Whisper Promise: Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Please baby, can I have my phone back?" She kindly asked

But Frank smashed it on the floor, breaking it to pieces.

And Cynthia was angrily shocked.
"What's happening to you? Are you alright? You have not been this aggressive before, what's the need for you to smash my phone like that?"

"I am sorry Princess, please I don't want to go away from you. I don't want them to take me away once you find out"

"Find out about what?"

"You promised to love me till eternity, right?"

"Off course I do, but you are getting me scared and It's like I don't know you anymore. And my phone! You have spoiled the phone. What is this now?" Angry looking Cynthia continued lamenting over her phone.
But Frank did not apologise for it, he went to the mattress and sat, looking angry.
Cynthia was unable to interpret what was happening to him.
All she did was to try and calm him down, and to ask him what was happening.
She then went closer to where he was sitting and tried touching his chest.
But he removed her hand immediately so that she wont notice that his heart was no longer beating once her hand crosses his heart.

"Baby, I have never seen you in this mood before, what is all these?" She angrily stood erect, looking down at Frank.

And Frank looked up, asking her to sit down with him, that she was all she wanted.
"Princess, you are my everything, I am not supposed to be here, and soon you won't be seeing me like this, I will be in another form. But my promise to you is that, I will never be away from you. I will never allow anybody to harm you. Just stay with me and don't ask me more questions, because I only have little time left"

"Little ti...."

"Sshh... I said no more questions" Frank interrupted her from asking him another question.

And Cynthia nodded.

"I am not feeling fine, can you lie beside me?"

And Cynthia nodded, and laid on the mattress with him.
When she tried touching him, he stopped her from doing so.

"Like I said before, I am not feeling fine, I need to sleep now" he said and then pretended to be sleeping
And Cynthia then lied, thinking over his sudden change in behavior, and before she knew it, she slept off.

When she woke up about 8:23 pm, she looked at the side Frank was lying but couldn't find him. She began calling for him, but there was no response. She then stood up and went to the bathroom, but couldn't find him there.
But when she turned towards the mattress, she found him lying on it.
"Baby, you are here? But how come? I......I.....didn't see you in the room before, but how come you are here now?" Cynthia was so confused, she couldn't understand anything, because the self contained room had everything fitted in the it.

"Princess, I was just here on the bed watching you sleep, I did not go anywhere. Listen, somebody is knocking on the door" He said, but nobody was knocking on the door yet.

"But I did not hear any knock." Cynthia said, trying to get the door
As she was moving closer, Frank called her, reminding her of the promises she made to him.

"Princess, the moment you open that door, things will no longer be the way they are between us, but remember that the only thing that will keep us together is the promise we made to each other"

"I know that Baby, but seriously, you are getting me scared with your words. You have been speaking in strange languages ever since you get here, please stop it, I don't like the words you are using. Nothing is happening to us, our love will see us through" she said and then felt how chilled her body was feeling and she continued:
"Baby, you see, my head is swelling up now and look at my skin, goose bumps all over. Please stop all these words, you are scaring me with them"
She then expected Frank to react to what she said, but he did not, all he said was "Somebody is at the door, get the door"

On opening the door, Frank's best friend approached.

"Okezie, you are here? I never knew you have been knocking, sorry that I kept you waiting." She apologized

"I have not knocked before, I am just arriving your room now" he said, with his eyes deeply reddish.

"Have you been crying?" Cynthia asked

"It's like she has not heard. Oh no! How do I break this news to her now" Okezie said in his heart.

"Are you not the one I'm asking, why is your face like this?.... Oh forgive my manners! Sorry that I'm asking you questions at the door, come inside and have a seat, please"
And Okezie who couldn't hold himself any longer burst out in tears.. "Cynthia, Frank is dead. He died in an accident"

"What sort of joke is that? Why would you joke with something like that? Frank is inside my room, come inside and stop this expensive joke and don't try it next time." Cynthia angrily shunned

And shocked Okezie asked: "You mean Frank is here with you?"

"And why won't he be with me?" Cynthia asked

To be continued

Whisper Promise by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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