Just a Tear: Episode 25 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Months after Kanayo and Osonye's wedding, one of the sons of the woman whom she paid to stand in as her mother started blackmailing her.
He demanded her to pay 3 million naira or else he reveal the secret to Kanayo.

"I don't understand! You said your name is what again?" Osonye asked the blackmailer

"You don't need to know my name, but consider me as the person who know all your secret, how you paid some people who are not in anywhere related to you to stand in as your family, how you denied your mother inside a church...just add these piece of information to some of the things I know about you. So we have a deal, right?"
Osonye huff and said: "No Mr, we don't have a deal, you think I'm scared? No, I'm not, that contract I signed with those people was for the marriage to take place, and since I have achieved that, you can do what ever you like"

"Hahahaha! You are bluffing!.. Madam, once your husband hears this piece of negative trash about you, he will have no other option than to throw you out of his life"

"Mr or whatever you call yourself, I dare you! Just go ahead, you will only end up getting disappointed. I don't fall for threats, please I have important things to do" She said hanging up the phone

"What the hell! Does she think I'm joking?" The blackmailer said as he set out to Kanayo's office.

When he got there, he pretended to be buying something. As soon as Kanayo came out of his office, he went straight to him and called: "My Inlaw, how are you? This is your office?"

Kanayo gave him a faint smile and nodded: "Have we met before?"

"Ow, you won't know me, but I know you very well. I am Osonye's Cousin, I attended your wedding few months back, though I did not stay long at the venue"

"Ow! How are you and your name please?" Kanayo asked

"Okwosa sir, Okwosa is my name"

"OK, Okwosa, nice to meet you!"
Kanayo said as they shook hands

"You came to buy a phone?" Kanayo asked

"Yes I have checked but the type I want is not here" Okwosa replied

"And what type is that? Did you check very well?"

"I think I should come back later with the person I wanted to buy the phone for, because I really don't know the type I was asked to buy."

"Alright" Kanayo replied

"And please when you get home, tell your wife that her awesome cousin, Okwosa sends his regard" Okwosa requested

"Alright, I will do just that" Kanayo accepted

When he reached home and told Osonye about his cousin Okwosa who sent his regards, she was kind of confused because she knew she had no cousin that would ask after her.
"Where did you meet this said cousin of mine?"

"At the office" Kanayo answered

"Hmm, Baby, you have to be very careful with people these days. I don't have any cousin answering that name" Osonye replied

"Really?" Kanayo asked

"Yes, so you have to be careful to avoid 419ners" Osonye advised

"Alright Baby, so what's for dinner?" Kanayo asked

"Your food is already on the dinning. I prepared noodles, garnished it with vegetable" Osonye replied

"What! Noodles again? This was what you made yesterday, and I can remember vividly telling you that I don't like Noodles, it's not a healthy food to eat, so why did you neglect my warning?" Kanayo flared

"Baby, you don't have to shout at me like that. I am just coming back from the supermarket and I have no strength to prepare a proper meal for you. And besides, there is nothing wrong with noodles, I added some vegetables in it." Osonye replied

"Osonye, I think I should close down that supermarket since it's depriving you your wifely duties. Maybe secure a teaching job for you, so that when our children come, you will also be having time for them"

"Kanayo, you wouldn't dare try such. Me, Osonye, become a teacher? Over my dead body. Please, I have taken out my precious time to prepare this food for you, if you are not eating it, there is bread in the fridge, eat it with butter. I am off to take my bath, I had a very hectic day today." Osonye said walking out from him.

"What? Osonye did I hear you well?"

'You heard me loud and clear" Osonye replied climbing upstairs

As she was still climbing the stairs,  the blackmailer called her phone again.

"Hello pretty, you just won yourself a new cousin named Okwosa today.  Your husband told you, right?"

"Hey Mr blackmailer, what stopped you from telling him? I told you I'm not going to fall for any of your threats. You can tell him everything, I don't care?"

The blackmailer was surprised she was not shivering from his threats.
"Hey madam! Remember all you will stand to loose if I should reveal the whole truth to your husband?"

"Does it look like I'm scared? No, I am not because I'm not going to loose anything. And please if you will excuse me, I really need to rest now, I am extremely tired" Osonye said and disconnected the call

"What the hell! What kind of woman is this? I expected her to be shivering in fears, pleading for mercy and all that, but she is showing me the stuff she is made off" the blackmailer said.

And that was how Kanayo got to know the true nature of Osonye. The blackmailer wrote in a letter the "secrets of Osonye".

After receiving the letter, Kanayo wondered on why that issue kept springing up: "First it was Austin, second an old woman who claimed to be her mother and now a letter from an unknown sender, I think its time I make some inquiries because the changes I have been noticing around Osonye is enough reason to carry out this investigation" Kanayo said as he set off for the fake village Osonye claimed she was from, after much inquiries, the truth was left naked in front of him.

He then remembered the name of the village and the community Austin gave him months back that was Osonye's real village.

He went there with her picture so that people will be sure of whom he was looking for.

That was how Kanayo came to find out about who Osonye really was.

"What? I can't believe that I am one of her numerous husbands. Oh my world! Who did I got married to? Kanayo wept so bitterly reminiscing Ifeoma and how he almost destroyed her.
"See how I mistook gold to a stone"... Ifeoma why? Why? Why? Why were you praising your friend, making me believe she was an Angel? Ifeoma, I hate you for this. Oh my God! So she is just putting up an act. No wonder she is used to having mood swings.... Her normal self always clash with her fake self.... Oh, what have I gotten myself into..... Ifeoma, can you be able to forgive me? I have wronged you...." Kanayo stumbled into his car, wailing in pains, wishing for the world to be turned back in times.

When he returned to the city, he branched to Austin's office, but was told he was not around.
He called his number, but there was no response.
He then entered one bar that was very close to Austin's office, and sent him a message.
He first pleaded with him to forgive him for the way he treated him and demanded him to meet him at Orient Bar, that it was a matter of life and death.
He was there drinking himself to stupor, when Austin stormed the place and saw the horrible state he was in, he asked: "What is the matter, Kanayo? You got me scared when I saw your message, what happened?"

Kanayo then left himself on the floor and said:"My very good friend Austin, please can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I allowed a horrible woman to come in between our friendship?"

"Come on, be a man Kanayo. What are you doing. Stand up please, you are embarrassing me, people will think we are gay couple, please stand up"

Though Kanayo was already intoxicated, but he still had control of his judgement.

"Austin, how is Ifeoma and the baby?" Kanayo asked

"They are both fine. Let me show you the picture of Ekene, he is just your replica" Austin said as he showed him their pictures.

Immediately he saw the photos, he wailed loudly in tears as everybody turned towards their direction.
"Austin, why didn't you stop me from making this mistake? Why did you allow me to marry that Jezebel? You knew the true nature of Osonye, yet you allowed me to marry her. Austin why?" Kanayo asked sobbing loudly.

"Kanayo, I tried all my possible best but you were so blinded by her evil love. But how did you find out?"

And Kanayo explained to him how he found out about the true Osonye.

To be continued.

Did you get confused that this episode did not rhyme with yesterday's own? Just relax, tomorrow's episode will clear it up...

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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