of her charm.

Kanayo then said "OK" and began to leave

"Kanayo come back here!" Osonye roared.

"Have you lost your manners? What did I tell you to be replying me whenever I ask you to do something?"

And Kanayo couldn't remember anything of such.

"Come here! Come here and kneel down you good for nothing man"

"Kanayo was boiling in his heart. Should I give this evil Jezebel a hot dirty slap now?"

"Kanayo, I said kneel down....can't you hear me?

Kanayo stood fuming, and Osonye asked, "what is actually wrong with him?".

She then stood and starting heading towards the door. When Kanayo sensed that maybe she was trying to see if the charm was still effective..., he held his ear and started crying and behaving like a baby, and then knelt down...
"See, I am kneeling down, don't scold me.. I am kneeling down.. The reason I refused to knelt before was because fart wanted to come out from my anus, so I held it so that it will not smell you and brother"

Osonye then sighed and returned to the sofa.
"Continue kneeling down there, you idiot and let me not perceive any odd smell here, otherwise, you will see what I will do to you, big fool" Osonye cursed, punishing him.

Ekene who was watching them from upstairs gave his father a 'thumb up' and then smiled and his father smiled back.
And then Ekene decided to come down to greet Osonye.

When she heard footsteps from the stairs, she turned and saw the handsome Ekene coming down with full energy all over him.

"Good evening Madam Osonye, I am Ekene, Kanayo's son"

Osonye dazed in shock and remembered what the wise Queen said, that the people she was looking for were coming straight to her.

Not upto a minute Ekene did the introductin, Nneoma came down too.

"And she is Nneoma, my second mother, Etiele's only daughter."

Kanayo who was watching his son and his gestures, was filled with pride and joy in his heart.
"Ifeoma, you gave me a precious gift, thank you. I will for ever be indebted to you. I
can't wait to tell you how proud I am realising he is my own flesh and blood".

"Osonye, you have to be very smart. Make them friends, in tact treat them the way a mother would treat her children, with this, your plans will be very easier on them" Osonye said in her heart.

"Hey, Ekene my dear, you have returned, after all these years? And you my sweet husband (talking to Kanayo) what are you doing there kneeling down? OK you are still looking for that your witch watch that fell under the sofa, right? Don't worry, I will find it for you.. I will find it for you my sweet husband. Just get up..."
Osonye said and then said in her heart: "I pray this tactic work.... See how stupid I have become just because of this small Ekene everybody is afraid off, even the mighty Queen is afraid of him. Now he is in my own territory, I am going to show him that I am Osonye, anything I wished for, always come through. I thought he will even have a wing like Angels, but he is just a mere boy I can kill with just a fist."

"Baby, what are you doing? Why calling him your sweet husband all of a sudden?" The young lover asked.

"Hey! Who are you and why referring to me as baby?" Osonye pretended.

"But I......I.....am your"

Osonye cut in:" Hey Mr home breaker, please leave my house! I said leave!!" Osonye said pushing him outside, when they stepped outside, she then whispered to the guy that she was just putting up an act and he quickly understood and then left.

"Have you guys eaten?" Osonye asked

"Yes we have, we just finished eating before you returned"

"OK, I have to go and take my bath then" Osonye said, going upstairs.
That night she couldn't sleep: "Osonye, you have to plan well before executing your plan to avoid any mistake.. And you must do it tomorrow night" She said to herself.

The next day, after Osonye left, Kanayo took Ekene to Austin's shop,  and luckily he was still occupying the place. When Austin saw him, he was so shocked and same time mad at him.

They embraced and greeted each other..

"But Kanayo what are you doing here? You poured me dirty water under the instruction of your wife... Kanayo, after all I did for you, you threw me out of your life just like that, you did not even consider our friendship. Have you forgotten all the horrible things you did to me and you still have the guts to show your face here?.... Kan......"

"Austin, can you forgive me? But I am telling you the truth, I did not remember any of these things you are saying, I can't remember doing any of them...." Kanayo said gushing out tears.

"Yes, my father was not in his rightful senses, it was the evil Osonye who charmed him" Ekene blurted

"Your father?" Austin asked and turned to Kanayo and said"I never knew you and Osonye have a child together. Wow! Congratulations...."

"No, he is Ekene...., Austin he is my Ekene, an Angel I almost got terminated. He is my Ekene oo"

"What? How is that possible?" Austin asked and then checked Ekene's shoulder and when he saw that visible mark, he left himself on the chair in sheer shock.

"Ekene! Ekene!! Oh my world... Ekene you later returned? But how were you able to find him,?" Austin asked Kanayo

And then Kanayo narrated everything to Austin who was left dumbfounded..... Kanayo then relayed to him of his plans to get rid of Osonye from his life.

"No no, before you do that, you have to recover everything from her, your properties, everything"

"How? I don't understand" Kanayo asked

"Osonye made you signed off your properties in her name, you transferred everything to her."

"What?" Kanayo asked in shock.

And later they devised a plan and recovered his properties....

To be continued..

JUST a TEAR: Written by Ngozi Lovelyn O
WARNING! No part of this work should be, copied, used, reproduced or distribute without a clear permission from Ngozi Lovelyn O..
Copyright: 2017

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