Just a Tear: Episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Osonye did a very good job. She did not committed the crime with her own car. She hired another car for that purpose.
And they wore a bold sun shade and a heavy afro wig, making it difficult for people to recognise them.
She also destroyed any evidence that would trace to them.

When Kanayo reached the police station with the intention of informing the police that his wife was the culprit, but was left in utmost state of confusion when the colour of the car they gave was different from the one Osonye was driving. When he showed the eyewitnesses the picture of Osonye, they were not able to recognise her face.

Kanayo then told the policemen that they should also invite his wife for questioning, that he was suspecting her too.
"But why are you suspecting her?" Policeman asked

"I just have a feeling she might have a hand in the Kidnapping of my son"

"We deal with physical evidence Mr Kanayo and not just mere feelings. Has the kidnappers contacted any of the child's family yet?" Policeman asked

"No, I don't think they have received any call of such" Kanayo said

After 2 years of Ekene's disappearance, Ifeoma got married to Chukwudi, and they lived happily in US.

Ten years later, Ekene was still not found. Her mother Ifeoma had learnt to move on with her life, but she was still missing him so much, hoping for his return because he promised her in dream he would return oneday.
Whenever she was about to sleep, she always had a high expectation of seeing Ekene in the dream. Ekene normally visited in her dreams to play with her.

Kanayo was under the influence of Osonye's charm. Osonye succeeded in tying him down with a charm which the wise Queen prepared for her.

Kanayo was stripped of all his wealth, he signed off his properties to Osonye with unclear state of his mind.

Osonye took control of his empire, she started managing the business as Kanayo stayed at home taking care of the house chores.
Infact, she turned him into a houseboy. His family members tried to scold him out of it, to make him realise what he was doing, but they never knew it was not a talking thing, he was under the control of Osonye's powerful charm.

Sometimes, he gave them response that Osonye was his wife, he also warned them to stop disturbing his home, that he and his wife Osonye were one.
The thing bothered his family a lot, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Osonye fell in love with another younger man. She was so desperate to move in with him but that will be after she had gotten rid of Kanayo from her life.

Sometimes, the said young man will visit her at home, and they will make love right under the watch of Kanayo. But Kanayo was as good as dead, because he was not in his clear sense of judgement, anything Osonye does was very right in his eyes. Osonye was controlling him like a remote. And sometimes when her boyfriend arrived, and there was no electrical power, instead of switching on the generator, she will make Kanayo to be fanning them manually, while they make love.

Ekene had attained 12 years old, and the time was ripe for Osonye's plans to be perfected on him.

"I think its time for our plan on Ekene to be completed. I should visit the Wise Queen tomorrow"

And the next day, she took off to the Wise Queen's place. After reminding her of their reserved project on Ekene, she said: "Yes, it's time. Come back tomorrow so that I will prepare the substance you will use"

But as she was still speaking, she saw Nneoma's face.

"Wait, I think we might have a problem. That woman has a small daughter, and that girl will pull a strong obstacle to our plans. Though Ekene still see her as a younger sister but their destiny are connected. She is his true love. I'm seeing a strong love binding them together. You will have to destroy her too, yes Osonye destroy her, she is a big threat. Remember I told you, only the tear of a true love will be able to render us powerless"

"Alright Wise Queen, I will do as you instructed. Tomorrow then"

Ekene was doing good for himself in the far away land.
After three years Osonye handed Ekene to Etiele, she breached their contract, and thereby forcing the poor woman to look after Ekene all by herself. But Etiele stopped complaining after she discovered how special Ekene was.
Ekene loved Etiele and her daughter, whom she bore few years later.
Ekene took Nneoma as his younger sister.

Osonye was to arrive the next day, and Ekene received a message to leave the village as soon as possible.

"Ekene my son, its time you leave this village. A great challenge lies ahead, but you have to be prepared my son and I want you to take Nneoma with you, you will have to protect her from now on because she has a great role to play in the fulfilment of your destiny"

After the voice finished speaking, Ekene rushed up, sweating profusely.

She tapped Etiele immediately and said, shivering in fear: "Mummy, I am scared. I am so scared, please hold me...."

"Ekene, why are you so frightened, what is it?" Etiele asked

"Mummy, I just had a very strange voice speaking to me. The voice was sounding so deep and bold. I don't know how to describe the voice. It sounded as if it was coming from above. Mummy I am so scared"

After Ekene explained his fears to Etiele, she quickly understood what Ekene was trying to say. She knew Ekene to be a very special child because she had seen him performed somethings which no ordinary person would be able to do.

"Ekene, can you tell me what this voice said?"

After Ekene narrated what he heard, Etiele said:"Ekene my dear, I think its time I tell you the truth about how you started living with me"

And Etiele revealed the whole truth to Ekene, she also told him she was not his real mother.

After her recount, Ekene said:"I know you are not my real mother because I play with my real mother almost everyday in the dream. I also know my father, he always come whenever I'm playing with mother asking me to save him from the cage Osonye kept him. I think my father needs my help"

When he mentioned Osonye, Etiele stood agape, with her eyes wide open.

"Now, tell me the truth, how did you know Osonye? Has she been coming here?" Etiele asked, anxiously for an answer

"Mother, I don't know who Osonye is, but my father kept repeating her name?" Ekene explained

"But can you remember what your father and mother look life, because you were very small when you were brought here?" Etiele asked

"Mama, I only know them in my dreams. It was in a dream that my mother introduced me to my father."

"Ekene, sometimes, you get me scared. You are indeed a mysterious child and I think that voice you heard is your Guardian Angel, he is trying to tell you something. So I think you should heed to it"

"Really?" Ekene asked

"Yes my dear" Etiele replied

"Ok Mama, I think I have to get going then, I  also sense danger coming, especially for Nneoma. You have to release her to me too, I have always taken care of her and believe me, I will never stop taking care of her. She is my younger sister and I love her, I won't allow any harm to come near her. We will return soon.  I also think my father is in serious need of my help." Ekene requested

"But Ekene my dear, must you go with Nneoma? You are just 12 years old, although you act more than your age, but how can you take care of yourself and let alone, Nneoma?"

"Mama, Nneoma's life is in danger here, she needs to leave. And when I leave here, I am going straight to my father's house. He too is in trouble"
After much thought and considerations, Etiele accepted to heed to Ekene's wish. He trusted him completely.

"Anybody would thought that I'm crazy allowing them to leave all by themselves, but I am the only person who know the kind of destiny Ekene has. God really brought him into this world for a special purpose. Thank you Lord for giving me the privilege to had ever lived with such a powerful child under the same roof"

The next morning, Ekene and Nneoma left, about 3 hours they left, Osonye stormed the village but was disappointed on how Etiele allowed him to leave.

"And where is your daughter?" Osonye asked

"She left with Ekene" Etiele answered

"What? Are you crazy?" Osonye shocked

To be continued

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved

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