Whisper Promise: Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Cynthia, I am sorry that I am breaking this news to you, but you have to take heart my dear. Frank is no longer with us, he is no more"

"Enough with this nonsense. In fact, why am I even wasting time talking, you can come inside and have a look. Come inside and see who you said is dead" Cynthia requested, drawing Okezie to the room to see Frank.

But when they got inside, they couldn't find him.

"Baby, where are you?.... He was just right here, where could he have gone to?" Cynthia called, searching the the room.

"Cynthia, this is just a one room apartment, no need searching for him, because if he is here, you would have just found him without searching around" Okezie said, trying to make Cynthia understand the reality, that Frank was dead. "Bu......bu.....he was just here..?"

"But Cynthia, are you saying the truth?" Okezie asked, noticing the seriousness in Cynthia's words

"Yes, he was just here with me. He was even the one who told me that you were coming without even hearing a knock" Cynthia replied, remembering the strange behaviors Frank exhibited when he came to her earlier..
"Wait a minute! Does it mean it was his spirit that I was interacting with? I mean his spirit came to me? Oh my God! I was with a spirit all these while?" Cynthia asked, shivering and then released a wild wail, threw herself on the floor and began calling Frank's name, asking him why he left her after all the promises he made to her

And Okezie tried consoling her.

"No Okezie, I am going to die along with him, you know I can't leave without Frank. He is my life, my everything. I can't live without him. No, Okezie... No...!" Cynthia continued crying in a deep loud voice, attracting her neighbours. And the entire compound was thrown into mourning because they all knew Frank.
Cynthia cried her eyes out, and remembered how he prevented her from answering a call so that she won't know that he was dead.
"Okezie, it was your fault, it's because you came that was why he left. Please, you can go now. I am going to stay with Frank and nobody should disturb us. Just leave my room Okezie and I am serious"

"You can't be serious Cynthia, because Frank is dead. He is dead Cynthia, he is no more" Okezie replied in a sad tone

"Okezie, you will not believe that my Frank is alive, but I do, so I am requesting you to leave this minute and leave me alone with my Frank, he will come to me. Just leave, I said leave!" Cynthia sternly urged

But Frank didn't honour her request, he thought that Cynthia wanted to commit suicide:
"No Cynthia, I can not allow you do it. You can not commit suicide, I can't allow you do that."

And just then, three of their friends stormed her room after hearing the shock news.
And they began consoling her.

When Cynthia who had soaked herself finally slept finally slept, she found Frank in a dream where they were laughing out and playing together.
In that dream, she doesn't know that he was dead.
After they got satisfied of playing together, Frank said
"Princess, it's time to go, we will see when next you sleep. I might not be there physically, but I live in your heart. We will get to meeting each time you sleep and I will be watching over you. And as for Okezie, be mindful of him and don't forget that I am the jealous type"
"Okezie? And what about Okezie?" Cynthia asked

But Frank did not answer her.. He only smiled, looking at her right in the eyes and she woke up...
And then realised that it was just a dream and she began sobbing again, and wished that she had remained in that dream and never woke up.

In order to make up for the yesterday's episode, the next episode will be coming in the evening. Hope, I am forgiven now?

The author of Whisper Promise is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: copyright protected.

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