Whisper Promise: Episode 4

And what does he mean by that? That I should be careful of Okezie? No, I shouldn't stress my brain about it. It was just a dream" she said, crying

Some weeks later, Frank was finally laid to rest, but he was still appearing to Cynthia in the dream.
Cynthia was getting used to the reality that he was dead and gone forever but Frank never saw it that way.
He still believed that Cynthia was still his and no one else's.

Okezie was always there for Cynthia during the mourning period to make sure that she never made any mistake. Cynthia had urged him to left her alone to be with Frank when the news of his death was broke to her newly and because of that, Okezie vowed to protect her from taking her own life.
As the girl of his best friend, he vowed to always stood by her but little did they knew that that closeness will create another unexpected atmosphere for them.

It all began after 3 months Frank died. Okezie found himself falling heads over hills in love with Cynthia.
Cynthia was feeling the same way too, but the thought that he was her late boyfriend's friend prevented her from exercising the feelings. But Okezie been the man he was decided to break out of the shell.

"Cynthia, I can't hide this anymore. My original intention was to protect you from breaking down, but that sincerity has made me realised what a sweet and kind girl you are. You loved my late friend with all your heart and I can't forget how crazy he was about you. But can you give me a chance to make you happy? I'm not saying that I will make you happy like he did, but I will try my best in my own way. Just give me a chance to make you happy in my own way, Cynthia."
Cynthia was also feeling the same way but the guilt of dating her late boyfriend's friend was preventing her from giving Okezie the answer he expected.
But she promised him that he will think about it.

To be continued...

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