Just a Tear: Episode 24 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Osonye was acting under the influence of her mother's death, and for the fact she was the main cause of her death, she went berserk attacking everybody around her.
She left her actual sense of judgement and her real self manifested.

Shocked Kanayo stumbled to the living room and lied on the sofa racing his mind on what could be wrong with his wife. He clearly diverged his mind that Osonye was going through a rough patch but absolving it within herself without opening up to him left him astounded.
"I know there are many things running on my wife's mind, because I know her too well, Osonye is a loving and caring person. But why would she talk to me that way? As if we have been quarrelling for a very long time." Kanayo was still trying to resuscitate his mind on the actual reason for Osonye's sudden outburst and the cool breeze of sleep blew him away.
When Osonye came out from the bathroom, she wore her night gown and slept.
At about 4:23 am she woke up and discovered that Kanayo was not lying on the bed with her, her mind traced to what Nonye told her the previous night that "the survival of her marriage depends on the role she play as the wife". She quickly realised what she had done and irked with herself on how stupid she was. She allowed the death of her mother and the rejection she encountered in her dead father's compound to get the best of her mental judgement.

"I better seek for his forgiveness and explain that I wasn't thinking straight. I can't let him find out my real person. This marriage is all I have left now, I better put in all my best to make it work" Osonye said as she left the bedroom to the sitting room where she saw Kanayo sleeping on the couch. She knelt beside him and tapped him to wake up. "Baby, can you hear me? Please wake up, my king" She called in a tender romantic voice.

When Kanayo opened his eyes and saw her kneeling down, he kept his head up looking at the ceiling, and asked "What is it or have you finally return to your senses?"

Osonye began her explanation: "My King, I don't know what came over me last night, I just woke up now and realised my terrible mistake. Baby please forgive me and I promise you, it will never happen again" Osonye pleaded as she squeezed her knuckles together but Kanayo fixed his eyes at the ceiling without uttering any word and she continued further:
 "My very good friend, who was also my daughter when we were still in secondary school...you see, she died yesterday and it was all part of my fault. She approached me earlier to help her with some money, that she wanted to go for a surgery but I told her bluntly that I will discuss it with my husband first before giving her the N150,000. That it's not like when I was single. So, I was supposed to discuss with you last week to seek for your permission but it skipped my mind. Until yesterday that I was informed that she was in the hospital, dying. When I rushed there, I only met her lifeless body and I was devastated. Somebody I took as my own sister and I allowed her to die. This girl helped me so many times when she was alive, and when it was my own turn to appreciate her, I turned her down and ignored her" Osonye explained shedding fake tears.

And this melted Kanayo's heart. He believed everything Osonye said and even blamed himself for not understanding his wife.
He rose from the chair and asked her to stand up.
In order to make herself appear more real, she continued crying and said: "My King, I am a very wicked and horrible person, I don't know why I failed to discuss the issue with you earlier. If I had done that, my friend wouldn't have died. How can I save myself from this guilt?"

"Its OK my love, come here, just come baby" Kanayo requested drawing Osonye to sit beside him.
And he started wiping the tears from her eyes: "I clearly understand you now my Love, I knew there was so much going on with you last night. But you should have opened up to me, I am here for you my Queen. The way you reacted sparked off a different signal entirely. Your friend died because her own time reached, you shouldn't blame yourself so much for her death, it was her time to die. And please, please and please, don't send me into a deep state of confusion again like you did last night" Kanayo demanded lovingly

"It will never happen again my love, I promise, So have you forgiven me?" Osonye asked

"Off course I have forgiven you My Queen" Kanayo replied

"You have? OK show me you have forgiven me" Osonye requested

"My Queen, I have forgiven you already... How else do you want me to prove it?"

"Baby, don't tell me you are not romantic... are you that rigid?" Osonye said removing her face from Kanayo's direction and readjusted her sitting position, keeping her face straight.

Kanayo then laughed out loud and shifted closely to her, ran her hair softly with his palms and said: "Who told you I'm rigid, hmm...? You are my wife, the best woman in the whole world, I am here to give you all I have, even if it's making love to you everyday, I am ready.." He said smiling softly
The last statement threw Osonye into laughter as Kanayo caught her lips, and clocked it with his'.
He licked her all over, leaving Osonye to screamed for him to swim her honey pot and finally, he made love to her right there on the couch.


2 years later, Ifeoma had found a new life, new love. She met a man who was all willing to give her the best love she deserved.
A man who knew her true being.
A man who knew her story and swore to shower her with lots of love for the remaining days of her life.
The man also promised to accept Ekene as his own son, he promised to give the child all the love a father can give his child.

Ifeoma and her family accepted the marriage proposal and once the wedding was conducted, Ifeoma and Ekene were to join him over to Canada.

But some persons were not happy with the new development because that will gripped Ekene off from their watch.

The Wise Queen had warned Osonye to keep a close eye on Ekene until he is ready to be webbed under their control.

"Nonye, there is problem!" Osonye told Nonye as she called her on phone

"What problem?" Nonye asked

"I just heard now that Ifeoma will be getting married soon and she will be joining the said husband im Canada alongside Ekene"

"OK, so how is that a problem?" Nonye asked

"Have you forgotten the wise Queen's instructions'?"

"Oh yes! its true oo.... Osonye, we have to prevent that from happening. But isn't that such a good idea? He will leave the country for good and there is no way he will find out who his real father is." Nonye said

"Nonye, what are you saying? Oneday he will find out who his real father is and return to him. And now the doctors have confirmed that I won't be able to have any child again, I think what the wise queen said is becoming more clearer to me now. We still need to plan on how to make Kanayo impotent so that he won't father any child too.. I won't give him any chance to leave me, especially now he is complaining of getting tired with the marriage"
"But I warned you at the earlier stage to treat this man like your God but you turned down my simple advice, now he is planning for a divorce."

"Nonye, relax, I have him under my grip, he is not going anywhere. If he is tired of me, I am not tired of him yet. The marriage will be dissolved only when I am tired of the marriage but I don't see that happening in the future, you understand? So you don't have to panic my friend."

"Osonye, I am not panicking, I am only looking out for you. You are too, too, too stubborn..... Hmmm, I think its time we revisit the wise queen" Nonye suggested.

To be continued...

Who is this man Ifeoma accepted to marry?

The author of "Just a Tear" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: Copyright Reserved.

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