Just a Tear: Episode 26 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"It's quite unfortunate that things happened the way they did. The only solution now is to create an effort to make your marriage work. No marriage is perfect, it's only the grace of God that sustains it" Austin counseled

"Austin, you are not understanding my plight. This marriage was created on the opium of lies. Osonye has been lying to me all along. She tricked me into marrying her. In fact she tricked both her friend, Ifeoma. She hid her real identity from her friend, but why? Everything seemed like a plan all along. Austin, I can't continue with her, she is a shame in woman."

"You mean, you want to divorce her?" Austin asked

"Right away.. I'm divorcing her right away?" Kanayo replied

"Hmm, I don't think she will accept divorce."

"Then I will throw her out of my house. I can't continue living with such a horrible person under the same roof"
"Man, you have to be very careful with the approach, Osonye is not the type who will accept such idea without putting up a fight. I know her type. She is evil." Austin advised

"Relax Austin, I know how to handle her type.... And please, what about my Ifeoma, do you think I still have a chance with her?"

"Wait! Did I hear you call her "your Ifeoma"? Guy, I suggest you forget everything about her. She is no longer into you and will never be. Trust me."

"What if I try? I mean, like try very hard to win her heart again?"

"Believe me, forget her, I have a strong reason for saying so"

"And what reason could that be?" Kanayo asked

"You will find out soon" Austin replied

After their discussion, Austin drove Kanayo home because he was already intoxicated and could not control the steering.

Osonye was not at home when he returned. He lied on the sofa and slept.
When he woke up at about 11:21pm, the alcohol had cleared from his body system. He rushed to the room to blast Osonye that he had found out the truth about her and to also inform her about his intention to divorce her, but was shocked Osonye was not at home. She had not returned from the supermarket. He quickly dialed her number, it rang but there was no response.

"What is wrong with this woman? She has not yet returned home or did anything happen to her?" Kanayo asked himself.

He then sat down and continued dialing her number, but there was no response. He entered the kitchen to see if there was any food to eat, but none, only carton of noodles and loaf of bread.
He shook his head in bewilderment and said: "Just look at, a married couple's home but there is no foodstuff in the house. I have given her money on several occasions to equip the kitchen with food items, but I don't know what she used the money for.. And what am I going to eat now?" Kanayo asked as his anger increases, anxiously waiting to get rid of Osonye from his life.

About 2:54 am, Osonye returned and saw Kanayo sitting on the sofa sleeping. She approached and tapped him.

"Osonye, where are you coming from at this ungodly hour?"

"Baby, you are still awake?.. Erm.. I was at a friend's place who celebrated her birthday. But wait oo, am I the one you were waiting for, sitting on the sofa? Baby, you shouldn't have gotten yourself worried, I'm your wife you know, I have the same right as you. I can go to anywhere I want" Osonye said as she belched loudly in annoying manner

"Osonye, just look at you. Shame on you. You are stinking of alcohol. A person who calls herself a married woman. Shame on you, Osonye. I am regretting marrying you."

The last statement made Osonye laughed aggressively and she said: "Kanayo, I am off to bed, we will talk tomorrow morning" and she staggered drunkenly to the bedroom.

"Aaaarrrhh!! What have I gotten myself into. She is also a drunkard. This woman is full of wonders. Her real character keeps resurfacing day by day..... Kanayo, you better do the needful before it's too late."

The next morning, Kanayo asked Ifeoma to come to the sitting room that he had something important to discuss with her.

"Osonye, it's quite unfortunate you succeeded in tricking me into this marriage. I found out something shocking about you yesterday, but there is no need making a fuse out of it anymore. I called you out here so we can discuss things like two mature adults."

"Kanayo, can you please go straight to the point? I don't have all the time in the world... OK, do you know what? Let me help you out. You finally found out I am from Okporo, the lies and blablabla, so?"

Kanayo looked at her in shock: "Osonye, you are not even feeling any guilt about it?"

"Why should I? A stupid guy threatened to reveal the secret to you, but I gave him the go ahead order. And he has finally made the job easier for me, I have been looking for a way to reveal it you myself. All I have to say is that, I am sorry, it was all a mistake, I shouldn't have lied to you. Don't be mad at me much"

"Osonye, I am no longer mad at you. But I am afraid, I can't continue with this marriage."

"Meaning?" Osonye asked looking straight into his face.

"Osonye, I want a divorce"

The sound of "divorce" rang in her ear like the horn of a trailer.

"Divorce? So you want to go back to Ifeoma?"

"I just wish there is still a space for me in her heart. But my son Ekene, the precious gift she gave me will be returning to this house soon, and I don't want your presence anywhere near him"

As Kanayo was still speaking, Osonye' mind reflected to what the Wise Queen said.

She then stood up and said: "Well, I have heard all you said. I will think about it and give you my answer."

"Like when will I be expecting the answer" Kanayo asked

"I don't know, maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or next century, or next world......."

"Osonye stop this nonsense, I'm not playing here" Kanayo cut in

"Kanayo, I'm off to supermarket, what would you like to eat for dinner today?" Osonye asked Kanayo who was giving her a very mean look

Osonye then laughed and left as Kanayo watched, dumbfounded.

"What kind of woman is this? I know divorcing her won't be easy, but I must surely kick her out of my life"

The next day, Kanayo received an important call to handle a particular  deal concerning his business in China, and his presence was highly required. And the trip will be taking him 6 months.

"Osonye, I am traveling to China, but let it stick to your head that we are ending this marriage once I return, and if you refuse, then I will use force on you"

Osonye clicked her tongue and said "We shall see about that"

Few months later, Osonye entered a saloon that was close to Ifeoma's street to retouch her hair.

While the hair stylist was treating the hair, Osonye used style and raised Ifeoma's topic, because Ifeoma's Aunt supermarket was very popular in the area.
"I am pitying that Ifeoma seriously. Men can be wicked, see how he put the innocent lady in a family way and dumped her."

"Don't mind some men, but I am so happy for her now, her God is about to wipe away her shame" the stylist said

"Really, any goodnews in her life?" Osonye asked

"So you have not heard? She will be getting married to one handsome rich man like that, and the man stays abroad. He will be taking her along with Ekene once they get married. Mehn, that girl is so lucky, I am so happy for her."

"Wow, she is so lucky." Osonye said as she told the stylist to be fast.

Immediately they finished, she called Nonye on phone and asked her to meet her so that they will visit the wise Queen.

"This is not good. And anything we do on the child won't be effective until he is 10 years old." The wise queen said
"Is there nothing you can do? My husband is already making plans to go for him.... Wise Queen, do something please."

"I told you that child can not be killed.... I think the best thing is to abduct him, hide him from his family until he is 10. That is the only time we can have the chance to do whatever we want to do with him."

The two ladies agreed and started setting out plans to kidnap Ekene.

To be continued.

Will they succeed in kidnapping Ekene? Let's find out tomorrow

The author of Just a Tear is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved.

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